When are Apple's release dates for upcoming products? (2021)

When are Apple’s release dates for upcoming products?

/ 08:48 AM August 18, 2021

Are you looking for the latest Apple release dates? Are you waiting for the iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, AirPods 3, and other Apple goodies? Check out the newest rumors about their features and upcoming release dates!

Despite the hottest Apple news, you might wait longer than expected. Still, it’s fun to look at what’s in store for the latest Apple goodies! We’ll jump right into the latest rumored Apple devices, from the iPhone 13 to the MacBook Pro.

Even the pandemic can’t dampen the hype for the latest Apple products. Still, you may want to see what the upcoming Apple devices can do! However, the pandemic and other situations could delay the rumored release dates.

Rumored Apple products for Fall 2021:

1. iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro
2. Apple Watch Series 7
3. AirPods 3, AirPods Pro Lite, AirPods Pro 2
4. iPad mini 6
5. MacBook Pro
6. MacBook Air

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#1. iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shares the possible features of the iPhone 13 models. He said the fruit phones would have three major new video-recording and photo-taking features.

These new smartphones will have a video version of the Portrait mode feature. This could help you take a quick TikTok post! The upcoming ProRes feature will make sure they’re high-quality.


Furthermore, Gurman’s iPhone 13 leaks mentioned a “filters-like system” that will come with the vanilla and Pro models. Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also leaked another camera feature.

He said an ultra-wide-angle lens would come with the iPhone 13 Pro. What’s more, it may support autofocus that allows you to pick a spot where the camera focuses.

Moreover, the iPhone 13 models will have larger wireless charging coils and a smaller notch. Unfortunately, rumors also say the upcoming models will skip Touch ID.


Overall, the Apple release rumors say the launch date will be around Fall 2021. Whether that would be September or later, we’re not sure. These are just rumors, after all!

#2. Apple Watch Series 7

You may find rumors suggesting that the upcoming Apple Watch will have a new design instead of features. They say Apple is planning to use a new squared-off design.

It may get a redesigned chassis. This means the display will be closer to the front cover. As for the bits inside, it will use a faster processor called the S7 chip.

The S7 may provide a larger internal space than previous models. This could mean the upcoming Apple Watch will have longer battery life.

What’s more, the new chip may improve wireless connectivity. It may add Ultra Wideband support as well. Just like the iPhone 13, we may expect it to “drop” (pun intended) in Fall 2021.

#3. AirPods 3, AirPods Pro Lite, AirPods Pro 2

We might be getting three different AirPod models! Let’s start with the AirPods 3. These new wireless earbuds may have longer battery life and shorter stems.

Meanwhile, people expect the AirPods Pro Lite to bridge the two current models. It may have Pro features but at a more affordable price. Or it may not join the latest Apple releases.

Then, we have the AirPods Pro 2. As the name suggests, it may have better features than the current AirPods Pro. Rumors say it may have improved motion trackers and fitness apps.

Sadly, the AirPods Pro 2 might not come out until 2022. This could mean it’s unlikely to appear in Fall 2021. Don’t lose your current buds before then!

#4. iPad mini 6

If you were waiting for an improved iPad mini, it might come soon! Even better, this Apple release may come as a major redesign! It’s called the iPad mini 6.

The iPad mini 6 will use a larger screen. It may span 8.5 inches and 9 inches. In turn, it may not have the Home button. What’s more, it might change from using a Lightning port to USB-C.

It may allow the use of the 2nd-gen Apple Pencil. This will make the larger screen worth it. Also, it may get a camera upgrade. The back camera could have 12 megapixels instead of 8.

As for the front camera, it may get a boost from 1.2 megapixels to 7 megapixels. Just like the others, this Apple release may come later this fall.

#5. MacBook Pro

Apple is shifting its products from Intel processors to the native Apple Silicon. We now have many Apple Silicon products on the market. Now, the tech firm is focused on older products.

The new MacBook Pros will come in 16-inch and 14-inch models. Both of them may get the updated version of the M1 chip. It might go with the name “M1X”.

This may come with a 16-core GPU and a 12-core CPU. What’s more, the upcoming MacBook Pro may use a screen with mini LED backlighting. This is just like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro!

Earlier Apple release rumors point to an early 2022 launch. Now, the latest ones say the supply chain is preparing for a 3rd quarter release instead. In other words, another fall 2021 launch.

#6. MacBook Air

The upcoming MacBook Air will use an “M2” chip instead of the “M1X”. This will allow it to support better graphics with its nine GPU cores.

According to rendered images from May, we may see a redesign. It will appear thinner than the current MacBook Air. However, it won’t use the wedge shape.

It may also come in various colors, just like the 24-inch iMac. What’s more, it may use white keys and a white bezel. These will contrast against the bright-colored casing.

Unfortunately, we might not see this Apple release until early 2022. If you don’t have one yet, perhaps this year’s model may satisfy the Apple fan in you.

Why you might wait longer for the new Apple products

We didn’t mention a lot of other potential Apple releases. These include the iOS 15, iPad Pro, and the Mac mini. This is because of the ongoing global chip shortage.

The pandemic is a public health issue. Yet, it caused problems in other sectors. This includes supply chains for our products. Every company recognizes just how serious it is.

All our products are made with materials from different parts of the world. However, we’ve shut most of our borders to keep the spread of coronavirus in check.

This means businesses may struggle to produce enough goods. As a result, we’re going to have a hard time buying various products. We also mentioned it in our Apple stock price article.

CEO Tim Cook said that Apple is expected to have product shortages in late 2021. This happens to coincide with the rumored release dates.

None of the rumors are guaranteed. You may want to cool your expectations for the Apple releases. In the meantime, you may prepare for the upcoming products with the next tips.

Final thoughts

You might not want to throw away your old Apple products. Instead, you may turn them in when you’re going to buy the latest ones. They could lower the costs for the iPhone 13, for example.

If you can’t wait, you might want to purchase refurbished Apple products. This could be your chance to get an iPhone XS at a more affordable price!

Note that all the info we mentioned is rumors. Even long-time experts can be wrong about upcoming Apple releases. Check the Apple Newsroom and other sites for the latest updates.

Learn more about Apple’s releases for this year

Is there an iPhone 13?

According to online rumors, we may get an iPhone 13 later this year. We’re not sure when, though. At the time of writing, Apple hasn’t given a specific launch date.

Are AirPods 3 coming out?

We might see these in late 2021 or early 2022. There’s no specific release date at the time we wrote this article. Check other websites to see if it came out by now.

When will Apple release the 14-inch MacBook Pro?

We may see the latest MacBook Pro model in late 2021. At the time of writing, there has been no confirmed release date. Check other sites for the latest updates.

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