Amazon's Alexa is being phased out, while Similarweb is ratcheting up

Amazon’s Alexa is being phased out, while Similarweb is ratcheting up

/ 06:40 AM December 15, 2021
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Similarweb is the official measure of digital intelligence. With Alexa due to end its operations in May 2022, Similarweb will be the only gauge of competitive intelligence. was founded 25 years ago. Amazon’s voice platform is the top website ranking system worldwide. It’s a competition analysis tool boosted with a large and dedicated client base. Unfortunately, the Alexa customers are looking for alternate ways to keep up with competition analysis and digital rankings, with only a few months remaining before the platform is closed.


History of Alexa

Amazon Alexa is an intelligent assistant that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s meant to be switched on all the time and awakened up with voice recognition. Alexa can do online searches, make calendar events, edit to-do lists, place orders, read social media updates, recite mails, and play music and a variety of other functions.

In November of 2014, Alexa made her debut on the Amazon Echo. Initially, the Echo and Alexa were only available to the prime members of Amazon. Alexa was released to the general public in June 2015.


Amazon Alexa finally began to attract the public’s attention in 2017, with new integrations and third-party devices dominating. Amazon Alexa might have taken a few years to gain traction, but it has now set foot in the digital intelligence field.

In September 2018, Amazon unveiled a slew of new Alexa features, including the Alexa’s Presentation Language, which allow developers to create visual Alexa Skills to be used in Alexa-enabled devices.

Alexa improvements in September 2019 are the direct response to reports that Amazon workers listen to what you say to Alexa and that Amazon keeps transcripts of Alexa’s recordings continuously, even after customers remove them.

Amazon unveiled many new Alexa capabilities in September 2020, all of which are intended to make Alexa the ambient home. According to the design philosophy, Alexa is a proactive aspect of Amazon-powered smart homes. It can take the initiative to lock doors, switch off the lights, and remind you of things you should do based on the time of day.

Amazon has announced that Alexa, their website ranking service that has been in operation for the last 25 years, will be shut down.

By May 2022, the service, which offered a premium membership with search engine optimization research and analysis, would cease to provide website rankings.

According to Amazon, when Alexa Internet closes its doors, the service’s API will be switched off by the firm in December 2022. Before the service is brought down completely, Amazon will allow customers to transfer their data to the competitive intelligence platform of choice.

Is Similarweb Taking Over From Alexa As The Most Preferred Competitive Intelligence Platform?

Yes, Similarweb is ramping up so fast to replace Amazon’s Alexa. According to the chief executive officer and the founder of Similarweb, Or Offer, the Similarweb platform is the leading digital intelligence platform that offers quality and accurate data for real insights.


Alexa customers have the freedom to access Similarweb site rankings for free. Similarweb is also releasing a self-service product based on its superior digital intelligence to satisfy consumers’ demands. The innovation from Similarweb will be offered with a straightforward credit card transaction in all marketplaces throughout the world.

As Alexa is being phased out, it’s your moment to switch to Similarweb and join other top-rated and most popular companies using Similarweb. For example, Google, eBay, Wikipedia and Microsoft. There are many emerging Alexa alternatives that you will note in the market.

However, you only need to stand with because of the following reasons:

  • You’ll be able to make strategic decisions based on a complete and real-time perspective of competitor activities across the digital marketing channel.
  • Recognize new possibilities as they arise from traffic and engagement trends. Similarweb allows you to learn from your rivals’ websites and audience’s engagements over time.
  • Use real-time traffic statistics to respond to market shifts as they occur.
  • To uncover competitors’ digital tactics, compare engagement numbers and website performance across industries.
  • Analyze the success of any marketing channel overtime to make data-driven decisions about where to devote resources and advertisements for the best return on investment.
  • Get vital behavioral and demographic information about your audience, which doesn’t provide. That enhances good targeting and user retention.
  • Identify and prioritize keyword prospects based on the search volume, and keep track of search traffic changes.

Similarweb is a world-renowned leader in web traffic ranking and monitoring. Its services are supported by a comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date data platform.

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