DWISS: Swiss Made Watches with Innovative Time Reading

DWISS: Swiss Made Watches with Innovative Time Reading

/ 11:39 AM July 28, 2022

There is a reason that Swiss watches are some of the most sought-after in the world. They have a reputation for quality and craftsmanship that is unmatched. But even more than that, Swiss watches are known for their innovative time-reading features. In this blog post, we will look at some of the most well-known and popular watches, like Dwiss, with innovative swiss movement features.

We will also explore what makes these watches unique and why they continue to be so popular among consumers.

In the corporate world, people don’t judge your net worth by your wristwatch. The “dress as you want to be addressed” cliche isn’t limited to your tux or briefcase. The best way to make a statement is to rock the best wristwatch at all times. Nobody has perfected the art of the modern wristwatch better than the DWISS M3W, the premier way for you to be keeping time 

It is common knowledge that they make the best watches in Switzerland, and DWISS wristwatches are the latest and greatest innovation yet.

What is the Swiss movement?

What is the Swiss movement?

No one in their right mind wants to plunge four to six figures worth of money on some product that advertisers or sellers marketed as Swiss-related but was not from Suisse.

The Swiss government lives and dies by the label, Swiss-made, for a good reason – to build global trust in any brand that hails from Suisse. Over the last decade, the tag – made in China – has been perceived as a tag for fake products and substandard goods because the Chinese market is free for all and barely goes through tight supervision from the government. 

Considering how an unchecked market can ruin the name of a country, you cannot blame the Swiss federation for taking its national reputation seriously.

Originally, a movement, aka watch caliber, is the brainbox of a timepiece. It differs from the shock-absorbing watch case, which protects it, and the watch’s dial. 

The term, movements, goes a long way back to the Golden era of mechanical watches when all clockwork movements functioned as a result of an intricate combo of moving parts.

Quartz movements

DWISS: Swiss Made Watches with Innovative Time Reading

Naturally, the quartz caliber is popular as a module, but for the sake of this guide, we’ll refer to it as a movement.

The ultimate shift from mechanical to quartz movements was borne from the longtime disdain for the stress of winding mechanical watch movements every morning and the need to service the watch periodically. 

At the time, the recommended intervals between servicing periods for watches, grandfather clocks, anniversary clocks, mantel or wall clocks, and cuckoo clocks were 3-5 years, 15-20 years, 15-20 years, 10-15 years, and 7 years respectively.

A mechanical clock needs servicing once its lubricant dries up and gets dirty. Servicing involves loosening the movement parts, cleaning, lubricating, and polishing. 

If mechanical watch parts come with damage, the manufacturers replaced them on service. The cost of servicing every 3-5 years discourages many users. One additional factor was that mechanical watches are expensive.

Watchmakers designed the watch movements to fit various sizes and shapes like tonneau, round, rectangular,  baguette, or oval. 

The elements that make up a movement have two major categories, namely the ebauches and the assortments.

Mechanical movements contain the date wheel train, escapement, and oscillator. The absence of any of these components will render the whole movement useless.

Swiss MVT

DWISS: Swiss Made Watches with Innovative Time Reading

Now that we’ve described the two major types of watch movements by their power reserve, what is a Swiss MVT?

A Swiss MVT label has the movement part Svizzera-made, but they might have done assembling elsewhere, like in Japan or Hong Kong. It is simply a watch that is Suisse-manufactured and meets the requirements of the Swiss federation guidelines. Wristwatches with Swiss-made logo encrypted by their 6 0’ clock.

Chronographs with Swiss movements are often branded with Swiss MVT, but those that are Swiss-made are branded with Swiss-made at the 6 0’ clock position beside the dials.

Not every watch with the label “Swiss MVT” tags is “Swiss Made,” but every Suisse-made watch has a Swiss-made movement.

Requirements for a Swiss-made watch are as follows.

  • It must be designed in Suisse.
  • It must have a Swiss MVT.
  • Its movement must be sealed in Suisse.
  • Upon completion of the manufacturing process, the company must allow Svizzera inspectors to scrutinize the goods.
  • The bulk of the manufacturing cost (60 percent) must be expended in Suisse.

