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Best Car Air Fresheners of 2022

/ 08:42 AM November 22, 2022
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Your car should be fresh inside and out. That is why you should choose the best car air freshener. 

It has a variety of scents that fits any type of car. That way, you can impress people when they see your car and when they ride it. 


This article will help you find the best options that will make your car smell fresh for a long time. Check out the options below to see which one fits you. 

  1. Febreze Unstopables
  2. Little Trees Car Freshener
  3. Air Spencer Freshener
  4. Yankee Candle Car Freshener
  5. Febreze Air

1. Febreze Unstopables

Febreze Unstopables

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Price: $7.94

You should regularly clean the covers of your car seats to get that fresh laundry smell. Fortunately, you can prolong that with Febreze.

Your favorite home deodorizer offers the best luxury car air freshener. Just attach the Unstapables clip to your air conditioning vent until you hear a click.

It will release an air freshener spray as the wind blows. Also, you can adjust the intensity from low to high. Febreze Unstopables eliminates bad odor for 30 days. 

2. Little Trees Car Freshener

Little Trees Car Freshener

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Price: $21.99 per pack of 24

The best air freshener for car maintenance is often the classic Little Trees. You may have seen them hanging on the rearview mirror of a friend’s or Uber driver’s car.

Many people have relied on LIttle Trees to keep away any unpleasant odor. It comes in a variety of scents like new car smell, wild cherry, and royal pine.

3. Air Spencer Freshener

Air Spencer Freshener

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Price: $13.00 per pack of 24


The Air Spencer does not hang on your rearview mirror or attach to your car vent. Instead, you tape it onto your dashboard using the included double-sided tape. 

If you do not want tape residue on your car’s interior, you may simply leave it anywhere inside. This car fragrance lasts up to four weeks. 

4. Yankee Candle Car Freshener

Yankee Candle Car Freshener

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Price: $5.49 per pack of 24

You may recognize Yankee Candle as your favorite candle brand. Aside from keeping your home smelling great, it can eliminate the foul odor of cigarette smoke.

The Yankee Candle freshener looks like the jars of its larger counterparts. It contains gel instead of candle wax. Like the Little Trees, you hang it on the top mirror.

Its fresh scent lasts for up to four weeks. Replace the freshener once the gel dips below the label.

The product page describes the fragrance as “sun-dried cotton with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon.”

5. Febreze Air

Febreze Air

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Price: $23.37 per pack of 24

We returned to Febreze for the best air fresheners. Instead of a clip-on deodorizer, you could get the car interior freshener spray.

Why not use the regular Febreze you use at home? The problem is that you will keep the scent inside a narrower space than in a room.

The fragrance would likely become overpowering, distracting you and your passengers during a trip. Fortunately, Febreze Air’s Linen & Sky scent is a better option.

Contrary to popular belief, you should not leave Febreze Air inside your car. Its pressurized can may explode after prolonged exposure to your car’s heat.

How to choose the best car freshener

How to choose the best car freshener

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These sprays and fresheners spread car scents in your vehicle to ensure it smells fresh. Some can eliminate bad odor, while others only mask it.

The quality will depend on various factors. First, match the size of your car. If you have a wide car, get a large freshener.

That ensures that the scent stays potent for a long time. Second, consider the scent. Determine if you want a mellow or powerful fragrance. 

A soft scent might be more pleasant, but it may not be able to cover bad smells. On the other hand, a stronger fragrance could do the job, but it may distract you while driving.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot get a “real” new car scent for your vehicle. Drivers love that smell because it makes them feel like their car is fresh off the lot.

That fragrance is a mix of materials found in the interior parts. As a result, car fresheners cannot fully recreate that scent.

Third, decide how long you want the fragrance to last. You have seen that the recommendations above last for weeks. Yet, other options fade away after a few hours.

Lastly, check your budget. You can purchase Little Trees for roughly $8.00, while better options cost around $20.00.

You can order these from Amazon, but buying one at your local store is better. That will help you check whether the scent and design will fit your vehicle.

How to keep your vehicle interior clean

How to keep your vehicle interior clean

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Fresheners will not work if your car is filthy inside. The foul odors will linger if trash and spills remain. That is why you should keep it clean.

Start by gathering the trash inside and tossing it into a bin. You will not need a freshener if you get rid of a cigarette butt on the floor.

Take out the floor mats to check for more garbage. Then, shake them outside your home and vacuum them. 

Place them on a tarp or other type of drop cloth instead of leaving them on the ground. Next, hose them down to eliminate the remaining debris.

Mix warm water and dishwashing liquid into a bucket. Then, dip a scrub brush in it and wash your mats. Rinse them with a hose and repeat.

If you have carpeted mats, use stain remover. Check the label if you should machine wash them. 

Clean the center console where you can find the cup holders. If you can remove the latter, soak it in warm water and dishwasher detergent, and then scrub.

Remove dust and grime from the dashboard with a duster or microfiber cloth. Alternatively, you can use cleaning cloths specifically designed for washing cars.

Disinfect the steering wheel by wiping it with a disinfecting wipe or microfiber cloth. Do the same for the door panels. Then, vacuum the seats and the floor.

If the interior still stinks, pour baking soda on the seats and carpets and leave it overnight. Afterward, vacuum the residue. 

You could also create a makeshift deodorizer by placing baking soda or activated charcoal in a sealed plastic container. 

If the odor persists, you may have a more stubborn issue like mold buildup. That may require a visit to a professional detailer.


Your car should smell fresh for you and your passengers. Ensure a pleasant ride every time by using the best car air freshener.

You may choose the usual options like rearview mirror hangers and clip-on deodorizers. On the other hand, you can keep your dashboard free of distractions with a spray.


Note that regular cleaning is also important in keeping your car smelling great. You may easily maintain your car with common household items.

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