MyHaven: Cannabis & Marijuana Dispensaries in Southern California

Cannabis & Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Southern California

09:00 AM September 15, 2020

As cannabis continues to take the country by storm, marijuana shops like Haven Stores are also popping up by the handful. Cannabis consumerism from locals and visitors shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The demand has increased to at an all-time high in recent years.

This is great news for both cannabis consumers and retailers. Not only is the stigma surrounding cannabis slowly waning away, but information on the many wonders of the plant going far beyond just its recreational use is becoming more abundant.

Recent changes in laws in California and other states show that legislators have done a double-take on the pros and cons of cannabis.

According to recent scientific studies, this plant contains many compounds beyond just THC and CBD that could greatly benefit many treatments and clinical trials of varying diseases.

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In fact, there have been synthetic marijuana products legally approved just recently by the FDA for this very purpose.

However, there is the other side of the coin now that recreational and medical cannabis is slowly going mainstream once more. With the number of weed shops growing by the minute, how do you know where to buy safe products?

To get your money’s worth, read on for the best options in town.


About MyHavenStores

MyHavenStores is a well-known and loved cannabis dispensary in Southern California. The best thing about Haven is it ensures a safe space for cannabis lovers.

For recreational customers aged 21 and over, MyHaven welcomes you with open arms.

As a guarantee to all its customers, the company professionally trains all their budtenders, putting them through rigorous two-week training. They become experts on all things cannabis, ready to assist each and every cannabis patron.


About MyHavenStores

Haven’s staff are warm and inviting, greeting every customer with a smile to reassure each visitor that they are in good, capable hands.

Whether you’re a newbie or a long time connoisseur, MyHavenStores does not discriminate. Their staff will assist anyone and everyone who needs it.

The fully-stocked shelves are what welcomes you into their stores the moment you come in. It’s like a candy store but for cannabis-loving adults!

Flowers, joints, CBD oils, vape pens, edibles, drinks, and even beers to name some of the dozen categories Haven carries in stock, they’ve got them all. With over 50 different brands in one place, the sky is virtually the limit.

Not only that, but you also get your money’s worth because the company curates only the best products available in the California cannabis market.

Rewards Program: Haven Society

For loyal customers, this recreational cannabis dispensary came up with a rewards program, one of the best in the entire industry.

Haven Society is a membership program that is easy to use and is available at any of their physical stores that you shop.

For one dollar spent, customers get a reward of 2 points to their Haven Society accounts. This comes after you register your mobile phone number with Haven.

Keeping tabs on your account is easy, as they will forward a link to you with your updated points via text after every transaction.

The link directs to your Haven Society wallet where you can check how many points you’ve earned and what goodies you can get in exchange. This includes eighths of flower, vapes, edibles, and merchandise.

Admittedly, finding the right cannabis products can be tedious. With Haven’s vast options and with the help of their top-notch budtenders, you’re sure to find something. And the best part? You don’t have to look far.

Long Beach, California is home to multiple MyHavenStores and one is probably near you.

HAVEN™ Downtown Long Beach

If you are a local of California, cannabis is fully legal in many counties and cities in the state.

Lucky for you if you’re of legal age, because you don’t need medical cards when you purchase either. Haven’s Downtown Long Beach dispensary is at the heart of the area so you can’t miss it.

HAVEN™ Downtown Long Beach

Out of towners and locals know and love the place. If you ever get lost, most people can point you in the right direction as it is a pretty well-known weed shop.

Established in 2019, Haven DTLB promises top-of-the-line products and best in class customer service.

Some brands are local to Long Beach and some are from other areas in California. Either way, they’re all high quality and worth every penny.

Haven makes sure of this as they ensure all products are tested before putting them on display on their boho-esque shelves.

The location itself is smack dab in the middle of other local retail shops. Artistic graffiti lines the walls of the building, giving it that modern, cool vibe.

The ample parking spaces in the rear assure your protection from walking in the intense California heat we’ve been experiencing lately.

Open those glass doors and, voila, you arrive at a place of pure imagination filled to the brim with all things cannabis!

HAVEN™ Los Alamitos

Haven Los Alamitos is located on Norwalk Boulevard. They started operations back in 2019, making it the flagship store for Haven. Near Lakewood and the Long Beach Airport, the shop is accessible to most.

Locals and tourists alike love this shop’s wide parking spaces as well.

Budtenders greet and assist you from the moment you enter the premises. Online purchases are very much possible. Simply enter the website, select your items, and choose whether you want curbside pickup or straight to your door delivery.