Requirements for a Swiss movements

  • The watchmakers masterminded its technical design in Suisse.
  • They have done its assemblage in Suisse.
  • They carried out the inspection of the movement in Svizzera.
  • The ebauches and the assortments made in Suisse, without considering the cost of assemblage, account for not less than 50% of the total estimate of the constituents’ parts.
  • The bulk of the manufacturing cost (60 percent) must be expended in Switzerland.

What are Swiss automatic movements?

What are Swiss automatic movements?

Despite the battery-powered movement accounting for 90% of the wristwatches produced globally, “someone who is in love with mechanical wristwatches is not going to decide to wear a smartwatch over a mechanical watch”, [J.J. Redick].

Fans of the Swiss automatic movement love the art and science invested in its production. It would be hard for lovers of the DWISS collection, Rolex watch line, or Tag Heuer watch model to switch to or search for cheaper Cassio alternatives, especially when they can afford them.

So what is an automatic movement? The main spring wound drives the automatic movement periodically by a self-winding mechanism, hence the term “auto.” 

Unlike the battery-powered movement powered by a battery, the user’s natural movement powers the automatic movement.

An automatic movement is a type of mechanical movement that does not rely on manual winding. Instead, it relies on the natural motion of the user’s body. So as long as you have your automatic DWISS watch on you, it will keep working till the end of time.

Some may ask, what about when I’m asleep and not wearing my automatic watch? Many automatic watches come with self-winding cases, which keep the clock ticking when you are not wearing your wristwatch. 

Also, the best automatic watches have a time window of 48 hours. The watch can last without rewinding during these periods.

A curious few may also inquire – what happens when I’ve been wearing my watch for long, and it becomes overwound? If you thought overwinding could damage a watch, you are correct.

Overwinding causes a problem known as banking or knocking. This issue arises when the mainspring is overwound to the point where it is excessively tense.

The excessive force can force the balance wheel to take off at overwhelming amplitudes, breaking the impulse pin on hitting it.

You can proactively solve the issue of overwinding by connecting the mainspring to a slipping clutch device.

What is innovative time reading?

What is innovative time reading?

When it comes to timepieces, normal is boring. The DWISS wristwatches are unique in design and element. Unlike other wristwatches, they operated DWISS chronographs using innovative time-reading. The founder, Rafael Miranda designed that technique.

Innovative time reading is a minimal technique specific to all DWISS timepieces. It is a result of the designer’s decades of experience. 

Watchmakers of the XVII century, popularly known as the Campanus brothers originally birthed the technique. They created the technique as part of the timepiece design presented in honor of Pope Alexander XII. 

If you truly love timeless automatic watch designs, the DWISS wristwatch is a must-have.  

You can count the hours by looking at a colorful rotation disc that operates below a multilayered dial and accurately completes the hours’ window. 

On the other hand, you can read the minutes by observing the rotating satellite dial, which points to the precise minutes around the blue dial from 10h to 2h.

Benefits of Swiss Automatic Movement Watches

Benefits of Swiss Automatic Movement Watches

The introduction of the battery-powered movement heavily used by Japanese watches nearly drove Swiss automatic and mechanical movements into extinction. What sustained the industry for many years are the benefits that come with the purchase of women’s or men’s automatic watches such as:


Long after we’re gone, one of the most intimate possessions that would outlive us is our wristwatch. 

The quality of the materials used in making automatic watches and the design’s precision contribute to the wristwatches’ durability.

While cheap quartz timepieces become obsolete and discarded quickly, the best automatic watches can last forever as long as you have the right people servicing them from time to time (as mentioned earlier).

The oldest and most valuable automatic watch, Montre a Secousse, has ‘lived’ for over two centuries, 100 times more than many multi-billion government projects and institutions. If maintained properly, there’s no telling how long an automatic watch can last.

Instead of going for that cheap, short-lived quartz watch that advertisers constantly forced down your throat on Alibaba, why not buy something that will outlive you and preserve your memories with your children and children’s children? 

