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Noelle Salon – An Industry Leader in Hairstyling and Hair Care

/ 10:30 AM September 12, 2022

Noelle Salon is an industry leader with over 35 years of experience in hair coloring, hair straightening, hair extensions, and hair loss solutions. They have a specially made brand of hair extensions called Veila Hair Extensions and numerous other brands. 

The salon offers services to both clients and stylists through styling, training, education, and general hair services. They also provide same-day hair service, from coloring, cuts, and styles to complete hair integration systems.

Hair Coloring Services

Hair Coloring Services

The stylists at Noelle salon are hair therapists and expert color specialists who understand the impact hair color has on a person’s appearance. Studies have shown that hair color makes a more significant first impression than personality or clothing. Noelle stylists are renowned for their coloring skills in creating the perfect color to suit their customer’s styles.

You’re guaranteed excellent service, from color correction to natural and eclectic trends. The salon provides a free consultation where a strand test will be done on your hair to ensure the color fits and maintain your hair’s integrity. 

Noelle Salon will make your hair dreams come true whether you desire a subtle color with minimal highlights or bold color with flashy highlights. They offer different hair coloring styles, including:

  1. Ombré – Dark to light hair coloring for a glamorous, dramatic effect.
  2. Sombré – A subtle ombre coloring that starts with dark roots and blends into soft light tips/ends.
  3. Ecaille – Multi-toned coloring that begins with subtle dark roots and ends with lighter natural tips. Your stylist can combine it with highlights or balayage to frame your face.
  4. Balayage – Expert freehand hair coloring and bleaching.
  5. Baby lights – A multidimensional foiling technique with small highlight and midnight sections that gives a sunkissed look.
  6. Bleach + Tone – Our expert stylists use the finest bleach and Olaplex to avoid breakage and any hair disasters
  7. Fun Color – Silvers, metallics, pastels, and vivid gem tones.

Hair Loss/Thinning Solutions

Hair Loss/Thinning Solutions

Most people lose 50 to 100 hairs daily. They typically don’t notice because new strands of hair are growing simultaneously. It only becomes a problem when new hair doesn’t grow in to replace the shed hair, or your hair falls out beyond the average amount.

Several factors generally cause hair loss, including age, alopecia areata, cancer treatment, childbirth, female pattern baldness, genetics (hereditary/based on family history), hormonal imbalance, illness, male pattern baldness, medication, menopause scalp infection, stress, traction alopecia, and Trichotillomania.

Whatever reason for your hair thinning or hair loss, Noelle Salon can help restore your hair confidence and improve your appearance. Their custom-made hair integration systems are affordable, low maintenance, and comfortable. They provide customized wigs, integration systems, and extensions for adults, teenagers, and kids dealing with hair loss.

Trichotillomania Solutions

Trichotillomania Solutions

Trichotillomania or Hair Pulling is a mental disorder that causes a frequent overwhelming urge to pull out hair from your scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, and other body parts. It requires treatment and care by trained medical professionals and hair specialists.

This disorder often causes bald patchy spots on the scalp after you have pulled out your. It can also lead to damage to hair follicle cells. Hair loss may cause considerable distress to the person suffering from this condition because it interferes with their self-esteem, work, or social functionality. 

Trichotillomania is a challenging mental disorder that impacts the patient’s mental health, self-esteem, and general well-being. Most salons lack the proper knowledge and expertise to help people with this condition. However, Noelle Salon has been assisting clients in managing this condition for more than 30 years.

While clients are in treatment for Trichotillomania, stylists can fit them with gorgeous hair toppers or scalp prosthetics to ease the process. Unlike hair loss caused by fungal infections, female pattern baldness, or autoimmune diseases such as Alopecia Areata, Trich is a disorder where hair follicles are forcefully physically removed. 

Hence, their approach to supporting clients is focused on scalp care, allowing hair regrowth and the growth of stronger hair follicles. They also consider the need for hair coverage that will enable patients to handle their social or work life without worrying about their hair.

The salon gives clients a way to recover hair follicle cells from Trichotillomania by reducing the stress of dealing with their natural hair. They also never glue or shave their hair coverages but use micro hair extensions or locks to anchor it down.

Hair Straightening 

Hair Straightening 

There are numerous hair straightening techniques. These techniques differ based on hair type, client budget, and how long it should last. Noelle Salon does strand tests on your hair to check how well the straightener works. It is necessary to mention that mixing hair straighteners can be harmful because they might contain chemicals that counteract each other. 

Here are some of the straightening services offered by the salon:

Hair Relaxer:  Sodium Hydroxide-based relaxer has been around since the 1990s. These relaxers are affordable and work excellently on curly/kinky hair. The straightened hair can last four to eight weeks, depending on how fast the client’s hair grows. You should have your stylist retouch your hair after three weeks. 

Japanese Straightening with CHI Product:  This technique is ideal for tightly curled hair. The active ingredient in the product used for this type of straightening is Ammonium Thioglycolate. Stylists have used this chemical in perms since the 1900s. Japanese straightening is a three-step process, with a stylist using a flat iron to flatten the client’s hair. It typically lasts about six months; afterward, you would need a retouch. 

Keratin Protein Treatment with Brazilian blowout:  This straightening method removes 100% of hair frizz. The Brazilian Blowout line is the perfect product for this because it leaves your hair lush and manageable. It strengthens the hair while infusing protein that protects your hair color. It is ideal for frizzy hair and humid weather. The Keratin blowout typically lasts for about four months. Clients can also get a Brazilian Express Blowout that lasts for a month. 

