Bounce Finance - Everything to Know About the New NFT Marketplace

Bounce finance – everything to know

/ 08:04 AM November 29, 2021

Bounce finance is a new decentralized NFT marketplace that was just recently launched. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets of all kinds in one place. This means that if you have any digital items sitting around your house collecting dust, there’s now an easy way for you to turn them into money!

And if you’re looking for something specific or unique, there are plenty of options available on the market, with more being added every day. If this sounds like something that would interest you, then read on because we’ve got everything there is to know about Bounce right here!

An Introduction to Bounce Finance

An Introduction to Bounce Finance

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Since October 21, Bounce became available at, Coinbase iOS, and Android apps. What is Bounce finance? Simply put, it’s an auction or trading platform where coinbase customers can send, receive, trade, and store their assets or AUCTION.


Although this innovation wasn’t available in all regions, traders can try their country’s availability at Coinbase Pro. If your region isn’t Coin-base supported, the pro version can be available.

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Bounce is a new platform that is looking to change the outlook of decentralized finance (DeFi). It’s possible to progress to that through their offerings of swap exchange and non-fungible token (NFT) platform that can deal across Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, and other crypto chains. Bounce native token is AUCTION which hit its all-time high of above $70 in April.

While the bounce platform is a decentralized auction, it also allows for staking mechanisms and liquidity mining. Even if one of Bounce’s principles is the scarcity of resources, the deals and trading can get competitive here. In just seconds of late swaps, you can miss out on important opportunities.

Where swapping is concerned, the idea is quite the same on all platforms, and the only difference between them is their liquidity. While another platform like Uniswap aims for giving infinite liquidity, Bounce has a different approach. Bounce provides its users with limited token supplies and assets (NFTs) to have a competitive environment.

What is Bounce auction crypto?

Bounce auction crypto is an Ethereum token that supports the Bounce finance platform. It also provides incentives, governance rights, and benefits for the holders, and they can use these to pay for authorized listings.

While it was mentioned a paragraph ago that Bounce is based on the Ethereum network, its native token AUCTION powers the network, AUCTION is a governance token wherein the holders have the right to voting rights within the network.

Normally, users can add funds to a single liquidity group that has huge values. But with Bounce, users are allowed to create their groups. On other platforms, users can use the funds in their liquidity group to enable swaps between 2 cryptocurrencies while those who add liquidity get rewards.


However, in Bounce groups, users create pools and set their preferred terms. They can change their criteria, such as the number of swaps or the amount of the pool’s busy time.

When all the criteria are set, other users can start to auction with ETH tokens. Users can then send ETH to the auction pool until the ETH amount is the same as the terms set and time runs out. This way, it creates more stability in prices as it allows competition in the market. Moreover, Bounce provides a fixed amount of swap opportunities in each pool, so auction sales aid in determining swap opportunities.

Bounce Token: What do they do?

Bounce Token is a cryptocurrency that allows people to participate in the global economy without borders or barriers. It’s also one of the only cryptocurrencies that can be used on any NFC-enabled device, meaning it has mass adoption potential.

Bounce Token does this by combining three essential features: an exchange platform that provides instant access to buy and sell Bounce Tokens at live rates; a wallet for storing your tokens with security measures including two-factor authentication and biometric identification; and finally, crypto funds transfers through their partnership with Mastercard.

The AUCTION token, also known as the Bounce token, as you know, is the native token of the Bounce Finance crypto ecosystem. The token is essential in Bounce’s operations, and one AUCTION token is equal to one vote for governance proposals.

This means that acquiring more AUCTION tokens can give users more chances to vote. Thus making an in-depth influence on decision making.

For instance, AUCTION tokens follow the inflationary economic system to promote platform adoption. But the platform will transition to a non-deflationary model as it grows before transforming to deflationary once the government is fully formed.

Users can make cross-chain Bounce token swaps through the withdrawal page of the Bounce app. Bounce simplifies the conversion between Finance Smart Chain Token and Ethereum ERC-20 for the same amount of tokens. Plus, users can switch between BSC and Ethereum versions of the platform.

Pros and Cons of Bounce Finance

Pros and Cons of Bounce Finance

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Bounce Finance is a platform that allows users to create and exchange digital tokens backed by fiat currencies. There are many benefits and disadvantages of this new technology, but it’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons.


  • Bouncers can use their virtual currency as an investment tool or for everyday purchases.
  • It offers access to liquidity with no counterparty risk
  • No need to convert back into fiat currency after spending your virtual money
  • Bounce token (AUCTION) has limited supplies as compared to other cryptocurrencies thus, it stands out with its innovative procedures


  • The token value may be inflated because there is not enough supply in the market.
  • There could be security issues such as hacking or theft of funds from wallets.
  • Since the project is new, it’s still lacking in promotions and still has room for development.

Key Takeaway

Bounce finance will offer a marketplace for NFTs. This is an exciting development in blockchain because it means that users can get more creative with their tokens and interact with other communities outside of Ethereum. There are many things to look forward to on this new platform, so be sure you check out all the news coming from them!

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