Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You’d Love to Play

08:01 AM May 25, 2019

Hey Gamers, are you interested in the top 10 PS4 games offline and online? Check out our Top 10 PS4 Games. Tons of games are released each year, but only few make it to our list. We rate these games based on certain principles we believe every good game should possess.

8 Features Best Rates Rated PS4 Games Have in Common

According to the Roman poet, Lucretius, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”


When it comes to games, people’s perception differ. Some may despise a game because of its underlying concept, which may offend their world view. For instance, GTA may seem offensive to people who hate violence and guns. But to lovers of action and violent movies, GTA is bae😙.

Regardless of your world view, all great games have common objective features. The criteria we use in compiling our top 10 PS4 Games are neither personal nor subjective. We judge based on the 8 objective features discussed below;


There’s nothing as heartbreaking as a generic game that has no iota of creative newness. For a game to be authentic, it has to exhibit stunning elements that has not — or maybe not in a known format — been used in a game before.

Replay Value

Wolfgang Kramer said, A good game will stay with us all our lives. A good game makes us long.

After testing a game once, we ask our subjects “how do you feel about the game”. If the response is “Cool”, we assume it’s just another normal game. But if they’re like “Oh I wanna play that s#!t again”, we add such games to our list.

The reason is that games that have high Replay value occupy the gamer’s mind much longer than the “just cool” ones. The best rated PS4 Games have one thing in common — the ability to take different forms each time it’s played. Games that lack this quality don’t make it to our list.

What do we say to boring games — not today!


A good game should be suspenseful. If a game is repetitive in progress, sequence, and events, we simply dump it in the trash can.

Equal opportunity

Though every player wants to win, no one wants to play an unfair game. All gamers deserve equal chances, whether gamer A is with the first pad or second pad, equality is non-debatable.


When starting a game, no player should be given a hedge over others. That’s the gamer’s code. If you know, you know😉

No “kingmaker effect”

There’s an obvious and recurring issue with strategy games — the kingmaker effect. A game gives up its hold on players, if at any level, the player with no hope of winning suddenly determines the winner.

Creative control

The feeling of being played by a game instead of the other way round kills the gamer’s interest faster. Unless the game is luck-based, we don’t see a reason players shouldn’t be given the opportunity to contribute to the progress and direction of the game. The more challenging a game is, the higher its chance of being featured on our list.

Uniformity and quality of elements

No one wants to play a rough-looking game. All good games possess a sort of harmonized impression when players stare at the screen. The quality of the title, format, and graphics matter a lot.

Also, the functionality, durability, and visual appeal go a long way in affecting the way the game is perceived by players.

Complexity and influence

There should always be a mutual ground between complexity and influence of players throughout the course of a game. Games with complex rules should give players a comparably high level of influence on the direction and progress of the game.

Short and simple games deserve short and simple rules while complex games are best played with complex rules.

Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games you’d love to play

All of the best PS4 games in one place.

1. NBA 2019

Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

NBA 2K19 imbibes the principles of professional basketball by bringing the glowing arenas, fashionable apparels and swiftness of the sport to life. Though the AI’s behavior isn’t without its own flaws and the offensive microtransactions in the MyPlayer mode makes things a bit sneaky. NBA 2019 is top-notch for the series.

The NBA 2K19 is more challenging than other series. It has a ‘not so simple’ learning curve that would keep veterans on their toes throughout the game. There’s no doubt you’d have to unlearn old techniques and embrace new skills.

NBA 2019 Pros

  • Distribution of ball to its playmakers is properly done by the AI.
  • NBA 2K19 gives each player a distinct feel.
  • New gamers are rewarded for taking their time to learn different moves, and hard-to-learn dribbling skills.
  • The developers did a good job in matching the persona of the in-game players to their real-life counterparts
  • The mode of presentation is quite brilliant from the tip-off to time, even the lights shutoff in the arena.
  • The in-game commentary includes the personal stories of players, like Clark Kellogg and Lebron. This development is a brilliant and interesting one.

NBA 2019 Cons

  • The AI persistently avoids the players to bring the ball to their superstar, which makes no sense.
  • The game transition isn’t smooth enough.
  • The control system is too complex and movement isn’t encouraging.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game based on Rockstar’s best storytelling till date. The game keeps you on the hedge of your seat and has a high Replay value.