 Hair Extensions by Noelle Salon

Hair Extensions by Noelle Salon

Noelle Salon teaches clients how to maintain their hair extensions and wigs. With over 30 years of experience in applying for hair extensions and managing different hair types, they are the best option for people who want great hair. 

There are several methods of applying for hair extensions, ranging from semi-permanent to temporary. It is essential to correctly match the color and texture of the client’s hair. Here are some of the methods Noelle Salon uses:


This technique involves melding a tiny Remy hair attachment to the client’s hair in layers or one length to achieve a stunning natural look. The extensions blend perfectly as they hang individually by tiny micro-attachments placed 1/4″ away from your scalp to allow room for hair growth and easy movement.

You can style, curl, color and flat-iron these extensions as you wish. The Virgin Remy Hair used for this extension style is pricey, but it’s worth the investment. It can last up to 5 months, and you can reuse it for about a year.


Micro-link hair extensions are one of the most popular techniques. Stylists thread a small metal link into the client’s hair; a single extension is placed within the tube and clamped down. They last for about two to three months, and a retouch is necessary after. Micro links are also reusable as long as it is correctly applied.



In this technique, stylists insert the hair extension between the client’s hair, and about 20 tape sandwiches are necessary for longer hair and more volume. Tape-ins last for four to eight weeks. After which, they are taken out and retaped. If handled correctly, you can reuse them for about eight months.

Micro-link Weft

This method involves linking a track of hair with tiny micro metal links to hold down the hair extensions. They last for about two to three months, and reapplication is necessary after they’re taken down. 


Clip-ins are one of the most convenient hair extensions. Five to ten hair tracks are clipped in different parts of the wearer’s head using small comb clips. Although convenient, clip-ins can damage your hair follicle if worn for too long daily.


In this technique, a stylist will braid the client’s hair into cornrows and sew tracks of hair into the braids. This technique can last about eight weeks. However, it can cause uncomfortable scalp tension and traction alopecia.

Halo-hair Extensions

This method uses hair on a string to add volume or length. Stylists affix a huge track of 100 – 200 grams of hair to the client’s head with a mono-filament string balanced on the scalp circumference.

Veila Hair Extensions by Noelle Salon

Veila Hair Extensions by Noelle Salon

Veila Hair Extensions are produced from Virgin hair, collected from a donor as it grows from the scalp. This Virgin Hair provides supple texture, impressive durability, and excellent coloration from end to root. Veila Hair extensions use Virgin hair because it is perfect for crafting uniformly colored blonde hair, especially in pearl blonde and silvery shades. 

Veila Hair Extensions are reusable. They don’t tangle or get matted; you can consistently reuse them for up to a year. They are created in customizable size packages to ensure the wearer’s natural hair is free from any harmful tension. 

Veila Hair Application

Stylists apply Veila Hair Extensions without glue, tape, or sewing threads. They carefully pull the hair through the tiny attachment holes in the direction of your scalp’s hair growth. This way, there’s less tension, unlike sew-in or tape-in hair extensions, and it can easily blend with your hair. After 4-8 weeks of use, your stylist should remove and replace the hair extensions.

How to Maintain Veila Hair

How to Maintain Veila Hair

Veila Pull Thru Hair is made of “virgin hair,” meaning the cuticle is not stripped and oversaturated with silicone but kept intact to ensure luxurious softness. Most low-quality tape-in hair extensions are stripped inside acid to decolorize the strands. But Veila carefully treats their hair extensions for weeks to keep the cuticle in place and prepped for coloring.

Maintaining Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions requires proper care because natural scalp oils do not infuse the extensions as they do through your hair. To keep the hair extensions moisturized, use moisturizing leave-in products. Please do not use oils, leave-in products, and so on at the attachment portion of the extensions because it might make it fall out quicker than it should.

Stylists affix Veila Pull Thru Hair with micro beads covered inside the hair extensions. You can brush your hair and other parts of your hair extensions normally. However, you need to brush the extensions but be careful around the tiny hole areas where your hair connects to the microbeads. 

Apply more attention when brushing, so the holes don’t break or tear. Also, as your natural hair grows, it will shed about 100 strands daily. These strands will stay within the extensions until they are replaced or removed during your next styling appointment.

Veila Hair Extensions vs. Other Hair Extensions

Stylists typically offer hair extensions such as tape in hair extensions in a one-size width. This limitation makes it less than satisfactory for hair styling. Also, the process and removal are exhausting for both the client and the stylist. You will need an alcohol-based solution to remove the tape tab and residue and pull off the hair extensions. After this, you will need to spend more time retaping the hair extensions. 

But with Veila extensions, the process is significantly more straightforward and less time-consuming. To apply the extensions, open the folded hair, and remove the Veila bead at the supportive reading line. And carefully comb the hair away. There’s less shedding involved, and you can easily reapply the extensions part by part. 

Veila Pull Thru Extensions is also more durable than other extensions because they’re made from virgin hair. These extensions are long-lasting, and you can use them for long periods without getting matted. 

You can reuse the extensions for up to one year without damaging them. The tiny beads that keep the hair secured and discreetly protected between the hair extensions flap to avoid embarrassing slippage. They’re also 90% more secure than other hair extensions. You never need to worry about any matting, slippage, or twisting. And best of all, you can wear your hair up! 


Noelle Salon is an industry leader in hair coloring, extensions, and hair loss solutions. Their Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions is excellent for people who want stylish, lightweight hair. Whether you’re looking for hair volume or hair length or a solution to hair loss, try Noelle Salon today.

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