Fair skin, rounder butts—new beauty ideals for Filipinas?

Beauty specialist Mita Quiogue, CEO of Glossy Skinnovation. THE FILAM

NEW YORK — Skin whitening has been going on for some time now among Filipino woment, but the butt lift is something more recent.

Filipino women have been making appointments for treatments to whiten their tan complexion, but in the last five years, the buttocks have started to get some attention too.

These are two of the most common procedures her clinic has seen over time, said skin care and anti-aging specialist Mita Quiogue, CEO of Glossy Skinnovation.

“Blame Instagram and social media,” laughed Mita, who has been in the skin care business for almost 10 years, starting in the Philippines. “People want to look good in pictures.”

Glossy Skinnovation was, for many years, a beauty care clinic for women in Jersey City. Last year, it closed the Jersey shop and opened in Manhattan to cater to a broader clientele.

Roundness concerns

She said women have been coming with concerns over the color of their skin and how their backsides do not have the roundness of Kim Kardashian’s. And why, we asked, do we want to look like Kim Kardashian? Is she the Filipina’s ideal of beauty today?

Buttocks enlargements are a common treatment at Glossy Skinnovation to make it look rounder without surgery. This non-surgical procedure gives a significant, long-lasting lift that raises, repositions and tightens the skin, explained Mita.

A combination of equipment tones the gluteal muscles, migrates fat to areas that need them and smoothens the skin, getting rid of cellulite.

Nothing surgical

Quiogue’s clinic uses a body contouring machine that melts stubborn fats and “sculpts” the woman into shape. The treatment invites the women to help themselves through a regimen of nutritional diets, health supplements and a behavioral lifestyle.

Results are visible after a minimum of four visits, each visit starting at $99.

“I don’t do anything that involves injections or operations. Everything is non-surgical,” assured Mita.

Some women would like to have rounder bottoms.

Skin whitening is not something Mita said she would recommend, but Filipinas come to her for a variety of reasons. Some have blackened scars on their arms or legs they want to get rid of. Others who worry about dark underarms seek Mita’s help. She is even surprised that skin lightening procedures are in demand on the East Coast

Mita is aware of how race and color of skin can be a sensitive topic, and she does not believe that lightness of skin determines one’s social status. “Whatever their preference, really,” she said.

Treatments confidential

“Every woman is beautiful. I’m not here to change anything. I’m here to help enhance their beauty and to encourage them to feel confident and feel good about themselves,” she said further.

Mita and her team of aestheticians see an average of 10 to 15 clients a day at her clinic on Midtown at 32nd Street (next to H-Mart). Treatments are confidential; it is recommended that people call to make appointments.

Beauty is truly skin-deep, but for some women, it would be great if the skin appears to be flawless as well. Mita warned how some women have been caring for their skin the wrong way. She advised against do-it-yourself beauty hacks that may cause more harm than good.

Beauty hacks

She cautions against exposure to the sun, especially from the hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ten minutes under the sun without protection can seriously harm the skin. A hat is your face’s best friend.

“Beauty is changing partly because of social media, but being beautiful does not have to be expensive,” said Mita.