The former would require you to wait for a confirmation from Haven via text or call that your order is ready to pick up right outside their store. The latter would have your cannabis goods delivered to your home address.

They allow for same-day deliveries if you are near the area. If not, you can check the zip codes listed on the website order page if they can deliver to your place.

Convenient and easy, right? That is Haven’s goal: to deliver the best service to cannabis lovers everywhere.

Their customer support is also on standby should you need help with anything. Just dial the branch’s number and they will be ready to assist.

HAVEN™ Maywood

East Slauson Avenue is home to Haven’s Maywood branch. The unique yet modern interior is sure to make guests feel right at home.

Nothing too garish or loud, the color schemes and furniture are designed to keep a minimalistic yet artful vibe.

The modern shelves are also well-stocked so you can take your pick.

Medical and recreational cannabis users alike can find a myriad of rare finds in this shop. Some products target a specific audience. If you are unsure what would work for you, their budtenders are always ready to help!

HAVEN™ Maywood

All information will of course be kept confidential so don’t you worry about that part. The staff is specially trained to be experts on all things cannabis. No need to worry about being a newbie and not knowing the difference between an edible and a concentrate.

They could recommend, explain, and walk you through your shopping experience.

However, their advice isn’t set in stone. If you feel like one product would work better than what they recommend, don’t be shy to say so.

After all, Haven tries to help make your cannabis journey as personal as possible. This means that your preference comes first, always.

HAVEN™ Paramount

Opening their doors just this year, Haven Paramount is another one of the company’s pride. Right off the Paramount exit on the 91 freeway is the store’s minimalist but eye-catching building. There is a wide selection of cannabis products in the store.

Fresh flowers, prerolls, vape cartridges, topicals, concentrates, and many more are all waiting for you. Great deals are also handed out every month. Haven usually announces them via their website so you won’t miss a chance to avail products at great discounts.

The 24-hour security complete with CCTV cameras and alarms also ensures guests’ safety. Though the store is only open during operating hours, tight security is an extra layer of protection for both consumers and the company.

It will show who goes in and out of the shop at any time of the day.

No need to worry about authorities busting down the place either. Cannabis shops like Haven are fully legal in Southern California. As long as you are over the legal age of 21, you are also protected by the law.

Recreational cannabis has never been more adventurous and personal with Haven Paramount’s wide range of products and secure location.

HAVEN™ Belmont (NOW OPEN!)

Ever-growing, Haven Belmont is the company’s 5th physical store. It recently opened its doors just this month. It’s pretty exciting stuff as the company expands not just within Long Beach but gradually throughout California as well.

HAVEN™ Belmont

The corner of 4th Street and Redondo Avenue houses this new brick-and-mortar building. Local cafes and restaurants are also within the area so tourists are not likely to miss it.

The place is safe and readily recognizable with Haven’s trademark minimalist but modern design.

The glass walls also make for a good, open space. Lots of natural light tends to make people feel more at ease. Their shelves are fully stocked as well so there are plenty of options for you. The clean look of the interior gives off a laid back feeling and helps customers feel welcomed.

Haven Belmont welcomes adults 21 years of age and above for a full cannabis experience. Make new friends with their friendly budtenders and keep coming back for more once you’re part of Haven Society.


As an addition to their current five physical stores, Haven Lakewood is soon opening. Located in N. Bellflower Boulevard, it intersects with Del Amo Boulevard as the two main crossroads in the area.

Along with other known landmarks, the new site is central and accessible to all.

Lakewood itself is in Los Angeles County. Mostly made up of suburbs, Lakewood residents are surrounded by plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Many young professionals live in the county so the general consensus is that most are open-minded to things like recreational cannabis.

A half-hour away from all of Long Beach and its many tourist areas, Haven Lakewood will surely be a hit among locals and guests. Moreover, the county’s rich history attracts tourists who are always up for a good time.

Though the dispensary is still yet to open, many are already buzzing with excitement.

HAVEN™ San Bernardino (COMING SOON)

Haven San Bernardino is also another store that the weed company is anticipating to open soon. Situated in Redlands Boulevard near major fast-food chains, you can’t miss it. The newest location will be Haven’s biggest yet.

It is located right off the 10 freeway so whether you’re a local or just passing by on your way to Palm Springs, Big Bear, or other destinations, it’s a great pit stop to stock up on supplies.

