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Top 10 Electric Bikes to Fit Every Lifestyle

/ 10:11 AM May 27, 2022

People are finding new ways to get around the city without spending much on gas. Others want a new way to pedal long stretches in rough terrain. Fortunately, electric bikes can meet these commuting and sporting needs.

Your local store probably has a lot of options, and you can search even more on the internet. Of course, you should not just settle for any run-of-the-mill electric bike. That’s why we will go through the top-rated choices from Amazon!


We will go through the list of the best electric bicycles on the largest eCommerce platform. Then, we will discuss the types of electric bikes and how they fare against regular two-wheelers. That way, you will be ready to purchase your first electric bicycle.

Here are the top-rated electric bikes on Amazon:

  1. Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-bike
  2. GOTRAX EBE1 Foldable Electric Bike
  3. Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike
  4. Wallke Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike
  5. PASALEC Electric Bike
  6. SWFT Fleet Cruiser Electric Bike
  7. TT-EBIKE Electric Bike
  8. Mumuyu Electric Bicycle
  9. LANKELEISI T750PLUS Fat Wheel Folding Electric Bicycle
  10. EPIKGO Electric Bike Motor-Powered Mountain Bicycle

1. Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-bike

This is an electric bicycle.

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If you want to put your swag on, the Swagtron is your e-bike. You can pedal it manually or turn the motor power on for a slight boost. The latter feature also triggers pedal assist.

These features allow you to go further with your biking trails. If you prefer rugged paths, the fat tires have you covered. They are 4-inch tires attached to 20-inch rims, providing maximum traction and suspension.

The Swagtron also has 7-speed Shimano gears, allowing you to adjust your bike’s speed and power. Lower the gear for rough terrain and inclines, or raise them for extra speed.

The dual disc brakes kick in when you need them, providing you with maximum control of the e-bike. The Swagtron is also easy to assemble and upgrade!

One slight issue is that the pedal assist and throttle do not have separate switches. Turn off the throttle, and you deactivate the pedal-assist along with it.

Other electric bikes don’t have this limitation. Still, the Swagtron is the most rated e-bike on Amazon. You’ll find that it has several satisfied customers!

2. GOTRAX EBE1 Foldable Electric Bike

This is an electric bicycle.

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GOTRAX is a well-known electric scooter brand, so it is not surprising to see this brand making one of the best e-bikes. The EBE1 might be the best choice for commuting.

You can easily fold this e-bike, easily carrying it while riding a bus or train. This electric folding bike conveniently fits your trunk if you have a car.


It also has one of the highest-capacity e-bike batteries available. The GOTRAX battery lets you travel up to 27.9 miles on a single charge with pedal assist.


You could cover 15.5 miles if you only use the throttle. Meanwhile, the 350W motor offers high torque, going as fast as 15.5 mph while minimizing energy consumption.

The GOTRAX e-bike can support riders that weigh 265 lbs. If you want to lose weight from biking, this could be the perfect electric bicycle.

What’s more, this e-bike lets you have maximum control with just your fingertips. You operate the GOTRAX with the LED display, hand throttle, and brake.

If you’re looking for electric commuter bikes, check out the GOTRAX EBE1. Note that this is best suited for short trips. Still, it could replace a bus ride or two from your regular commute.

3. Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike

This is an electric bicycle.

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The Kemanner adds the boost of an electric motor to a mountain bike. If you need one beyond the beaten bike paths, this e-bike might be what you need.

The other e-bikes only let you shift among seven gears, but the Kemanner has 21. It will help you manage steep hills, rocky paths, and paved trails.

No matter that terrain, the mechanical disc brakes have your back. It will provide sufficient stopping power, providing maximum control and safety.

The Kemanner can handle stress and impact due to its sturdy frame made of aluminum alloy. At the same time, the material allows the e-bike to be as lightweight as possible.

Also, this e-bike has LED headlights that are crucial for night rides. Sadly, the onboard display might be hard to see. The lackluster indicators might be too dim even at night.

Still, the Kemanner is one of the best mountain e-bikes right now. It is a great road bike and an excellent ride for climbing hills and traversing mountain trails.

4. Wallke Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

This is an electric bicycle.

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The Wallke is another one of the top-rated e-bikes on Amazon. Its listing promotes the product as a foldable vehicle for apartments, cars, and other cramped spaces.

Like the other e-bikes, you can conveniently fold and carry the Wallke around. It also has a quiet brushless motor while providing excellent uphill capacity and acceleration.

This e-bike has a maximum speed of 20mph with four-inch fat tires allowing for a smooth ride. The Wallke batter lets you travel a total of 45 miles.

