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How to Find Your Spirit Animal

/ 09:44 AM December 06, 2022

Your first question may be, what exactly is a spirit animal? Spirit animals are some sort of animal guides, teachers, or certain omen who guide and protect you through certain aspects of your life. They are here to help you in ways that they can, help you navigate through some areas of your life spiritually. 

In certain cultures, spirit animals are said to be the literal spirits of animals we are born with, inherit, or maybe even adopt through our lifetime. However, in some schools of psychology, spirit animals are defined to be symbolic of sorts, something the psyche manifests. 

Regardless of what belief or psychology you follow, spirit animals are powerful allies connecting with our souls and serving as something superior and of higher purpose. 


A Few Techniques for Discovering Your Spirit Animal

A Few Techniques for Discovering Your Spirit Animal

Many believe that spirit animals are an embodied form of spiritual guide. Spiritual guides come in several forms, there is no one form, but you may as well see yours in the face of a familiar animal that happens to be your spirit animal. 

You may know that a certain animal is your spirit animal when you feel some special and powerful connection that is somewhat otherworldly and completely spiritual. Or it may not be one but several animals in the animal kingdom. Do you need to figure out what your spirit animal is? 

There are ways to find out what your animal from the spirit world is, and you have come to the right place for it! We have gathered enough resources to help you figure it out. 

1. Pay attention to your dreams 

Dreams are often recurrent enough that you easily can overlook their importance. You may not know this, but our dreams are often linked to our lives when we are awake, so when you see animals in your dream, note them at the back of your mind because they may mean more than you realize. 

Is there a certain animal spirit guide that keeps recurring in your dreams? You should pay more attention to it and to what you dream about every time you lay your head against a pillow and go to sleep. 

2. Learn about the animal connection in your lineage 

The term “spirit animal” is actually known to be coined by the indigenous culture of the Native American people. 


They have said that non-indigenous people do not divulge knowing about their spirit animals in a way that would demean their culture but to please be respectful of their culture and take their time and research the spirit animals that are synonymous with their specific unique culture. 

This is a sure way to help you connect to your spirit animal represents in a way that is very true to you based on your culture. 

3. Think About Your Past Connections With Certain Animals

Think About Your Past Connections With Certain Animals

We all have that one animal we adore and have made a favorite since childhood. That pet might be the one we see around us or the wild animals we crossed paths with or just heard about and living in our heads rent-free, or it can even be a pet from your neighborhood that you grew up with. Any of these circumstances can be considered.

4. Journal About the Animals That You Feel Drawn To

Make a list of a few animals and put down some points in consideration. Like, what if this certain animal can be your guardian? What lessons could it be teaching you about your power and inner strength? What connection will you two share? 

You must journal the answers you get from these few minutes of intuition. Then you can come back after a few days and select the animal that is the most important to you. This strategy is really helpful and will enable you to make the right and befit choice sooner than you would even imagine. 

5. Take a Quiz

After researching their characteristics, features, and guides and what they represent in nature, done journalling, made a list and studied them, coming down to the ones you kept dreaming about very often, and yet, you find it difficult to choose one. The one that reflects the personality you need and to is guided through, and you might take a spirit animals quiz online to help you fall into the right hands. 

These spirit animal quizzes are sure to help you, and several of them are online, do try them out, for they are known to be of huge help. 

Common Animals and Their Core Qualities

Common Animals and Their Core Qualities

Each spirit animal is known to have its own abilities that are uniquely theirs; they embody specific traits and define them in a way that makes them more understandable. Below are very briefly detailed qualities of common animals to guide you further : 


This animal is known to be a guide of camouflage. In its own unique way, it has mastered the art of growing with its surroundings and successfully detaching itself.



Frogs possess healing properties both physically and mentally. This animal insists on self-care and healing the wounds of the past to thrive in the present. 


Elephants are a perfect symbol of wisdom, spiritual understanding, and utter gentleness, as it’s nature.



The dolphin is actually great with communication and has a playfulness to its nature that blends well with its wisdom.


