Is CBD the New Sumatriptan? | Findings on CBD for Migraine Relief 

Is CBD the new Sumatriptan? The latest findings on CBD for migraine relief 

/ 09:21 AM February 23, 2022

Migraines are way more than a minor inconvenience. For many patients, these intense headaches can cause serious disruptions to their social and professional lives. Recent global studies suggest chronic migraines are the sixth most common reason for workplace disability.

Although scientists have developed prescription medications for migraine relief, these pills often carry significant side effects. Unsurprisingly, migraine patients have become increasingly open to all-natural alternatives for their pain.

Considering how many therapeutic benefits CBD has, it’s no surprise many people with migraines have started experimenting with this hemp cannabinoid. In theory, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties should benefit people struggling with migraines.


So, what does the latest research on CBD for migraines have to say?

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Could CBD Outshine Excedrin? — Research Into CBD For Migraine Relief

Research Into CBD For Migraine Relief

To be honest, there aren’t dozens of studies specifically investigating CBD for migraines. However, a few preliminary surveys suggest that people who use CBD have fewer headaches.

Indeed, a recent survey published in Forbes found that over 80 percent of migraine patients reported fewer migraines after taking CBD oil for one month. On average, the people supplementing with CBD oil every day had four fewer headaches during the study period.

There are many possible explanations behind these findings, but most people believe it’s related to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Multiple tests investigating CBD for arthritis show this cannabinoid could reduce swelling better than a placebo. Many patients already use NSAIDs to manage migraine symptoms, so it makes sense that CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects would help.

However, there are other potential reasons behind CBD’s migraine-relieving properties. For instance, a few trials reveal CBD helps increase the neurotransmitter serotonin.

Although serotonin is closely associated with mood disorders, scientists also believe people with low serotonin may be more susceptible to migraines. Therefore, increasing overall serotonin in the brain could decrease a person’s risk of migraines.


There’s also evidence that CBD oil may help with nausea. As some patients already know, the pain of migraines could often trigger vomiting. Not only is vomiting extremely unpleasant, but it could also increase the risk of dehydration. If CBD could dampen nausea-related symptoms, it may decrease this significant health risk.

What’s The Difference Between CBD And Medical Marijuana For Migraines?

CBD may be enough to relieve migraines, but some patients have begun experimenting with more potent cannabis strains. In fact, many states with medical marijuana laws allow doctors to recommend THC-containing cannabis to migraine patients.

As you may already know, delta-9 THC is the cannabinoid most responsible for making people feel “high.” Under federal law, hemp products cannot contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, but a few states have defied these federal statutes.

Although THC remains a controversial substance, medical marijuana researchers believe it has valid therapeutic uses—especially in small doses. There are also a few trials that show positive results using THC for migraines. On the flip side, THC could induce many nasty side effects like paranoia. There’s also some evidence that prolonged THC exposure could change a person’s brain structure.

Unfortunately, the research into THC for migraines is still in its early phases. Hopefully, as medical cannabis becomes more widely accepted, doctors will better understand how to safely use this cannabinoid for migraines.

Until then, migraine patients need to be extra cautious if they’re interested in medical marijuana. Please always speak with a registered doctor for guidance on cannabis legality and how to use this drug.

Also, please remember that Blue Ribbon Hemp only sells broad-spectrum CBD extracts. Unlike full-spectrum CBD oils, our products always contain zero THC concentration.

To learn more about the benefits of broad-spectrum CBD, we’d recommend reading this previous blog post.

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Seniors Must Be Extra Mindful Of Migraines!

As a final note, seniors should always speak with a doctor ASAP if they’re experiencing chronic headaches. Recent research shows the incidence of chronic headaches and migraines decreases as we age. So, if seniors are experiencing headaches, visual auras, or other migraine-like symptoms, it may signal a more severe issue.

Please always talk with a medical advisor for professional guidance on migraine care. Your doctor should know whether Blue Ribbon CBD oil fits into your wellness plan.

If you have further questions about the quality of Blue Ribbon Hemp’s CBD oil, please contact our friendly staff on this page.

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