What sets it apart from other e-bikes is that you can control it without pedaling. Pressing the thumb throttle will push the vehicle forward for you.

Aside from this feature, the Wallke electric bicycle does not have other outstanding features. Nevertheless, you might want to consider this option while shopping.

5. PASALEC Electric Bike

This is an electric bicycle.

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The PASALEC listing on Amazon promotes its “Intelligent systems.” It has a torque sensor that keeps the power of this electric bicycle to provide optimal performance.

This e-bike has a top speed of 25 to 28 mph. It has a large-capacity battery covering 50 miles on a single charge. Also, the energy storage and the body frame have an IP5 waterproof rating.

It even has a nine-speed gear shift that makes the transmission system smooth and adjustable. The PASALEC also has hydraulic disc brakes that are highly responsive.

The PASALEC is one of the e-bikes with ratings on Amazon, but you might find more appealing options. Still, this is an option worth checking.

6. SWFT Fleet Cruiser Electric Bike

This is an electric bicycle.

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The SWFT is a straightforward choice for city commutes. It has a top speed of 19.8 mph that can travel up to 37.2 miles on one battery charge.

It has 26-inch beach cruiser tires that make the SWFT an excellent choice for the roadside and the seaside. Also, it has a body made of carbon steel with an adjustable vegan leather seat.

The downsides are the single-speed mechanical gear and the rim brakes. The SWFT is ideal for short rides on smooth terrain since you can’t adjust its performance.

More importantly, the brakes don’t have a lot of stopping power. If you run into an obstacle or uneven surface, you might have trouble avoiding it immediately.

7. TT-EBIKE Electric Bike

This is an electric bicycle.

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We have covered e-bikes that can handle mountain trails, but what about snowy paths? If you need that level of performance, the TT-EBIKE has you covered.

It has a 750W brushless gear motor that will let you cover 31 mph on a full charge. You could even extend that range using a removable lithium battery.

The motor delivers enough torque, so the e-bike can smoothly get through snow, sand, and rocks. Meanwhile, the suspension system keeps you stable and smooth throughout the journey.

One problem with the TT-EBIKE is that it closely resembles a motorcycle. The chunky frame might get used to, but it is still a great choice.

8. Mumuyu Electric Bicycle

This is an electric bicycle.

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The Mumuyu has three riding modes that make it a well-rounded electric bicycle. Each one determines the range of gears you have.

The pure human riding mode allows for eight gears, while the pure electric and electric riding assist limits the rider to five gears. The LCD indicator lets you keep track of all these settings.

The Mumuyu is also one of the electric bikes that have a removable battery. You can charge via the USB interface, and it fully replenishes after four to six hours.

It has a frame made of carbon steel that can handle a maximum weight of 120 kg or roughly 256 lbs. The Mumuyu is a viable option for your next electric bicycle.

9. LANKELEISI T750PLUS Fat Wheel Folding Electric Bicycle

This is an electric bicycle.

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The LANKELEISI is one of the e-bikes with large tires, allowing for a smooth ride even on rocky terrain. Like the Mumuyu, it has three cycling modes: pure electric, pure manpower, and pedal assist.

It can travel up to 40 to 55 km, running at 20 to 45 km while on the pure electric mode. The battery is waterproof, and you can easily detach and charge it.

The LANKELEISI can support more than 150 kg or 330 lbs. This feature makes this one of the best e-bikes for rugged rides, even if you have luggage.

10. EPIKGO Electric Bike Motor-Powered Mountain Bicycle

This is an electric bicycle.

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The EPIKGO might be one of the ideal e-bikes for beginners. Unlike other options, it comes 85% assembled, so you will not have to struggle to put it together.

It reaches speeds of up to 20 mph and covers 20 miles on one full battery, even through muddy trails or city streets. The 21-speed gear shift lets you climb hills with 20-degree gradients.

However, this is a suitable ride if you only take short trips. Reach 20 mph with the battery, and you may find yourself out of juice within an hour.

Types of e-bikes

This is an electric bike.

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You have seen the variety that e-bikes provide. Whether you commute or joyride, you can find an electric two-wheeler that suits your needs. You can find many features as well.

Regardless, you will have to choose among three types of e-bikes. Your choice will determine the performance and price of your new vehicle:

  • Class 1 – The bike has a pedal-assist mode that uses a motor to help your vehicle run. Once a class 1 vehicle hits 20 mph, the motor stops. Most city streets and cycling paths allow class 1 electric bikes, which are great for your first electric bike.
  • Class 2 – Like class 1, class 2 has a pedal-assist mode. However, it also has a throttle-powered mode that allows the bike to move without pedal power.
  • Class 3 – These e-bikes provide higher performance than all the other classes. They have a larger battery capacity and stronger motors, allowing them to handle steeper inclines and haul heavy loads. What’s more, the pedal-assist continues up to 28 mph.

