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New Surface Pro Tablet Review

12:00 AM November 01, 2019

At long last, some of the best Microsoft products have been designed.
The new Surface Pro tablet is a new 13-inch device that runs Windows on an Arm processor.

The Microsoft annual Surface hardware event was in New York, and Microsoft was able to show its latest devices that will be coming out soon.


New Surface Pro Tablet Review

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface was the device that began the 2-1-form, the design has stayed basically almost the same over time.
This device started seven years ago, which is very hard to believe.
Now, things have changed.

What is so special about the Surface Pro?

In October, the Surface Event confirmed the release of the Surface Pro.
It will begin shipping on October 22 and is currently available doe pre-orders.
The price starts out at $749.00.

The Surface Pro will stay the same size as, but the laptops will increase to 15-inches.
The Surface Pro screen size is 12.3 inches.
Microsoft has added a few upgrades here and there with the Surface Pro.

Surface Pro 7 has a touchpad, keyboard, and a digital pen.
The keyboard is a removable cover and the digital pen is still a Surface pen.
Not too much has been mentioned as far as the touchpad goes.
As time passes, more details will be released about it.

One upgrade to the Surface is the new USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port.
Included is also the USB-A port too.
The ports on the 7 are USB-C, USB-A, a mini display port, Surface Connect, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and others.

The Surface laptop will include an Intel processor.
It will offer 10th generation intel core processors with a choice between Intel Core i3, intel core i5, and Core i7 models.
The i3 is a dual-core processor.
The i3 and i7 are quad-core.

Some more specs of the Surface Pro 7 include the option to choose 4,8, or 16 GB of RAM, the graphics are Intel UHD or Iris Plus, and there is also up to 1TB of storage.
The Surface Pro only weighs 1.7 pounds and is very durable too.

Surface Pro X

Being released just in time for the holidays, the Surface Pro X is the newest in the Microsoft family of laptops and tablets.
The new tablet is ultra-thin, has blazing-fast connectivity, and it is the thinnest Surface ever made.
The Surface Pro X includes a removable 128gb SSD.


Surface Pro X was designed for those who are always on the go.
It is great for the fast lifestyle that most people have these days.
It comes with a 13” display touchscreen and when the tablet is opened, it comes on in an instant.

The Surface Pro X has a faster operating system, it’s great at helping you multitask, a great laptop with excellent performance, long battery life, and a super-fast LTE and Wi-fi connectivity.
This device has the best-in-class support as well.

Surface Pro X uses Qualcomm to help develop the processor.
It helps maximize performance, raises productivity, and this laptop is new and modern, as well as light-weight.
The Surface Pro X gives you a phone-like Windows experience.

Surface Pro X has many great additions to it.
It has two far-field Studio Mics and 2-watt stereo speakers.

Surface Neo

The Surface Neo is a dual-screen tablet and Windows 10 X software is used for the dual-screen tablet.
This is the first of its kind for Microsoft, and it is something awesome to be excited about.

The Neo is also a foldable device as well.
It is a bit of a hybrid device.
It has many characteristics of a tablet and many of a laptop.
It has been over seven years since the Surface first went on sale.

Microsoft wanted to try something a little bold and newer than any other product.
There are many people who are using tablets and many who use laptops.
Microsoft decided to merge the two together and a great match was made.

A big part of the Surface is the hinge that allows the Neo to switch into different modes and the Surface Neo has hardware that is top quality and built to last.

It includes a Bluetooth keyboard that flips, slides, and locks into place with magnets.
It can be stowed and secured to the rear of the device.
It even comes with a new Surface Slim Pen that attaches to the Neo magnetically.
This is the same stylus that is used on the Surface Pro X.

The Surface Neo has a different type of cover that is metal and it looks like a journal when it is closed.
You can use the tablet as a laptop, book, or a tablet.
You can use it in many different types of ways.

There has not been much released about the Neo yet.
This is a great tablet for any small business and anyone who wants to get organized.

There is a Microsoft version of the cloud as well for any of the Surface devices and for anyone who is using Microsoft products.
This is called Microsoft Azure.
This can be accessed on any device, including the Xbox 360.

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Microsoft Azure helps others organize their lives or business and clients.
It high highly secured and trustworthy for its users.

Microsoft created Windows 10 X for these surface devices.
The Neo goes beyond a conventional laptop and tablet.
It can do so much more than we expect.
You can use this device for so many things.

Windows 10X and the Neo can be used in many ways.
Some of them include:

  • Taking Notes: This mode gives you one full-screen app, where you can do a few things while taking notes.
    You can watch videos or read along and take notes.
  • Mobile Presentations: This is a way to design PowerPoints on the outside of the device and you can take notes with the outside keyboard.
  • Portable all-in-one: This places the dual-screen device in book mode.
    You can stand this device up and use a detachable keyboard to work.
  • Reading mode: This mode uses the device like a book with one or two hands, and you can also take notes with your stylus.
  • Laptop: You can use software or hardware keyboard on one display and typical content on the primary display up top.

The Neo keyboard does not have a trackpad, and it can be used away from the tablet.
This is a very good plus to the Neo.

The Microsoft Surface Book

Surface Book 2 is another amazing device brought to you by Microsoft.
It is available in 13.5” or 15” PixelSense Display.
It has high-speed Intel processors and it had up to 1060 NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics as well.

The battery life is up to 17 hours.
It is powerful enough to play PC games and run professional software too.
It is the ultimate device for running Microsoft Office and its apps.
It also includes the Surface Pen and touch.

Surface Book 2 has a portable visual studio and the surface studio adapts to the ways that you work and create the best work.

Surface Book 2 helps you modernize the workplace and stay connected by having Microsoft office 365, and cloud-powered productivity.
This helps businesses be more productive, gain data, and empower their businesses and employees.

The Surface Book 2 having the Office suite on it also means that there are email calendars for businesses to run smoothly.
Having these Microsoft perks helps keep a business up and running.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is built to last and has warranties to give you that peace of mind.
There are even extended warranties that last up to 4 years after the purchase of the Surface Book 2.

These are just a few of the Microsoft devices that have been introduced to us.
Some of them will not be available until the holidays and November of 2020.
These are some great additions to the Microsoft family and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. will receive a commission on purchases made*

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