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Octomoves: Reviewed and Rated

/ 10:12 AM October 31, 2022

Looking for a fun, new way to get your cardio in? Look no further than Octomoves rope flow! Rope flow is a relatively new workout style involving easy movement patterns with a special naval rope. This high-intensity workout is a great way to improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and endurance.

Octomoves has revolutionized this innovative form of exercise with its specially-designed flow ropes. And the best part is – you don’t have to worry about learning how to use a flow rope because the Octomoves App provides tons of great training modules and courses for everyone – from beginner to expert.

Interested in learning more about this fun new exercise? In this article, we’ve reviewed the Octomoves flow ropes and compiled everything you need to know before you get started.

What is the Octomoves Rope?

What is the Octomoves Rope?

Photo credit: Octomoves

The Octomoves flow rope is a piece of fitness equipment manufactured by Octomoves. For individuals who haven’t heard of the flow rope, it is easily compared to dancing, jumping rope, and poi combined.

Octomoves ropes have several health benefits for the entire body, including developing body balance. They also enhance athleticism, support weight loss, improve joint health and mobility, improve rhythm, coordination, and strength, reduce anxiety and stress, etc.

What is Rope Flow?

What is Rope Flow?

Photo credit: Octomoves

Rope flow is a trend that recently gained traction in the fitness industry. It’s a great exercise with low-impact mobility, easily explained as part dancing and art jump rope. Rope flow aids flexibility, coordination, timing, muscle tone, and rhythm.

If you search online, you will find “functional movements” based on biomechanics from real-world situations. It involves multi-joint and multi-planar movements that affect the body’s core innervation (nerve stimulation) and musculature.

No other company manufactures unique ropes dedicated to flow exercise. Therefore, getting a rope that fits this purpose is sometimes quite challenging. You should look for two important features: extreme resistance to abrasion and high flexibility. 

Usually, these two features are mutually absolute. I spent a lot of money purchasing rope samples for the ongoing test within a year and a half. Some were very stiff but had great resistance to abrasion. Others offered little air-drag resistance but great flexibility.  I later found a product with the proper abrasion resistance and flexibility balance.

Benefits of Rope Flow

The benefits of rope flow are more than just giving you fun exercise and a better body. It has so much more to offer and depends on the outcome you are searching for. The benefits for professional athletes differ from those who want to stay fit.  

However, this is what makes rope flow beautiful. Anyone from anywhere can get an Octorope and quickly begin to see results. You can get the following benefits from flow ropes:

Improved Mobility and Joint Health

Rope flow is an excellent tool for shoulder exercises. It takes the muscles through various motions, including extension, external and internal rotation, and flexion. 

Many customers have given feedback on the improvement in shoulder movements. Many others have reported a reduction of long-lasting back and shoulder pain.

Using flow ropes to perform the figure-8 jump technique effectively unlocks the hips and reduces mid-back tension. These two areas usually stiffen up because of everyday habits like using your laptop, sitting, slouching, etc.

Flow ropes also aid in activating the deep core and glutes. These two places can get stiff and locked after sitting down for an extended period of time. Using flow ropes to relax your muscles makes your body movements more free and balanced. 

Enhances Athleticism 

Octomoves Reviews

Photo credit: Octomoves

Using a flow rope is one of the ways of improving coordination in the entire body. Opposite sides of the body are coordinated simultaneously, which helps your sense of timing. As you advance, you can use the rope to perform the basic figure 8 technique that imitates athletic movements. 

The underhand movement has to do with a movement sequence similar to that of running, walking, racquets shots from underhand, and even performing an uppercut. The overhand technique is like tossing a ball, racquet shots from overhand, and several other striking forms.

By drilling the movement with flow ropes and intentionally making them a habit, you would realize that almost all the movements from the athletic and sporting environments feel effortless and efficient.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Reviews from customers that use Octomoves also reveal that rope flow feels like an active meditation form. Therefore, the flow rope, for some people, has been a vital tool that aids the reduction of chronic anxiety and stress. 

Most of the worries we face daily have a chance to be calmed or, in some cases, even eradicated entirely by concentrating on the rope and entering the flow state. 

Improves Cardio

Traditional cardiovascular techniques such as cycling, running, and swimming is inconvenient for many people. This is mainly because they require a certain place or equipment to be done, have a high joint impact, or are repetitive. 

Using a flow rope is one of the most effective ways to immerse yourself in exciting cardio while placing low impact on your joints.

You can also control the rope flow cardio intensity. You can choose to have a steady and slow session or use the rope in highly intense intervals. The tool is very flexible and can be easily used in both situations.

Brain Development

Octomoves Reviews

Photo credit: Octomoves

Maintaining brain activity is vital in maintaining cognitive function as we grow older. Using flow ropes is one incredible method of discovering new skill sets, unlike any other movement skills, such as handshakes. There is a low learning curve. 

