Mass Shootings: How You and Your Kids Need to be Prepared

Mass Shootings: How You and Your Kids Need to be Prepared

07:04 AM August 17, 2019

Apart from the family, the next place that feels like home for kids is the school. The school gives a chance to meet people who share similar reasoning or the same age bracket. It is also a place to make friends and get imparted with knowledge but how things are turning out in the past months, read these articles and share your knowledge with your kids on that to do if they found themselves on a mass shooting situation.

The school is guided by policies to ensure the safety of students. This is in accordance with the standards set by the Department of Education.

Students are aware of some of these policies, and it is important to enlighten the parents or guardians about them too.

In this article, find and review school safety and security guides on a different basis, and understand their various benefits and consequences.

The aim of these policies is to improve mental health and start a movement against school violence in various institutions. There are other objectives to this, and they will be described in the guide below.

Safety and Security Guides

According to the Safety and Welfare bodies that are pioneered by Law enforcement agencies, the policies laid out include;

Emergency Situations

Emergencies cannot be avoided and they could affect both staff and students, depending on the cause and nature of the incident.

This is why the Education Department has formed a safe school initiative is to create a safe and serene environment. This, in turn, helps to control property damage and several other things.

Visitors and Intruders Policy

The importance of creating a safe environment for both learning and teaching program cannot be explained.

That is why it is very good to look out for visitors and intruders within the school premises.

It is the role of the management to look out for uninvited guests for safety purposes. Using this policy, it is possible to prevent incidents of targeted schools for violence completely.

Local Police Partnership to Avoid Mass Shootings

In a school, a Local Police relationship must be established with a document provided to make sure both agencies perform their roles diligently.

Without this, it is almost impossible to have a good-functioning school.

Police Enforcement will set up programs like conducting threat assessments on students, staff and the learning environment.

This helps them get a deeper understanding of every student and staff within the school and beyond. This is one of the ways to avoid incidents of targeted schools seen lately.

Mass Shooting – School Violence Policy

With security agencies enhancing school safety using a threat assessment an operational guide for preventing targeted school violence, violence will reduce.

School violence is a threatening issue in most schools today, and different measures have been taken to curb the menace. One of these measures is setting up a policy and using security initiatives. There is no way of creating safe school climates when there is a violence of different sorts.

Also, the school security has tried creating a targeted violence prevention plan, for anyone involved in violence.

They will either be suspended or expelled depending on the gravity of the offense. This is indeed a smart way to ensure school safety. (How to develop comprehensive targeted violence prevention plan)

Mass Shooting- Policy for Students with Suicidal Tendencies
what to do in a mass shooting

Suicidal and non-suicidal self-injury tendencies are very critical situations, and if not tackled properly could end up really bad.

There are actionable steps that schools like the School Response and Planning Templates that have been taken in this regard. This policy involves providing essential resources and support to students or staff who need it to overcome this dilemma.

There are warning signs that show students’ suicidal tendencies, and one of them is the behavior of students. Also, body inflictions are extreme signs, and it calls for immediate intervention.

Guide to Environmental Hazards
what to do in a mass shooting

One of the roles of the protective and intelligence and assessment division is to ensure a hazard-free learning environment.

Hazards like fire outbreaks are common, and this is why there are plans to prevent it from spreading further. As a part of the school security requirements, fire extinguishers are to be provided in accordance with the Department of Safety.

Harsh Consequences For Mass Shooters
what to do in a mass shooting

If these policies aren’t taken into consideration, below are the consequences;

—Good learning may not be achieved.

—Frequent violence cases may be reported on a daily basis

—Parents lose trust in management and interest in education

—Schools will produce more dangerous kids than bright and intelligent ones


Different Private and Public schools like Columbine high school have taken these policies or guides into consideration to ensure a safer learning environment.

There is nothing else better than a safe premise for learning; this is why parents trust the management to make sure that is possible. In conclusion, any school not in accordance with these standards or policies is not deemed conducive for both students and staff.

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