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NFL Predictions 2020

07:57 AM August 08, 2019

It’s that time of the year again when all 32 teams in the NFL get set to take incoming campaign head-on. As you would expect, there have been remarkable improvements in the past few weeks in almost every camp in preparation for the challenges the journey ahead is going to pose to each team. Superbowl LIV Going into the NFL Predictions 2020, we take a look back at the 2019 series of games and find out that there have been a number of offensive line packages that have been able to make a difference.

As usual, lots of decisions are being made at the front end offices by executives, but as the case has always been, the effects of their decisions don’t come to the fore on a short term basis.

As the preparations were being made for the NFL season and players were anticipating the training camps, there have been reports of pressure on Aaron Rodgers being the most valuable player on the Green Bay Packers, Matt Lafleur being the head coach and other members of the Packers.

There are various reasons for this claim. For one, Aaron Rodgers will clock in at 36 by December, evidently showing that he is getting old and would likely be retiring in less than a few years. In fact, he is the sixth oldest starting quarterback in the league.

Truth be told, Aaron Rodgers has achieved quite a lot in his NFL career, and he won’t be termed a failure if he decides to hang his boots and helmets at this point in time.

However, the story of Aaron Rodgers is not such a good omen for Green Bay as a team, owing to the fact that he seemed so young when he won his Super Bowl XLV with them.

Aaron Rodgers has been able to set a very high standard that will be very hard to meet with. This agrees with our observation at the outset of this article about executives taking a crucial decision at the outset of new NFL seasons and how the effect of their decision doesn’t materialize on a short time basis.

If Green Bay executives are able to arrange a replacement for Aaron Rodgers now, he might just be able to hang in there for a few more seasons while his replacement blends into the team and tries to fill the huge shoes he is going to be leaving behind.

This is also a risk, as well as a big sacrifice for Rodgers himself as it is not good for him to lose relevance while he is still in the game.

However, this might happen to him as a result of his aging situation as most players his age are either retired or are already considering retirement seriously. Whichever route they will have to take, it is up to Rodgers and the team executive to make a decision.

While some pundits have argued that his experience will still do the team a great deal of good, some still feel that keeping an aging quarterback on the team will do much harm than good for both the player and the Green Bay Packers team as he might be unable to deliver moves he’s done in the past without breaking a sweat, thereby denting his record of good performance in his prime years. Hence, they think his best bet is to leave the NFL now when the ovation is not the loudest but still loud!

Week 1: Broncos vs. Falcons

Now, this is a big one as Vic Fangio gets to start a new period on Thursday night. Then, the Atlanta Falcons will be going up against the Denver Broncos in a 2019 hall of fame cracker.

The Tom Benson hall of fame stadium in Canton, Ohio will be housing delightful spectators on the 2nd of August, 2019 who are already anticipating an interesting clash.

NFL Predictions for a Few Teams and NFL Team Records

1. Kansas City Chiefs

This is a team that had a good spell during the 2018 campaign. With a young and prolific quarterback like Patrick Mahomes taking the lead, they were very wild on the attack, leading to a good show for them. However, their setback was their poor defending prowess.

Going into this campaign, Kansas City is not going to have it easy as they will have to go into the campaign hoping they will be able to learn from past mistakes and right their wrongs.

2. New Orleans Saints

Saints 11 offensive line turned out to be very productive in their last NFL campaign as they were able to penetrate defenses of various configurations.

No thanks to the likes of TE, Jared Cook, who was always at the fore in defense penetration. Alvin Kamara’s contribution did not go unnoticed as he was known for beating back liners and safeties of opponent teams.

However, one thing is obvious, the team is doing all they can to maximize the usage of the few times they have left with him.

You see this in the way the Packers have attacked in the past year. They know they will definitely have to move on when he is ready to leave the NFL scene, but it might take years, if not decades for them to get his prototype again.

The success of Saints 11 will be incomplete if we fail to talk about Drew Brees.

His performance level was so apt that it went way beyond just a team recognition as was termed the NFL’s most accurate passer for an NFL season. Their success has been attributed to the discipline instilled in the team by the head coach. This has been said to be a major turning point in the success of their previous campaign.

3. Carolina Panthers

This is one team that has been hit with unfortunate circumstances in the course of previous NFL campaigns. The Cam Newton injury was a big blow the teams running as the gallant Panthers quarterback sustained a shoulder injury and was sidelined for a long time.

He had to undergo surgery in the early parts of 2018 in a bid to stage a comeback to the team. This gave the fans a whole lot of worries as the memory of what Andrew Luck experienced with the Colts during the 2017 campaign is still fresh in their memory. They are expected to stand between 7-9 at the end of the campaign.

4. Minnesota Vikings

The pressure to get better and better has always been high in the camp of the Vikings. Going into the previous campaign, they had a great chance to claim the Super Bowl.

Obviously, they would not be relenting in an attempt at claiming this feat.

The competition is going to be very hot for them given the developments in the camps of other NFL teams. They will likely win a Super Bowl in a few years’ time, but this does not seem to be their year.

5. Green Bay Packers

This team is one very strong force to reckon as far as the NFL is concerned. The Aaron Rodgers factor makes a huge difference in this team, and with having a coach like Matt Lafleur just finishing his first campaign with the Packers, they look good to go, and there seems to be no limit to what they can achieve in the course of the campaign.

While a lot has been said about Aaron Rodgers already, a press briefing he granted some time ago gave hints that the ever gallant Green Bay Packers quarterback is not done with the NFL just yet. While he recognizes the fact that keeping up with the tempo of the game in his mid-thirties will be such a great challenge, he believes it is not totally impossible.

He further went on to express his opinion on his talent, viewing it as a gift from God and therefore, feeling it deserves to be nurtured.

He then made it known that his own way of nurturing this gift is to ensure that he lasts a little while longer in the NFL and at the same time, maintain his relevance. Obviously, as far as Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers are concerned, we are in for a big show.

The Super Bowl 2020

In case you are wondering, “Where is the Super Bowl 2020 going to happen?” we have news for you.

Miami is set to look beautiful on the first Sunday of February 2020 when it will be hosting the 2020 Super Bowl. Pre-game parties, concerts and all other activities that characterize a typical Super Bowl will definitely not be missing in this grand game.

Once again, the Super Bowl 2020 date is February 2, 2020. It is definitely going to be the most beautiful Sunday of the month in Miami and one of the most memorable for the year in Miami.

No other city than the elegant Los Angeles will be the next to have a feel of this beautiful experience as it has been scheduled to host the next main bowl right after the Miami chapter in the year 2021, you can be sure they are anticipating their own Super Bowl version.

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