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7 Groom Fashion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

10:25 AM August 03, 2022

Wedding season is coming, and you want to ensure you look your best! We’ve compiled a list of the biggest groom fashion mistakes regarding their wedding suits and how to avoid them. Evade these common blunders, and you’ll be sure to look sharp on your big day.

Not only will you look great, but following our advice will also save you money in the long run. Suit shopping can be daunting, but we’re here to help make it as easy as possible for you. Please read our article now and learn how to avoid groom fashion mistakes! 

Wedding Fashion Mistakes that Every Groom Should Avoid

Here are the top 7 fashion mistakes that grooms and brides make, along with recommendations on what to do instead:  

Mistake # 1: Procrastinating and waiting until the last minute.

Fixing his suit to avoid groom fashion mistakes

The groom’s suit is one of the most essential outfits he will ever wear. However, one of the biggest wedding fashion mistakes is that many grooms leave this decision until the last minute. Various things can go wrong if you wait until the last minute to pick up your outfits. 

Waiting to the last minute could rule out being able to get a suit that is custom-made for you. Made-To-Measure suit options typically require a minimum of three weeks for production, with some grooms waiting up to 12 weeks. If your suit is coming from overseas, it could get stuck in customs; and if your chosen fabric ends up being out of stock, weeks could be added to your production time.

Whether you order a custom suit or something off-the-rack, you will likely need to get alterations.

With the Wedding Curve of postponed Covid weddings still in full swing, alteration studios everywhere are now backed up. Waiting to the last minute could mean that you aren’t able to get a perfectly fitted suit. 

You won’t have time to worry about something you should have taken care of since you’ll have many other things on your to-do list. Trust us, as much as your bride wants to help you, you cannot do everything together.

Mistake # 2: Renting the Groom’s Wedding Suit.

Best man helping groom avoid fashion mistakes

The groom’s attire is often an afterthought, but it can be a big wedding fashion mistake.

Grooms end up stepping into a rental store and having a flashy “shark suit” or loose tuxedo. At the same time, brides will spend months visiting every bridal salon in town before purchasing an exquisite bride’s dress a year before the wedding day. 

The end effect is an unflattering appearance and a waste of money for grooms. Though one might say, “I will never wear a suit like this again,” the truth is that every guy should invest in a properly fitted suit for his wardrobe to wear to special events.

Having a suit is a rite of passage, a way to enter manhood, and wearing a suit at a wedding is the most significant event in a groom’s life. A custom outfit uniquely blends sensibility with making grooms into the Kings of their weddings. 

Your wedding day is an ideal occasion to spend money on a well-fitted suit that a groom will wear for the rest of his life. Franco Uomo, for example, makes custom wedding suits with “unlimited lifetime alteration” and “detachable lapel” choices that transform tuxedos into ordinary suits after the wedding.

Mistake # 3: Choosing a Groom’s Wedding Suit with a Wrong Fit

Checking the fit of the tuxedo

The most crucial day in a couple’s lives is their wedding. Do you want to remember your wedding photos, which were expertly photographed and processed by a professional you spent a lot of money with, and find out that the sleeves are too long or the jacket is baggy? 

The fit of your tuxedo or suit is equally as critical as the other components. Spend a few additional dollars on a fabric that is one hundred percent wool. It will feel and look better than a polyester blend.

You must also ensure that you get your suit fitted or at least put your suit on before going down the aisle. After all, you want to appear your best alongside your bride!

Mistake # 4: Being too Stylish on Your Wedding Day.

Having a Signature and custom look for your wedding day is a good thing. However, you should still avoid making the mistake of being too stylish and trendy. Following the newest trend is one of the wedding fashion mistakes you can make. As much as weddings are “in the moment” events, it’s critical to remember that your photos should endure a lifetime. 

The last thing you aspire to is for your children or grandkids to laugh at your style choices when they reflect on your wedding pictures in a few decades. The “cools suit fad” of today will always be embarrassing tomorrow. You can also check a blog post or search for articles to give you an idea about a classic suit. 

For a timeless wedding appearance, it’s crucial to choose a wedding suit design that is relatively understated and traditional. Weddings should be able to withstand the test of time since it is a significant historical occasion. 

Investing in timeless pieces in terms of your wedding outfit for the generations to see in the future is better. This act doesn’t imply that your appearance shouldn’t be stylish or modern. It simply means that you should choose a stylist or suit designer who understands how to balance a current style.