HAVEN™ San Bernardino

The city of San Bernardino is also popular for being along with one of the most famous roads in history, Route 66.

In fact, the route is so iconic that the city holds a festival in its honor every year. The city is also abundant in natural resources as it sits at the base of the Southern California mountain ranges. It is also within range of the Mojave Desert.

The vast lands make up most of the city, as there are dozens of nature parks in the area. Haven is always up for an adventure, and they know their beloved customers are as well.

As always, Haven San Bernardino will bring a load of cannabis goodies to locals and guests that are down for a good time, anytime.

Upcoming Community Events

Trick or Treat Boxes (October 23rd to 31st, 2020)

Trick or Treat Boxes

Lean into the spooky season with MyHaven and their trick or treat boxes! Each location will have a special box that contains cannabis goodies from the participating brands.

Interested to know what this mystery box has in store for you? Well, each box will include one lime preroll, one pack of Kanha Co gummies, 1/8th Flowkana flower, and mini-candies for you to enjoy!

Hurry, because each location only has a limited number of trick or treat boxes up for grabs!

Cats, Kittens, & Cannabis / New Vendor Intro Sale (October 24th, 2020)

Cats, Kittens, & Cannabis / New Vendor Intro Sale

Haven’s introduction of new vendors comes with a feline twist this October. On top of more brands partnering with MyHavenStores, there will also be a fundraiser for the “LB Cat Cove Rescue” to help them with medical bills and supplies!

Cat Cove Rescue will also have a booth outside the Los Alamitos location to offer onsite adoptions. Customers will have the opportunity to learn more about volunteer opportunities and fostering.

And we almost forgot – there will be a bake sale at the booth!

Halloween Sale (October 31st, 2020)

MyHaven Halloween Sale

Halloween just got a whole lot funner with MyHaven’s Halloween sale on October 31st!

Customers get a spooky Halloween vibe at the entrance of each location thanks to the spook booth that will hand out candies to everyone visiting Haven Stores.

The Halloween sale is definitely something to look forward to with exclusive discounts and Buy 1 Get 1 promos.

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Why the Long Beach Community Loves Haven Stores

Despite being a relatively new company, Haven’s growth is a testament to the fruits of their labor. As a well-loved and supported weed shop, the owners and employees are genuine in giving back all the love to their customers and partner brands.

As evidenced by their upcoming events, the company is also adamant in giving back to the local community. Different events, fundraisers, and sales show their appreciation towards their neighboring businesses and the community.

Not only do they practice ethical business, but they also greatly contribute to the local tourism and economy.

Final Thoughts

With so many emerging cannabis brands, why should you choose and trust Haven? For one, the company gives customers the best and most personalized cannabis experience.

Their staff’s dedication makes sure each guest finds what they are looking for, in terms of product compatibility to their lifestyle and preference.

Haven also only sells products that are licensed and tested. To ensure customer’s safety, all products undergo thorough inspection and testing before being displayed on shelves. Budget-friendly goods are also available for those on a budget.

Whatever your cannabis needs, Haven’s got you through and through.

Learn More About MyHavenStores

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to get my cannabis products at Haven?

Since recreational cannabis is legal in the state of California, especially in Long Beach where Haven is located, users don’t need prescriptions.

As long as you have identification proving that you are over the age of 21, Haven can cater to all of your cannabis needs.

Does Haven Stores accept out-of-state IDs?

As long as the state ID is still valid, Haven accepts them. This means that not only locals get to enjoy this weed shop’s various products, but out-of-towners can also join in the fun as well.

Tourists can purchase at Haven anytime using any valid ID they have on their persons.

How do curbside pickups work?

Curbside pickups are Haven Store’s way of helping the curve of the current pandemic flatten. Simply place an order on their website and wait for confirmation before heading out to one of their stores.

Staff will be ready to assist you as you pay and get your order on the curbside without having to leave your car.

Does MyHavenStores deliver to my area?

MyHavenStores deliver to nearby areas. If your address is a stone throw’s away from the store, you can opt for delivery. If you live nowhere near in town, however, they could probably still cater to you.

Their website lists the zip codes for areas covered by delivery.

Do Haven Society points expire?

Yes, Haven Society points do expire if the account has been unused for 365 days or one full year.

Points will accumulate in your e-wallet if you keep purchasing products so be sure to redeem your rewards as well. Birthdays and birth months also hold special discounts for members.

Originally Published September 15, 2020; Updated October 19, 2020.

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