Timeless style

Little minds chase trends while the powerful ones create trends. Luxurious automatic watches never go out of vogue. 

Why? They are works of art that testify to the designer’s prowess and the history behind their production. Such clocks are more than a time device but also a bank of memories.

An extension of your being

If you have followed this guide from the beginning, you would know by now that automatic watches, unlike battery-powered ones, run as long as your heart beats.

The timepiece is not just an ambassador of your core values but also an extension of your being. In a world without meaning, automatic watches hold great meaning to those who wield them.

The value of an automatic watch increases with time

Most luxurious watchmaking companies release limited copies of a special edition, meaning those who do not get it immediately after production doesn’t have direct access to purchase it forever. Hence, the value of automatic watches increases as they become older.

Old automatic watches purchased for thousands of dollars have been auctioned and resold for millions. 

One of the most expensive watches ever auctioned was the Rolex Daytona. It was sold for exactly 17.75 million USD. Brands like Tag Heuer and DWISS also become more valuable with time. 

Top Dwiss Automatic Watches with innovative time reading

DWISS wristwatches are the hallmark for innovative time reading. With a DWISS watch, you can read the accurate time even in the dark through the luminescent design. Let’s go through the three latest DWISS wristwatches.

1. M3W Wandering Hours by Dwiss

M3W Wandering Hours

Price: 1990 USD

Remember what we said earlier about the longevity of automatic watches — we built the M3W wandering hours watch to last forever.

Its scratch-resistant case prevents it from wearing every time you drop it on your desk at work or drawer when you reach home after a stressful business day.

The M3W Wandering hours watch is a special edition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the DWISS brand. We assure you that we only made and sold 500 copies globally. 

In addition, you will get a biannual international warranty per purchase. If you don’t buy yours now, you will miss out on the special watch edition.

It glows in the dark and has a water-resistance feature. One of the cool features of the M3W wandering hours is that its strap is removable, allowing you to choose the best strap for every occasion and outfit.

Add the M3W wandering hours model to your watch collection now via the DWISS brand page. The product ships in 25-hour-time after you received the order.

2. Dwiss: M3 – Displaced Hours

M3 - Displaced Hours

Price: 1390 USD

Before dropping your hard-earned money on a watch, you should always ask the billion dollars question – who designed the movement? Without the movement, there is no watch; hence, you must know if the watch manufacturer is legit.

The best and foremost watch design entity in all of Suisse designed the M3 displaced hours’ line

The Swiss-made M3 D.H watch was fortified with ETA2824-2 elaborate (a tested and trusted movement that provides accurate time) sapphire crystal and the external DWISS displaced hours look.

Every outfit deserves its strap. Hence you can always replace the current strap with a desired one (metallic or plastic). 

If you are driving at night and you don’t know what the time says, the LumiNova BG-W9 feature will guide you. You can even wear it to parties, dates, or not to mention, in your house.

As if the scratch-resistance and water-resistance features weren’t enough, the DWISS brand offers a two-year international warranty for every direct buyer regardless of the country of origin. You won’t have to break your bank account when your watch gets faulty by accident. 

Visit the DWISS site to get your M3 displaced hours for the best price. 

3. R2 Floating Hours

R2 Floating Hours

Price: $1,140

R2 Floating Hours owes its creative path to a formula car with the DWISS floating hours dial. 

Aided by the eye-catching LumiNova BG-W9 and a double-domed sapphire crystal hour disc, the watch’s dial remains clear under any weather or time of the day.

Unlike other models of the M3 displaced hours, this edition possesses a caliber called the Peseux P224. It is beautified using the perlage and cote de Geneve finishings.

It is water resistant and glows in the dark. You can wear it with any type of strap.

Final Thoughts:

Which watch movement is better between automatic movement and mechanical movement

Automatic timepieces are better than mechanical ones because they do not require manual winding. 

An investment made on a DWISS watch is worth every penny. Their products are accurate and the best in keeping accurate time. Hurry. Get your latest Dwiss watch on their website via this wristwatch link before it sells out; the time is ticking.

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