The dove is popular to be a hopeful animal. It symbolizes new beginnings, peace, and blessing. It is also optimistic.


The deer, in a way, is a sensitive animal. It also has a high intuition as a spirit guide and can easily strike a perfect balance between confidence and success and grace and utter gentleness, which makes it such a unique spirit animal. 


It is a common notion that a cat is curious, and it is no different for spirit animals that are cats, either. But it doesn’t only symbolize curiosity but also symbolizes independence and great adventure. The cat is also known to expertly to have mastered the true art of patience. 



It is common, in most cultures, to symbolize the butterfly as a symbol of transformation and development. It fits perfectly synonymous with its journey from being a caterpillar to a gorgeous butterfly. 

The butterfly is adaptive, no matter the changes, and approaches it all with grace and ease. 


As a spirit animal, the bear is famous for having a deep connection to the outdoors, the ground earth that smells sweetly of pine and fresh air. The beer is a very emotional spirit and holds the earth dearly, a spirit animal that represents nature itself animal in its core. 


The lion must be on the table when you’re talking about elegance. It represents royalty and leadership with a blend of audacity. 

It also represents courage. Lions are protective; they protect themselves and their territories. To wrap things up, Lions represent courage, strength, and power.


Peacocks represent confidence. They are confident during hard times and can bring things back to their normal states; they never give up and know it’s never too late to change course. 

Therefore they represent reinvention and resurrection, and that’s divine power. Moreover, they represent friendliness; of course, it’s a course to be friendly during soft and hard times. 



They represent shyness, calmness, and peace; the slightest move you make around can frighten them and take it as a threat. They also represent wisdom, understanding, and intelligence. They comprise all these positive qualities, making them highly spiritual animals.


Tigers are popular to be fierce, adventurous, energetic, confident, and cautious, with reliable night vision as animals. As spirit animals, they represent emotions, are warm, have natural feelings, follow instincts, and are spontaneous.


The wolf spirit animal symbolizes the sole connection with your instincts or intuition. A very high level of intelligence, state of being ambitious, natural motivator, loyalty, and communication. They also represent a deep desire for freedom and handwork; They serve well in goal-oriented tasks with keen senses.


As a spirit animal, a horse can be reserved, social, and competitive; it is goal-oriented and challenging. It’s a guide of passion. Yet fearful. It’s a guide of drive, and it’s incredibly reproductive.



It represents compassion, empathy, and perspective. It’s extreme in all these features. Interestingly, it has the ability to see things from all sides at a time. 

It approaches its prey by surprise. Its sharp eyes and intelligence give it the ability to win over the prey it targets.


The spirit animal mouse represents the significance of scrutiny and details, an exploration of their world and thus reminding us to never overlook small stuff, giving us a sense of inferiority. 


The owl spirit animal eyes are not just huge for beauty; rather, they have the ability to see what other animals and humans don’t see. 

They make discoveries of treasures in life and as well know the deeper meaning of things. In addition, they are unnoticeable due to their silent feathers, which fly them almost silently. 

They represent being logistic, systematic, and conscientious. They help in accomplishing complex projects.

Listen to Your Spirit Animal After Identification

Listen to Your Spirit Animal After Identification

Once you have identified your spirit animal, you can start to listen to it. You can use the strength and traits of that animal in your own life. For instance, if your calling is for a tiger, you will benefit from the link of power, energy, confidence, and leadership sign it represents.

You can feel attached and connected to your spirit animal with a physical representation. It is also an outstanding idea to have a picture, painting, or even a statue of the guide you cherish, and you’ll be able to bump into it every morning before you begin the day.

You can claim its characteristics and start a better and more promising day. Having it around or having someone talk about your spirit animal will always remind you of its high social position.


Knowing your totemic animal, that one animal that will be guiding and protecting you, the one you need to pay attention to, the one you share a deep connection within the spirit world, and the prime question, “what is my spirit animal?”

After Journalling, thinking, and taking the quiz, I’m sure you will now be able to choose one and move on with it as your power animal. Feel free to make it your pet, get a printed picture of it or even a statue, and be happy.

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