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Why Google Chrome Is The Best Web Browser

05:40 AM July 17, 2019

In a world dominated by advanced technology, there has been a massive change in various ways. One of these several changes in the way people gain access to the internet. Obviously, there are many reasons why people use the internet, but the browser involved is quintessential. There are minor and major browsers in which Google Chrome is the top dog.

This leads us to the question of why the Google Chrome browser is the best so far. Well, several websites have had a chance to show exquisite differences. It is often said that there is always a rival when it comes to being the best, and in this case, the Mozilla Firefox is another exceptional browser competing with Chrome.


Internet - Why Google Chrome Is The Best Web Browser

Since we are interested in knowing why Google Chrome is the most preferred browser out of hundreds of others, we need to at least look at what makes up the browser and the major attributes it has.

Features of Google Chrome Browser

Features of Google Chrome Browser
There are notable features in a Chrome browser, and they include;

Browsing history: The Chrome browsing history is one of the most significant features because it helps you to recover sites you have previously loaded. For instance, if you were checking through a site a few days ago and it cleared, just look up the history and you will find it. All previously loaded sites are arranged on the basis of original dates.

Chrome download: The chrome download is another interesting feature of the browser. For a good browsing experience, it allows you to save some files, bookmarks, or sites or documents either directly to the device (phone, PC, etc.), or the browser’s storage. However, it does not save browsing history, cookies and site data, as well as information entered in forms; but it is very easy to use.

Private browsing: This is also called the incognito tab that allows you to browse privately without being discovered. This way, people including hackers won’t be able to track your activity. It could be used alongside a VPN service.

Factors That Make Google Chrome the Test Browser

Factors that make Google Chrome the best browser
Google Chrome is ubiquitous and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The chrome edge was previously like the Microsoft edge until it moved to other platforms like Android, iOS, Linux. It became one of the fast-rising browsers because of the following factors below;


There is one thing about Google, and that is the fact that they have brilliant minds on deck to ensure a safe and secure platform. They are a group of engineers who work tirelessly to make sure that internet services are controlled to the maximum level. It is easier to say that security is their topmost priority.

These engineers make use of a number of web-based products to control these different functions. They even make sure that whatever update they are introducing has security protocols and fixes against bugs. This is one quality that has made them outstanding over the years amidst other browsers. There are source codes to help too.


Ease to Use

Another great thing about Chrome is the ease of use of the platform. Every feature or protocol on the browser has been designed simple and easy. It doesn’t take too much time to set up and start using. There is a good probability that you are reading this from a Chrome browser, so how do you feel?

Unlike some browsers that are difficult to use, it gives you easy access to whatever you want. In fact, when other browsers are redirecting or popping annoying ads, chrome has a way of getting rid of that for you. This is why it is the best choice; you wouldn’t think twice before making it your default browser.


One attribute of most browsers is the ability to give you what you want quickly. However, when it comes to Google Chrome, it gives you even before you search for it. Sometimes, you would think it reads your mind and knows your intentions.

The speed of processing information and giving back reports is outstanding. Although, there have been several arguments on the fastest browser between Chrome and Firefox; a new update from Mozilla has settled it. Hence, you can have a site load times as you want using Chrome and won’t be disappointed.

Sole Platform

One common thing about some browsers like Internet explorer is that they are dependent on windows PC. When it comes to Chrome, it is a sole platform, i.e., works without the help of any system or PC. This means that it can be accessed on different devices.

With this kind of browser, you can find Chrome for mac users, android users, Linux users, etc. without stress. All you have to do is download, install and start using. This definitely makes another factor why it is better than others.

Chrome Fascinating Apps

There is a landmark that Google Chrome has set for other browsers, and that makes it the fore-leading browser to ever do such. This is a factor that has won the hearts of many over the years. It has a web store where there are a number of fascinating applications that are sure to excite users.

In addition to the tons of apps that can be found on Chrome, there are chrome extensions too available which will suit a user’s needs. Many of these applications have various functions, such as blocking ads, clearing notifications, tracking usage, etc.

Chrome Fast Updates

Updating a device has its benefits; hence, software like Google chrome needs to be updated too. There are several reasons why you should update the Chrome browser, and one of them is because of the increasing number of applications with data.

They have been made with modern technologies which require Chrome to level up their game to ensure support. Now, the engineers understood the need for this, that is why they have created a system whereby updates are ultra-fast and less-time consuming. This enhances better browsing.

