Interview Questions: Tips To Give Great Answers

05:58 AM August 15, 2019

Many times, job applicants don’t know how to prepare for an interview. They know the details of their field but have no clue what the interviewer is expecting. If you’re having difficulties preparing for the interview questions, this article is for you. We had gathered interview tips and the most clever interview answers to impress the interviewer.

The feeling of tackling countless questions with an empty brain is something no one should go through, let alone standing clueless in front of your interviewers like a blank plasma TV. What the hell!

In this guide, you will discover the things to expect from an interviewer, how to comport yourself during an interview, and the job interview tips to giving great answers during an interview. Read more.

How to prepare for an interview

Know the Position of the Company in a Particular Industry

There are interviewers that won’t ask you what you learned in school or for a copy of your resume ’cause that’s not what employability is all about.

The evaluator(s) want to know how you see their firm’s position in the marketplace, their competitors, the company’s chances of survival, and the best way forward.

One of the foremost tips to give great answers is to prepare for questions like – How do you perceive our company in the Brewing field.

Remind Yourself What Your USP (Unique Selling Points)

Your USP is your unique selling point. It’s what makes you an outstanding candidate and without a considerable USP, you’re as good as unemployable.

Your USP is, in fact, your ticket to the heart of interviewers. Your selling point includes communication skills, leadership features, and other social skills. Your use must correlate with the job description. Check the job offer/posting for the job description.

Appeal to Their Core Values and Goals

Every company has its own core values and company culture. To attend an interview with no idea of its core values and goals is not advisable.

You ought to study the company’s pattern and founding values before going to the interview.

Any applicant with no prior knowledge of the body they applying for is not worthy of consideration.

Of all the tips to giving great answers during an interview, appealing to the company’s core values and goals is the most important.

What kind of candidate applies for a job with no idea of what the company stands for? Your guess is as good as mine – the lazy applicant.

How to Answer Interview Questions

Be Proactive – Prepare Your Questions

If you’re conversant with “how to interview” books or ebooks, you’d have come across various job interview questions. Pick one book and master the replies for common interview questions. You might be asked a different question, but your familiarity with other questions would bail you out.

In addition to preparing for the interviewer’s questions, you need to prepare your own questions too. Yeah, you heard it correct – your own questions.

Before the end of every interview, the evaluator often asks if the applicant has any questions. Candidates, who have no questions would appear clueless.

An example of a great question is – “If you could describe the perfect applicant for this position from the ground up, what would they be like?”

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Like a speech, an interview could inspire fear in applicants. To get over this fear, you need to practice with similar questions. You could be amazed by how difficult it is to answer yourself. If you live with your friend, spouse or family, you could let them pretend to be an interviewer. Just promise yourself not to laugh in the process of practicing with friends (it’s natural to laugh though).

Get a Great Mark in the Initial Five Minutes of the Interview

Interviewers have the habit of making up their minds in the first five minutes of an interview and then, using the rest of the time to reaffirm their choice. As the popular adage goes thus, “first impressions last longer”. Ensure you invest your first five minutes well and follow up throughout the remaining part of the interview.

Flow With the Interviewer

Job interviews are perceived to be boring, especially by interviewers, who’ve interviewed lots of candidates. Sometimes, interviewers want to divert from the usual work-talk. If you’re able to keep the bored guy’s company without him/her knowing that the interview time is over, you’ve won his/her heart. Don’t fight the unconventional discussions, as long as the convo is decent and not racial. For instance, in his book, Gifted hand, Ben Carson narrated how his interviewer lavished the whole interview duration on classical music. Crazy right! But that was how he got his first job. Easy-peasy.

Take Control

Passivity is not the same as politeness. Speaking like a sheep won’t earn you a job. Interviewers want people, who are actively in control of their work. See the interview like the everyday talk. Be courteous, but don’t overdo it. Speak, at the appropriate time.

Speak the Right Body Language

The way you present yourself is the way you’d be addressed. And don’t get me wrong – presentation is not all about dressing though your dressing is the first thing interviewers would note.

Dress well, don’t look away or shy, shake firmly, maintain a good posture, leather your words be clear, and don’t wear cologne or perfume.

Wearing perfume could pass the wrong message. There’s still a lot of things to discuss, don’t let the whole interview be about how bad you presented yourself.


After the interview, send a thank-you note. Mail the message or type it on a note, depending on the interviewer’s predilection. Personalize the notes by mentioning the things you and the interviewer discussed during the interview.

This would help them remember you and the things they love about you. And ensure the notes are sent or mailed within 48 hours or less.

To write an impeccable thank-you note, jot down the things the interviewer said immediately after the interview. Also, note the errors you made, so you would correct yourself before going for the next interview.

Learning from your mistakes is one of the most important Hacks in giving great answers to your interviewer.
Regardless of how bad the Interview was, don’t give up.

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