If you consistently practice, you should quickly get familiar with the basics and be able to combine different patterns. When we discuss brain function, many users of Octomoves have testified that flow ropes have increased their focus and productivity and pushed them to set up proper daily schedules.

Connect to Mother Nature

With this fast-paced, moving society and rapidly developing urbanization, most people feel disconnected from nature and search for something more profound. The Octorope, an easily portable tool, is the perfect reason to go outdoors.

You can quickly put your Octorope in your bag, hang it on your waist, head into the woods or to the beach, enter your flow state and reignite the connection to nature and earth.

A new movement is developing in the fitness world where the gym floor represents the earth’s ground beneath your feet, and when you are training, the sun represents the light that hits your skin.

I can’t think of any better and more exciting tool to have with me when I’m outside. To do something that seems ancient again. Make it look unorthodox, and be aware. I am extremely thankful and fortunate to have these great ropes that ground me.

Develop Good and Healthy Habits

Octomoves Reviews

Photo credit: Octomoves

Bringing this new tool into your daily routine is a fantastic way to install healthy habits and prevent those that are not good for you. Everyone knows that one of the ways of getting rid of old unhealthy habits is by replacing them with new beneficial ones, and some users of Octoropes have done that. 

There was a case with one Octorope user who stopped smoking by using the Octorope for an endorphin rush instead of smoking a cigarette. Other people use the rope to discontinue prolonged inactivity periods. It is a great way to stay active and healthy if you work from home.

The Fun Way to Fitness

Putting it simply, the Octorope makes exercise and movement exciting. There is something enjoyable and relaxing about learning something with your ropes every time you pick them up. You can combine the newly learned skills with the old, improvise, and enjoy the flow. This experience is empowering, freeing, and addictive in a way that gives you so much fun. 

Also, even though you might practice alone, immediately after you start using an Octorope, you become part of the huge Octomoves family, where you can grow and connect with this community of rope users worldwide.

Types of Flow Ropes


Phoenix Octomoves Rope

Photo credit: Octomoves

At 1.1 pounds, the Phoenix is one of the more weighted ropes. The thickness is about half an inch. This rope design is primarily for individuals who want to use rope flow as a means of recovery, relieving pain and stiffness.

Professionals advise the use of dynamic exercise to prevent optimal repair and injury. Do not look down on the Phoenix because it is not known as a muscle-builder, as you can still gain much with this flow rope.

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Black Swan

Black Swan Octomoves Rope

Photo credit: Octomoves

From what I can tell, the difference between this and the Phoenix is that the Black Swan is black. It is the same materials, the same weight and thickness, and the same price. 

However, it is also efficient in building muscle and burning calories. The weight and materials are the two essential factors in choosing a rope. The Black Swan and the Phoenix are heavier ropes that are great muscle builders, aid recovery, and burn calories.

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Flowzilla Octomoves Rope

Photo credit: Octomoves

The Flowzilla also weighs around 1.1 pounds, and the thickness is half an inch. But thanks to its more rigid braiding, which causes better air drag resistance, it holds a feeling of easiness and lightness. If you want to get into a meditative flow state or let go of stress, Flowzilla is the one for you.

Using Flowzilla for moving mediation is very effective and, sadly, underrated. It does not matter if you are not sitting. You will still experience the mental benefits of boosting your mood as if it were a seated practice, and you’ll also move your body and relax your muscles thanks to the therapeutic movements.

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Funky Zen

Funky Zen Octomoves Rope

Photo credit: Octomoves

This Octomoves rope is slim, light, and easy to handle. It weighs 0.66 pounds, and its thickness is below half an inch. Funky Zen is an excellent choice if you have limited mobility or are recovering from an injury.

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Kraken Octomoves Rope

Photo credit: Octomoves

Kraken is an innovative flow rope with an even weight distribution, a stronger force, and increased sensation, making it great for cardio, weight loss, and strength training. Its redesigned handles are lighter and shorter to give you a more comfortable grip.

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What is Octomoves?

What is Octomoves

Octomoves is a company that manufactures flow ropes and believes a rope flow revolution is near. The company was co-founded by a fitness enthusiast that enjoyed working out with ropes and noticed how amazing they were as a tool for mind and body exercise.

Today, Octomoves has several handcrafted ropes of the highest quality, designed with unique characteristics that solve specific problems and make exercise fun. In addition, they offer comprehensive training modules with free training, community sharing, and much more on their app.


Still not sure about which flow rope you should get? Don’t worry! You can take a quick one-minute quiz to find out which Octomoves flow ropes are perfect for you.

A flow rope is one of the best ways to simultaneously improve your physical and mental health. And there’s no better choice than Octomoves when starting your journey towards a healthier body and mind. Octomoves is even offering a 10% discount + free US shipping to the readers of this article.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Octomoves flow ropes today!

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