Word on the street is that red dead redemption is GTA” on horses and that’s not far from the truth. Literally, Red Dead Redemption 2 has GTA in its gene, but this time with a more intimate, primitive, and anarchic appeal.

Red Dead Redemption depicts an extensive western story of conviction, brotherhood, and the result of infamy coupled with the end of a motley gang fighting against the steady March of industrialisation and civilisation.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Pros

  • The game inspires you to explore every corner of the primitive world.
  • Red Dead Redemption is suspenseful and entertaining.
  • The developers did a great job in keeping the animations fresh and unpredictable every time the game is played.
  • The world depicted in red dead redemption is not as dense as the one depicted in GTA, thereby giving you a simple but creative view of the story being told.
  • Every step you take has a possible diversion which keeps the game lively. For instance, you can check defeated enemies for goodies.
  • The presence of consistently changing death animations shows the creative effort put into this game.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 comes with two additional features — horse bonding and honour system. These features are not only laudable but also epic.


Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

Insomniac’s games latest venture puts you in spidey’s suit. The seamless swings across Manhattan’s rooftops makes the game a perfect fit for all gamers. The game gives spiderman an excellent set of webswinging abilities, fun gadgets and tons of puns, depending on how many stages you’re able to unlock.

For learners, making spiderman swing, lunge, and leap might take some effort, but everything becomes seamless as soon as you’ve mastered the controls.

Spiderman Pros

  • The game makes you wake in Spider-Man’s body by giving the in-game Spidey all Peter parker’s abilities and more.
  • Every player is presented with series of interesting challenges and puzzles in large-scale interiors.
  • The variety in tasks keep you on the hedge of your seat throughout the spiderman adventure. There are easy enemies and difficult ones. To conquer the badass enemies you’d need a little bit of strategy ’cause the world doesn’t revolve around your Web and there’s more to winning than swinging around😆
  • Each task or stage fulfilled earns you new features. These rewards ranges from skill trees to suits and gadgets.
  • There’s an endless list of fighting styles and gadgets to choose from.


Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a refined version of GTA 4. It is fun playing GTA 5, which has a satire of contemporary America. GTA 5 has a soft spot for mayhem and an intelligent sense of humour.

The story behind the game is appealing, suspenseful, and intriguing. Some regard GTA 5 as one of the very best video game ever made and their view is highly justified.

The effort put into GTA 5 reflects through 1080p resolution, with upgraded features, such as lighting effects, textures, and great details.

GTA 5 Pros

  • Maintains 30 frames per second, thereby allowing the player to interact with the vegetation and other elements in particular areas.
  • Play GTA 5 with optional first-person mode, which is a new feature. Instead of looking over their shoulders, the controls are enhanced to give you a feel of how a first-person shooter works.
  • The level of realism displayed in GTA 5 is insanely amazing. Actions like climbing, getting yanked over a car and flipping the bird are carefully implanted in any direction you face by the AI

GTA 5 Cons

  • GTA 5 online multiplayer mode is problematic. The limit of players advertised is thirty, but the game starts malfunctioning when the players are more than seven.

Uncharted 4

Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

Uncharted 4 a thief’s end is an interesting game that tells a story of a lad marrying in fortune and glory. The story goes on till they become grown-ups.

The graphics is top-notch and the plot is one in a million. To cap it all off, the multiplayer is quite easy and user-friendly.

Uncharted 4 Pros

  • The game title, graphics and format looks uniform and pretty
  • There’s a new feature that allows you to get to platforms by directing Nate like a puppet with the DualShock thumbstick, which enables smooth climbing.
  • Aside playing the game, Uncharted 4 gives you the opportunity of exploring the world around.
  • Pulling brilliant moves like flanking is now possible due to the new open level design used by the developers. But that doesn’t make you invisible ’cause they’re not gone yet😂

Uncharted 4 Cons

  • There’s no side attraction or reward for exploring different parts of the game.p and that’s disappointing.
  • There’s a glitch in the game that forces the AI to a cautionary state at any sign of trouble and that’s a huge downside.

The Last of Us

Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

The Last of Us is one of the most stunning games ever created. There’s location diversity and multiplayer options.

Unlike the previous version that runs 30 frames per second at 720p resolution, the latest version of last of us pulls off 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution. ​

You’re gonna love the doubled framerate, which is a step further when  it comes to aesthetic enhancement. The game is fluid, responsive and accurate.