Chrome Easy Navigation and Migration

What most browsers have failed at is the ability to make their platform easy to navigate or migrate. Chrome has succeeded and that is why it is possible to run more than two sites at the same time using the browser. Mozilla Firefox hasn’t done much in this aspect.

Interestingly, a unique feature was recently introduced into the Chrome browser to enhance accessibility and that is the signing-in option. Thus, credentials and important files can be carried like bookmarks without stress. This is an interesting experience.

Chrome Extensions, Add-Ons and Plug-Ins

Out of the few numbers of browsers to support extensions, Chrome was part of those that excelled. In fact, it has gotten to a point where extensions can be bought and sold without having difficulties. This is a facility these browsers don’t have and has made them less.

Also, they have chrome plugins and add-ons which even helps in different ways. For instance, there are add-ons to give suggestions on keywords for Search Engine Optimization or Adblock features to block ads and manage data. This is an incredible factor to say that Chrome is the best.

Free Installation

Also, there is no device where the chrome browser is downloaded that it is not easy to install. The installation process is free, fast and smooth unlike some browsers like Firefox, tor browser, etc.

In addition, some websites use a reboot for completing installation; the case is different from the Google browser. This makes it very suitable and easy to use too.

Chrome Easy Market Share

Market share is a good basis of measuring progress when it comes to browsers. It is often said that market share doesn’t lie, and this, in turn, proves the success of Chrome over other browsers. As recorded, it has a 60 % increase more than other browsers like Opera, Firefox, etc.

This market share statistics is because of the reputation Google has had over the years (since 2008) in the hearts of many users. This makes it better than other top browsers and there isn’t any taking over anytime soon.

How to Get Google Chrome on any device?

How to Get Google Chrome on any device
Being a popular browser makes it even more easy to get and access devices. Regardless, of what the device is, i.e., phone or PC or tablet, the process of installing is similar.
– Create a Google Account: This is the most important thing to do; because without it, there is no way to install apps on a device. It only takes about two minutes or less, and your account is ready. However, you need to have a play store on your device with your Google account synchronized with it. Once this is done, you can move ahead to the Chrome web store.

– Find Chrome browser: In the Chrome store, there are lots of things you will find. Depending on your device, find chrome version that is supported; do not go for older versions. Read information about the application carefully before you proceed to download it.

-Download: Click on google chrome download when you are done with reading information and reviews. It takes about a minute depending on the internet server. It automatically installs on the device when it is done.

– Read and Start using: After installing, click on the browser, read the terms and conditions carefully. You can now start to use it.

The Mozilla Firefox

mozilla Firefox
Mozilla is the next best browser after Google Chrome. It is known for its ultra-speed which is even more than Chrome. It has similar features with the former but has some keynote information. For instance, the firefox quantum which is the recent update from Mozilla corporation offers a maximum user-experience.

This new update allows users to enjoy password-free access because it has been leveraged with unique multicore processors. Also, there is an intense catalog of extensions as well as interface customization which enhances smooth operation. Just like Chrome, there is firefox for Mac, iOS, and Android.

There is one important thing to say about this browser, and that is: To visit the corporation is not for profit, but for support on how to maintain a good platform.

Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox
As aforementioned, while there are similarities between both browsers, there are major differences between them.

Usage of Resources

Chrome uses more memory, disk space and even processor than any other type of browser (Firefox inclusive). This has been tested and proven to be true; hence, it is called a resource hog.

User experience

Google Chrome has been designed with an interesting system that includes several tricks in order to improve and optimize the browsing experience. Firefox, on the other hand, uses open-source software for enhanced performance and speed.


From different reviews, Mozilla Firefox Quantum is faster than Google Chrome. Although, previous versions have the same speed as Chrome.

Interface design

Talking about interface design, firefox has a better offer to make sure end users get smooth and hitch-free browsing.

Screen size

A full or whole screen is available to use in Google Chrome on Windows 10, but the same can’t be said for Firefox.


There are extensions from chrome web store which needs to be tested individually to determine suitability while Firefox has a READ view feature which is more convenient to get extensions like Adblock firefox.


Google and Mozilla are two leading companies when it comes to browsing options. They have ensured a good, easily accessible platform so that a perfect browsing experience can be achieved. Even though, there are the likes of tor browser, brave as alternative browsers.

In conclusion, this article has shown why Google Chrome is the best choice for browsing and at the same time showed the major differences between the two top browsers in the world today. It further showed the features of the Chrome browser and how amazing they are. We hope you find this article very engaging and convincing too.

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