5 tropical beach hacks

5 tropical beach hacks

/ 06:10 PM December 19, 2016


With the winter weather creeping in, you may have planned to hit the beach in some of the warmer countries around the world. If you did, you can’t help but imagine the soft, sandy shores, the cool blue waters and maybe some fruity drinks while kicking back and enjoying the view.

Here are a few helpful tricks to try while on your beachside getaway. If you aren’t taking a warm tropical vacation during the holiday season, you can save these handy tips for when the summer rolls in:

Empty Bottles


Don’t throw those empty suntan lotion bottles away. They’re still useful empty as they were full. Pick the bottles with the screw-on lids, clean them out and take it with you the next time you’re sunning yourself on some sandy shores. Keep all kind of trinkets and tiny treasures in there for you to safely keep and then take home: necklaces, rings, small seashells you find, hair ties, etc. weigh it down with a few rocks so that it won’t be obviously light and you’re ready to go have fun in the sun with no worries.

Towel Pockets

If you don’t mind adding a little something to your favorite beach towel, try sewing a small pocket on one of the corners. If the pocket is big enough, you can even treat your towel like a mini pouch where you can put some of your bottles or items in. You can also put rocks or slippers in the pocket to help weigh it down while an ocean breeze blows by.

Yogurt Relief

When going to the beach, don’t forget to bring some plain yogurt with a lot of probiotics in them. Don’t eat it right away though!  Save it as an afternoon snack if you manage to avoid getting a stinging sunburn from your day at the beach. If you, unfortunately, can’t avoid such a fate, apply some of that dairy goodness on your skin for 10 minutes. The probiotics help your skin recover its natural barrier against the sun, but this solution is temporary and should be utilized as a quick form of burn relief.

Sandy Savior

Don’t you just hate it when the sand sticks to your wet body and starts to get all itchy after a while? It can also get into your shoes and clothes if you’re not careful, which gives the situation bonus points in the annoying category. The answer lies in the soft skin care product, baby powder. The powder absorbs the moisture from your skin, which is what keeps those scratchy grains from attaching to you in the first place.

iPhone Protection

Accidentally dropping a smartphone into the water is a big nightmare for most people who are very attached to these popular devices. But with so many prime photo/recording opportunities close to the water, some people risk accidentally giving their iPhones an unwanted saltwater bath. How can you be assured your phone will be safe no matter how far you take it into the water? Try putting the phone into a sturdy, well-made sandwich bag. Test out how well it repels water first by putting a dry sponge inside and immersing it in a shallow body of water. If it comes out as dry as when you put it in, the bag used will be deemed seaworthy.

When preparing for your beach trip, remember these simple to-do tips and tricks so you can be fully prepared for multiple situations that might hamper your summery fun.



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