Mistake # 5: Going Rogue on the Wedding Designer.

Married couple looking stunning during photoshoot

It’s important to remember that as much as a wedding is a day for the groom to be the “King,” he must do so in coordination with his bride, the “Queen,” and the entire “court.” Whether the bride is designing the wedding style and aesthetic or a professional wedding designer, there will be a cohesive vision that the groom’s look will need to be a part of.

It is always a good idea to follow the designer’s mood board and color palette when making the groom’s outfit. An excellent professional wedding planner will likely have a preferred suit designer that they can send you to along with their mood board for your custom wedding suit designer to work off of. 

Your suit, the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the groomsmen’s suits should all complement or match the bride’s gown. Every color used should also fit with the wedding’s color scheme. In case of uncertainty, consult the bride.

Grooms should not wear the same color as the bridesmaids. It’s customary to draw color inspiration for the groom’s embellishments from the bridesmaids’ gowns, which are the closest color cloth. However, we believe that this is incorrect. The bride and the groom should serve as the wedding’s King and Queen, while the bridesmaids should act as serving companions in balance with the groomsmen.

Give the groom a bespoke double bow tie or pocket square in the gown color using leftover fabric from the actual gown, and then give the groom his distinctive color (such as a blue suit.

We advise a groom to wear a bow tie since he will likely be the only person to wear one. Most guests will wear neckties, giving the groom’s bow tie a more regal appearance.

Mistake # 6: Wearing the wrong accessories which don’t match the groom’s suit 

Choose the right groom accessories that matches the wedding theme

When it comes to suits and your unique style, there is some latitude, but there are also several tried-and-true methods to wear your accessories. Tuxedos have many rules: you can wear bowties with tuxedos rather than long ties, and you should avoid wearing a belt with one.

Even socks and shoes matter when considering the overall look. Avoid wearing white socks with brown shoes or a brown belt with a black suit. A belt and suspenders are also optional while wearing a suit. Make sure to stay with one color if you want to wear metal accessories like cufflinks and a tie clip, but NEVER wear a watch! A wedding is no place to be concerned about time because time revolves around you. All of these together will create the appearance that you threw them on last-minute. 

Wearing braces and a belt together is not advised. Belt loops, belts, and suspenders are employed to keep pants in place. Leave the belt off if you want to go for a more vintage suspender braces appearance. You don’t need two ways to keep your pants in place because you have one waist and one pair of trousers.

Mistake # 7: Not preparing the budget

Groom fixing his tuxedo

Preparing your wedding suit budget is vastly different from organizing the wedding gown budget. For starters, the gown is one single piece of garment with one all-inclusive price. On the other hand, a wedding suit is an entire ensemble of clothing pieces and accessories. On top of that, a wedding gown budget can be limited by the fact that it will only be worn for a day, while the groom’s suit can be worn for many other special occasions throughout his life. It’s more of an investment, and you should put funding from outside of the wedding budget into it.

Wedding suits can range from a $500 fused (glued together) off the rack look to $15,000 for a Bespoke Couture Suit using the top fabrics in the world. However, you’re likely looking at three price ranges: $600-800 for a fused suit, $1,200-1,800 for a half-canvas custom suit, or $2,500+ for a full-canvas custom suit.

You will need to decide if you want a 2-piece (Jacket and Pants) look or a 3-piece (Jacket, Pants, and Vest) look. Then there are the shirt, cufflinks, bowtie, pocket square, belt/suspenders, and shoes. 

If you want to look your best on your wedding day, we recommend budgeting $3-5k for your wedding suit look. For example, this Signature Custom Wedding Suit look from Franco Uomo costs $4,800, with a removable lapel that will convert the suit into a classic perfectly fitted navy suit that the groom can wear again after the wedding.


Wedding season is coming, so it’s time to start thinking about your outfit. If you want to ensure you look your best on the big day, you should take note of the common groom fashion mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Have fun on your most important day! If you’re lucky with your designer, you could even wear the same outfit to the wedding party. You can also have additional requests, such as having a jacket that you can wear even after the event. 

A good tailor like Franco Uomo can help you choose a suit or tuxedo that will make you look sharp and give you some flexibility for post-wedding events. Check out Franco Uomo on Instagram to find out more about the brand and get started on receiving the suit of your dreams!

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