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07:23 AM August 07, 2019

Quitting smoking is a process many have tried and failed. However, you can quit smoking successfully; all you need to do is exercise a great deal of discipline while you follow this guide. That way, you are less likely to experience a relapse.

One primary reason why smokers find it very difficult to quit smoking is a reliable and powerful craving for cigarettes whenever they try to stop it. This craving for cigarettes is caused by nicotine withdrawal, especially if you are quitting cold turkey.

When you smoke, it increases the number of nicotine receptors present in your brain. Your body recognizes the treatment pattern and expects you to maintain this increased number of nicotine. Hence you find it challenging to adjust whenever you stop smoking, and the number of nicotine receptors drops.

Tips for quitting smoking

That being said about smoking, here is a detailed guide on how to quit smoking successfully.

Make a Solid Decision to Quit
Make a solid decision to quit

Your journey to quitting smoking a cigarette successfully should start from the mind. You need to be reliable and conscious of your choice to quit. For this to happen, you must have a very strong reason or even reasons for quitting.
Maybe you are the type that has attempted to quit before, but you failed, do not be discouraged. It is very likely to be that there are things you were unable to do in previous attempts. Look out for them in this guide.

Understand Your Vulnerability Period
Understand your vulnerability period

There is more to smoking than nicotine addiction. Body psychology is actively involved. Some see it as an escape from their worries. For some, it is their way of relaxing. Others depend on it to function effectively at work. Ask yourself the big question; why do you smoke?
Finding an answer to this question will help you know when you are most likely to be tempted to pick up your lighter and a cigarette stick.

You can map out a plan as to how you can avoid such moments, and in cases where they can’t be avoided, you can think of ways to deal with them without having to relapse.

Get More Than Enough Oral Substitutes
Get more than enough oral substitutes

Apart from nicotine withdrawal mentioned earlier, the brain’s craving for an oral sensation of a cigarette is something you will have to deal with. Your mind will expect you to put something in your mouth first before its demand for nicotine can be satisfied.
A way to deal with this is to stock up your house with substitutes for cigarettes. It could be vegetables, carrots, or even a particular gum you usually chew after smoking.

If you decide to make use of nicotine replacement or cessation drugs, don’t do self-medication. Instead, make sure you see a doctor for directions and advice on how to use it.

Set a Date for Quitting
Set a date for quitting

Quitting an addiction requires that you step up your mental game. You make a personal commitment when you set a quit date. When you do this, make sure you are realistic, and you have provided all measures to ensure that you do not relapse after the set date.
Writing your quit date in a manner in which only you can decode at an open place in your room will be of great help.

Seeing it every day will help you prepare your mind towards your quit date.
Some smoking cessation drugs requires that you start using them ahead of your quit date for them to be optimally effective, that is why your doctor must know about your plans to quit on a set date so they can give you the best advice on how to administer your chosen cessation drugs.

Talk to a Trusted Friend
Talk to a trusted friend

Never underestimate the power of talking to someone you trust. Be careful when picking who to tell, pick those you think would be of help, not someone who has a track record of being judgmental. You can be sure to feel better after you must have done this.

Stay Clear of Smoking Triggers
Stay clear of smoking triggers.

Just like any other addiction, anything that suggests smoking to you is likely to bring about a relapse. Stay clear of friends who you are used to smoking with and avoid people who smoke as much as you can.
Also, stay away from bars, clubhouses, and any other spots reputed for smoking, so you don’t get triggered to smoke.

Keep Busy for the First 14 Days
Keep busy for the first 14 days

Findings from the department of health show that anything you can do consistently for 30 days quickly becomes a part of you. However, the first two weeks are very critical to your success in your quest to quit smoking. Your body system is going to fight back with the urge to smoke. The easiest way to ignore it is to get busy.

Don’t stress yourself; engage in the long term but non-energy-sapping activities you enjoy. This requires great planning. A tip to doing this is fixing it to a time when you can take a leave off work. That way, you can fully control how you spend your time and what you do with it.

Within this period, you must drink lots of water as it flushes toxins that could contribute to internal triggers of your body system.

If your doctor advised that you start your cessation drugs before this time and you already started as prescribed, the chances are that the drug must have performed this function. However, lots of water is always good for the body in any case.


Quitting smoking is a process you have to be very deliberate with if you want to be successful. Real, it is not easy. But another truth is this; it is one of the best things you will ever do for yourself when you’re smoke-free.
Don’t waste any more time. Start planning on these guidelines today, and you stand a chance to enjoy the numerous health benefits of a cigarette-free lifestyle.

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