The downside to class 3 e-bikes is some bike trails don’t allow them. The extra performance elevates them beyond traditional bikes, making them more similar to motorbikes.

How to choose the right electric bicycle

These are people riding electric bikes.

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Choosing a class of e-bikes is just the start. You will also have to pick the other features that you want on your new two-wheeler. For example, you have to determine the battery charge time.

Most electric bikes need three to five hours to recharge fully. If you plan on commuting with your electric bicycle, you will need one that charges faster than that.

You want to ensure that you can travel and go at any time on your bike. If you cannot find an electric bicycle like that, look for one that has a removable battery.

Keep the other one fully charged so that you can replace your empty battery with that one. Still, you have to consider the motor placement. You have two types: mid-drive motors and hub-drive motors.

  • Mid-drive motors – These bikes have the motors at the sport where the crank arms connect to the bicycle frame. This position allows the pedal-assist feature to feel natural. It keeps your bike stable and balanced.
  • Hub-drive motors – These bikes have motors inside the rear wheel hub, giving you the sense of being pushed along. However, this position makes it complicated to change your tires. You will have to remove the engine before taking out the rear wheel.

You can also choose how your pedal-assist or motor-assist feature will handle. Most bicycles offer three or four levels that let you preserve battery power or provide more torque and speed.

What sets electric bicycles apart from traditional bicycles is integrated features. Here are some of the ones you can find on these standard bikes:

  • Lighting – Most electric folding bikes come with LED lights on the front and back. These are crucial features that can keep you safe during night trail riding.
  • Racks – These frames are common on cargo bikes as they help support heavy loads. Regular bikes let you attach racks, but you must confirm that it fits your vehicle. Note that putting more weight causes bikes to consume more battery life.
  • LCD screens – Make sure that your ride lets you know its current status. The LCD screen should show important info such as boost power and battery capacity.
  • Smartphone integration – Everything has an app nowadays, even e-bikes. Your new bicycle could have GPS positioning and service records. A bike app can even control your bicycle’s built-in lock.
  • Security – Make sure to get a lock for your new e-bike. Some e-bicycles come with integrated locks, but avoid the ones that detach a part of your vehicle. That introduces a point of weakness in your bike, increasing its chances that it will break.
  • Frames – Bikes can have bodies made of different materials such as aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. Higher quality means your bike is sturdier and lighter, but it is also more expensive.

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Buying an electric bike

This is an electric bike parked outdoors.

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You can order everything from the internet, even e-bikes. However, it is best to take your first bicycle for a test ride before purchasing it, especially if that is your first one.

E-bikes handle differently than regular bikes. The former has additional parts that increase the weight significantly. Also, you have to make sure that your bicycle offers enough power.

You want the bike to give that extra boost you need. On the other hand, you want just the right amount for your purposes, such as navigating traffic congestion.

Testing the bike yourself helps you determine other features you might need, such as large-capacity batteries. If you need weight capacity, you will have to confirm that with a trial run.

Also, you will have to check the bike manufacturers available. Trusted brands like GOTRAX have a track record of quality, so they are more likely to have the best options.

Your local bike shop can help ensure you don’t miss out on the best options. What’s more, the staff could help you choose the right bicycle.


We just went through the best electric bicycles that you can find on Amazon. If these options don’t fit your needs, you could perform an online search to find alternatives.

As mentioned above, you may find nearby bicycle shops for more choices. It is also a great idea to take your chosen bike for a test ride before buying it.

Note that purchasing these vehicles requires trade-offs. If you want the best quality, you will need to pay a large sum. A good rule to follow is to focus on the one that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best electric bicycle?

At the time of writing, the top-rated e-bike on Amazon is the Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-bike. Numerous brands offer such vehicles, so check the available options.

Is it worth getting an electric bike?

E-bicycles can help pedal longer distances and travel terrain impassable for regular bikes. What’s more, they are an ideal choice for exercise.

How fast does an e-bike go?

Depending on its class, an e-bicycle can go as fast as 28mph. However, your actual speed will depend on various factors such as the motor, terrain, and cargo weight.

Do electric bikes go up hills?

E-bicycles can help you climb steep inclines with their engines. You will still pedal, so you can still get a workout from these vehicles. Of course, you will have to choose the optimal class of bike.

Do you need a license for an e-bike?

You do not need a license to ride e-bicycles in the United States. Depending on your bike’s class, your location may not allow you to ride on bike trails.

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