Dennis Agalli Showcases New York City’s Best Pizza and Coffee

08:04 AM July 27, 2020

New York City, NY (July 27, 2020) – Dennis Agalli is a serial entrepreneur from New York City who has successfully built a multi-million dollar business portfolio. As the owner of a multi-million dollar pizza business Rocky’s Pizza Group and Old Country Coffee Corp in the Hudson Yards of New York, local customers know Dennis Agalli’s business to be a community staple.

As a Future Shark and serial entrepreneur with a knack for perfecting countless recipes, Dennis Agalli can’t go wrong when it comes to food and beverages. True to this statement, Agalli currently owns a multi-million dollar business in the food industry.


If you’re looking for the best pizza and coffee in New York City, pay a visit to Rocky’s Pizzeria and Old Country Coffee, both owned by Agalli.

Rocky’s Pizzeria

Located in the heart of New York City, Rocky’s Pizzeria is the go-to place for many.


Rocky's Pizza

“I know that it’s hard to separate that thought of New York City from New York-style pizza. That’s why I’m super committed to Rocky’s,” says Dennis Agalli. “When customers order Rocky’s pizza, they’re getting the classic New York City experience with every bite. I want Rocky’s to show them that there is no better pizza than right here in NYC.”

Regular customers feel the same way. Countless reviews show that Rocky’s Pizza Group has perfected the New York-style pizza and has one of the greatest recipes. Dan, a loyal patron of Rocky’s, said as much.

“I’ve tried a lot of pizzas in my neighborhood but no one has impressed me like Rocky’s,” he begins. “They have the perfect cheese to sauce ratio and various options to choose from. Sometimes I just go to Rocky’s to sit and eat in peace. The place is spacious and they have the friendliest staff ever.”

On top of the best pizza the city has to offer, Dennis Agalli’s customers can also get a variety of drinks to pair with their cheesy meal. Rocky’s is currently located at 304 W 14th St.

Old Country Coffee

Ready for dessert? If you’re looking for the best coffee experience, a quick subway or bus ride will land you in Dennis Agalli’s Old Country Coffee at 455 W 34th Street. It’s a cafe that has enough character to pull you into its vintage and homey interiors.

Customers can find solace from the hustle and bustle of New York City at Old Country Coffee and watch the world pass them by.


At the very first step into the cafe, you’re serenaded by light Italian music that’s pleasant to the ears and enticed by the aroma of baked goods. Dennis Agalli’s Old Country Coffee has one of the best coffee menus for coffee-drinkers as well as extras.

Those who aren’t fans of coffee won’t find themselves out of place since they also cater to the non-caffeine lovers with lattes and hot chocolate drinks.

If you want something heavier, Dennis Agalli’s cafe also serves food ranging from light snacks to heartier sandwiches and salads. Customers find their own haven at the cafe.

What Customers Say About Dennis Agall’s Old Country Coffee

“Old Country Coffee is a little charm that I’m so glad to have found in New York City.” Kat says, a regular customer of the cafe. “It has such a comfy atmosphere and homey feel. It’s refreshing from the never-ending skyscrapers. This place is just as part of the city’s infrastructure as the tall buildings are.”

Another customer, Corey, particularly likes Old Country Coffee for its choice of music. “Most coffee shops play what’s on the charts in the background. But in Old Country Coffee they give you a versatile range of music. Sometimes I walk in to hear Italian music and sometimes I hear other foreign genres. The music is so nice that it transports me away from the city and into a secluded European villa. It’s exactly the place I see myself in while drinking their coffee.”

Old Country Coffee

Safe to say, everyone leaves Old Country Coffee satisfied.

Dennis Agalli’s Businesses: The Bottom Line

Rocky’s Pizza and Old Country Coffee are testaments to Dennis Agalli’s expert knowledge in business as well as his passion for restaurants and hospitality. Having a family approach to his ideas, he believes that serving others is the best way to feel happiness.

Whether you’re looking for a large cheese pizza to satisfy your taste buds or a light cup of coffee to start your day, you can find the best pizza and coffee in New York City at Dennis Agalli’s Rocky’s Pizzeria and Old Country Coffee.

About Dennis Agalli: Dennis “Donato” Agalli is a serial entrepreneur based in New York City. Having built a multi-million dollar business portfolio, Agalli is the owner of Rocky’s Pizza Group, Old Country Coffee Corp, and Private Real Estate & Real Estate Management.

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