3 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

03:22 PM October 01, 2019

Losing weight can be a struggle for many people. Some of you may have struggled with your weight since you were a child, others may be gained weight due to something that is out of your control.

No matter what you are going through, you can lose weight and keep off the weight too.


This article will show you how to lose weight and quickly, but we will also provide you tips with keeping the weight off too.

How to Lose Weight and Fast?

We have all been there, we feel as if we need to shed some pounds soon.

We have gained some weight in the last few months and we need to stop eating so much.

We also need to get some physical activity in our lives.

We need to begin a weight loss journey and fast.

Why does no begin with a weight loss plan? This way, you can see exactly how much weight you need to lose and keep track of your losses weekly.

By using a weight loss plan, you’ll be able to record your calorie intake and keep track of everything you are eating, drinking, and any physical activity that you are doing.

There are several ways to lose weight. Losing weight quickly may be a problem for many of us, however, we have a few ways to lose weight quickly too.

When you want to lose weight fast, start by reducing the number of sugars and starches in your diet. This is one of the most important pieces of losing weight fast.


When you cut out sugars and starches, or carbs from your diet, you will benefit in many ways. You will have energy from natural sources.

Your body will reduce bloating and unnecessary water weight. You will lose about ten pounds or more in the first week of your new diet.

When you eat a low carb diet, you will feel full and you will not overeat. You will eat fewer calories and lose some body fat too.

Protein, Fat, and Vegetables

Eating a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables is part of losing weight and keeping the weight off long term. When we eat plenty of healthy foods, we feel better too.

Our energy is up and weight gain is not as easy when our diets are balanced.

Eating this diet includes having a protein, a fat, and a low-card veggie in your diet. This brings your carb levels to 20-50 grams a day, which is perfect and the recommended range per day.

If you do not know what your protein sources are, they include beef, chicken, pork, lamb, salmon, shrimp, trout, whole eggs with the yolk and more.

It is very important to get plenty of protein in your diet. You will boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories per day.

Weight Loss Tips

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In order to lose weight and burn more calories, exercising is needed in your routine. Some say that you do not need to exercise in order to lose bodyweight, however, exercising helps us stay healthy and fit.

Going to the gym 3-4 times per week is recommended. You can do some warm-ups and lift weights. When you lift weights, there are a lot more calories than are burned.

Lifting weights helps your metabolism from slowing down and studies showed on burning fat, weights are helpful in losing the body fat and keeping the weight off.

Low-carb diets have also been studied and show that you can gain a bit of muscle while you are losing amounts of body fat.

If you are not a weight lifter, that’s okay. There are some cardio workouts available to you. These include running, jogging, walking, cycling, and swimming.

Try dancing as well. As long as you’re getting the calories burned, you will feel and see the results.

Another tip for you to help lose weight is to do some kind of resistance training. That includes weights of some kind.

The resistance bands are also another great option for you and your workout. You may not realize that you’re even working out with the bands.

Tips For Extreme Weight Loss

Eating a high-protein breakfast has been shown to reduce cravings and calorie intake during the day.

Avoiding sugary drinks and fruit juices will help too.

These drinks are the most fattening things to put in your body. If you do not drink them, losing weight will be a breeze.

Drinking water thirty minutes before you eat a meal will help increase your weight loss by 44% over three months.

Drinking water fills you up and you will not east as much for your dinner when you do this.

Choosing weight loss-friendly foods is the best idea of all. Certain foods are very useful for losing fat.

Some of those include whole eggs, leafy greens, salmon, cruciferous veggies, lean beef and chicken breast, tuna, beans, legumes, and soups.

Eating soluble fiber can reduce your fat, especially in the belly area. Another tip is to drink coffee or tea. It will boost your metabolism.

Eating mostly whole and unprocessed foods are more filling and will cause you to not overeat.

Chewing your food slowly will help you lose weight or at least keep the weight off.

Those who eat fast, gain more weight over time.

Weighing yourself every day could be a great way to lose weight and keep the weight.

People who constantly see how much they weigh are given some motivation by weighing themselves daily.

Getting enough sleep, every night can also assist you in losing weight.

Poor sleep is a huge risk factor in causing people to gain weight.

Sleep is a vital part of our lives and getting the right amount is vital in weight loss and gain as well.

Good Carbs

Carbohydrates are what fuels our tanks, however, there is a limit to what our body needs. Taking one day per week where you eat more carbs may help you lose weight also.

Make sure these carbs are good ones. Oats, rice, quinoa, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit, and more are the healthy carbs that we need. Eat more carbs on Saturdays, but only one day, otherwise, you will gain the weight back.

These cheat meals are not necessary for all, but they can give you a boost and increase fat-burning hormones like leptin and your thyroid hormones.

You will more than likely gain weight on this day, but it will be water weight and that will be lost within 1-2 days.

Calories and Portion Control

When you are trying to lose weight, you do not have to count calories every meal.

Keeping a count in mind is acceptable, and varies per person.

Keeping your carbs low and sticking to protein, fat, and low carb veggies in your diet is a good idea as well.

If you decide you are counting all of your calories, there is a calculator that you can use.

This calculator has a way to hold the details of what you eat and its helpful especially if you want to lose weight fast.

We have so many tools available to us that are very helpful with losing weight and quickly.

The main goal is to keep your carbs under 20-50 grams per day.

You can get the rest of your calories from proteins and fat.

Losing weight is not very difficult.

Keeping the weight off after awhile is where most of us struggle. If you’re trying to lose weight again, look at the routine you had before to gain it back.

Try to start a new routine and keep the weight off this time.

If you need help with keeping weight off, have a friend join you for a walk, or have a little bet or contest to see who can lose the weight first and keep it off too.

A friend or your spouse can help you keep the weight off and motivate you as well.

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