How to Get Slack's Paid Features for Free

How to Get Slack’s Paid Features for Free

/ 09:21 AM November 10, 2022

Businesses rely on project management programs like Slack to manage tasks among workers. It is a worthwhile paid app for any company.

If you want those features for a casual online community, the price is not worth it. You will have to pay $7.25 for every user you include in your group. Fortunately, there are ways to use those features for free.


This article will explain how you can access Slack’s features without paying fees. These include using free online tools to supplement or substitute this project management tool.

Get your Slack message history for free.

Get your Slack message history for free.

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The free version limits users to viewing only messages from the past 90 days. Get the paid version, and you can see them on the app.


You could get around this paywall by using its data export feature. Begin by opening the Settings & Administration – Workspace Settings in the Slack menu.

That will open your web browser and show an Import/Export Data button in the top-right corner. Next, click it, choose a date range, and export all messages. 

However, this loophole still limits free users. Those folks may only export public channels, not private channels or direct messages (DMs). 

The archives also appear in a ZIP file that contains JSON files. You could use free tools like Slack Export Viewer to facilitate converting those files.

It will show the records on your browser, but you will have to fiddle with the command line. Moreover, you could use the JSON Translator website to turn the ZIP files into CSV files.

Unlike JSON files, you could open them with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Also, you can convert those records into a public archive with Slack Saver. 

It would let you share a link to the message history that provides access to your community. However, these free tools often come at the expense of your online security.


You are giving personal data to an unknown entity to receive free services. Ask your group members if they are fine with that. 

Get Slack Huddles without fees.

Get Slack Huddles without fees.

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Slack Huddles are similar to video calls but with a few limitations. You may start one at any time. Unlike regular calls, it will not play a ringtone, and anyone can join the conversation. 

Huddles only provide audio and screen sharing, making them a great choice for quick improvised chats. You may compare it to showing your screen to a friend in real life. 

For example, you found an interesting PlayStation 5 game in an article. You could show it to your friend by handing your smartphone.

Your other friends may huddle around you to check it. If you do not want to pay for Slack, try the Gather app instead.

It can emulate that casual conversation by letting you and your friends meet in a virtual office. Also, the app lets you control cute 2D sprites representing each person. 

If you prefer 3D, you could try Meta’s Horizon Workrooms. However, you and your friends need VR headsets to use the program.


You could also use IFTTT or Discord instead of paying for Slack. The latter provides all of Slack’s features for free!

Some people are put off by Discord because it markets itself to video game enthusiasts. Yet, it can be as professional as Slack after a few simple tweaks.

You may have never heard of Discord before reading this article. Make sure you never miss out on other nifty tips and tricks by following Inquirer USA.

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