The Last of Us Pros

  • Features high relation character models.
  • The game has advanced lightening and shadows.
  • It has a refined texture, which makes everything about the last of us livelier.
  • You can make in-app purchases.
  • There’s little limit to the world you can explore in the last of us using PS4.
  • The story takes a dive into Ellies past in the single-player prequel chapter.
  • Features fresh multiplayer locations in the deserted and recovered Territories packs.


Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

FIFA 19 has an impressive display, which retains its authenticity. This is a modified version of previous versions that now features tons of gameplay tepweaks and the inclusion of Champions league.

When mastered the controls can be used to create new openings via swift movements, fancy flicks, and body feints. FIFA 19 brings out the reality of soccer field out in the AI thereby making passing accuracy less accurate and sincerely, this is an interesting development ’cause it takes time to unlearn, learn and adapt previous techniques.

FIFA 19 Pros

  • The new FIFA 19 is challenging. It requires more tactics, rather than the usual method of sprinting pass dozens of players to reach the goal post.
  • The game runs at a slower pace, thereby making the game more authentic and less AI-ish.
  • Features music alongside graphic overlays throughout the tournament.
  • The developers paid more attention to detail. The match setting was designed accurately.
  • The level of creativity and realism added to the game is astounding.
  • The inclusion of two new commentators — Derek Rae and Lee Dixon — is a laudable move.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

The inclusion of battle royale is a striking difference in black OPS series. Call to duty has robust multiplayer modes. Though the multiplayer modes did not come with no glitches, the development is a step forward.

The Specialist HQ instructs each multiplayer, thereby serving as a training ground for each player. The zombies has dual plots and this makes the instructions hard to follow ’cause there are various Easter eggs in each plot.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Pros

  • The gunplay scenes are just excellent. In fact my, you can personalize the guns to suit your style.
  • The zombies could be customized. Zombies in call to duty is the most successive type of Zombies,  and the most tasking.
  • Every player has the opportunity to learn the rules in a streamlined single player experience before exploring the game.
  • A more tense stage, Blackout was featured in black ops 4. Even the best players have difficult times with this stage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Cons

  • Though the changes featured are unprecedented, the maps are narrow. This makes the game kinda boring after a few playthroughs.
  • The designs are not what we expected from the designers and the spawn areas give the enemies advantage over the players.

God of War

Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

One of the lovely things in God of war is the musical score. It helps players flow with the game whether they’re winning or losing. God of War is not just a game, It’s a memorable one.

The beauty of God is war is the world surrounding the characters, which attracts more rewards as you explore. Also, this new series is more than war, it exposes the personal life of Kratos. In this version of God of War,  Kratos has to protect, teach and father Atreus though it’s not his thing. Don’t be surprised if you get emotional when playing the new God of War.

God of War Pros

  • The storyline is not just creative but also lovely. It’s different from the usual God of War style. More effort was invested in preparing the storyline.
  • The game is not just about challenges — though the developers excelled in designing difficult goals — but also a carefully crafted journey.
  • The depth and complexity of this new series begs every players attention. It’s a thing to explore.
  • The game has This depth and complexity is something entirely new to Krat
  • We know God of War for the diversity of Kratos arsenal and this version did not disappoint us in that regard. Also, the rewards hot lit🔥

Grand Turismo Sport

Best Rated PS4 Games: The Top 10 PS4 Games You'd Love to Play

Gran Turismo is a game every player should try. Its structure is superb and intriguing. Online gamers would be more than excited to check out the scheduled championships and daily races which rotates hourly.

To start playing, you gotta sign up for the race, try to qualify, and GT Sport would set up a race with a ton of human rivals. The only downsides are the lack of sensible weather effects, garage, and track choice.

Grand Turismo Sport Pros

  • The online multiplayer mode is impressive.
  • It’s scheduled championships and daily races are worth the hype.
  • GT has a standard view, which is far better when compared to DriveClub VR.

Grand Turismo Sport Cons

  • When cars collide, both colliding players are penalized regardless of who’s at fault.
  • The lack of content is quite obvious here. GT has only 17 locations and 40 tracks (including reverse tracks).
  • The car option is not up-to-date.

Final Thoughts

We weren’t paid to review the games mentioned in this guide. The opinions given were borne out of pure research and consumer reviews. As we’ve mentioned earlier, our criteria for compiling this list is objective. Thanks for reading.

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