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The Ph Beats Malaysia in the Women’s Football Championship

/ 11:10 PM July 31, 2022

Around the world, football is a sport that unites nations. No matter what’s happening across the globe or how serious matters have become, we can all get behind the “beautiful game” and the principles it espouses: namely, fair play, fairness, and equality.

Win or lose, watching our national team on the world stage is a joy – but there’s no denying the delicious taste of victory. For those in the Philippines, it’s time to drink deep of that cup, for the women’s team has done us proud.


Beating our rivals, Malaysia, four-nil in the AFF Football Championship, the team has brought glory to our country and themselves, and we as spectators couldn’t be prouder. In this article, we relive every glorious moment of their landslide victory.     

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A Kuala Lumpur kick-off

Picture the scene: it’s a sweltering 6th July in Kuala Lumpur, and silence falls as the Philippine and Malaysian women’s teams assemble on the pitch. The tension is so high you could cut the air with a knife. Both sides are desperate to take home the victory.

As the action unfolds, it becomes clear which team will win. The Philippines are a cut above from the off, dominating on the pitch and putting in an incredible performance. By the time the match ends, they’re four goals up and showing no signs of tiring.

It was a decisive victory and one that put the team on the map. It began to take shape in the 32nd minute when Sara Eggesvik sent a goal from outside the penalty box whizzing through the air. Her aim was true, marking a turning point in the third Group A match of the 2022 ASEAN Football Federation Championships.  

It set the tone for the rest of the game, which took place at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. While the Malayan team tried to launch a counterattack, they were unsuccessful and could not penetrate their opponent’s midfield. It was a mere 11 minutes before the Philippines took advantage of their struggle to score again, with Katrina Guillou sending her kick successfully into the net.

This onslaught seemed to send the Malaysian team, unbeaten up to this point, into a frenzy of indecisiveness. Their members, coached by Jacob Joseph, became progressively more uncertain, with their rivals scoring the third goal just three minutes into the second half. This time it was Quinley Quezada who headed in a pass from teammate Sara Eggesvik.   

Finishing four goals up

If the Malaysian team thought they’d had it difficult up to that point, their misery was only compounded when Anicka Castaneda scored the fourth goal for the Philippines in the 72nd minute. It was clear which team was going to walk away with the victory.

It was no doubt a hard pill to swallow for Malaysia, who had been undefeated in the championship up to that point. While not dominant, they recorded draws in both their previous matches, which were played against Singapore and Indonesia, respectively.

The victory was not only good news for the team but for the many bettors who had gambled on them. Taking advantage of the best betting sites in the Philippines, those who’d placed money on them winning were not disappointed. These sorts of gambling services are available to anyone within the country who’d like to bet, with recommended sports betting sites being licensed and fully legal. Many also offer multiple banking options in different currencies. And for some, placing a bet on your favorite team is a way of showing your support.  

It wasn’t all bad news for Malaysia. The outcome of the event put them through to the group stage to play against Thailand. This took place on the 10th of July and in Australia on the 12th. To advance to the knockout round, however, they must win on their next outing. The team will most likely be hoping that in doing so, they can better their 2007 result. From where they managed to reach the semi-finals.  

The Philippine team has less to prove. With an unwavering dominance on the pitch, they’ve shown themselves to be a cut above their rivals. And they should be incredibly proud of their achievements thus far. Certainly, we as a country stand behind them. We are also cheering them on from the sidelines and hoping their brilliance inspires the next generation.   

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