Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

09:55 PM April 06, 2019

According to Theresa May, “Poverty is about people lacking the tools they need to get on in life…” Even if you are the hardest worker alive, your effort can be thwarted by past debts that still incur interest. Use these debt payoff planner applications to resolve these long-standing financial problems:

  • Payoff Debt
  • ChangeEd
  • Digit
  • Debt Payoff Assistant
  • Debt Manager
  • Debt Control
  • CreditWise from Capital One
  • EveryDollar
  • Debt Payoff Planner + Calculator
  • Debt Calculator

Ready to explore? Sit tight and read onwards; it’s time to settle that lingering debt.


Pay Off Debt – Debt Payoff Planner

Looking for an app to keep you motivated, organized, and confident? Pay Off Debt app is the perfect financial tool. The app was developed by Jackie Beck and costs just $4.99 as a one-time download fee.

Functions – Pay Off Debt

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

  • On Pay Off Debt, you can track your day to day expenses, various debit and credit accounts, loans, mortgages, and even other personal debts like “IOU’S” from relatives.
  • The app gives you a concise report of your debt and amortization statements.
  • Pay Off Debt was designed to organize all of your financial details, spanning from interest rates, initial and current balances, upcoming monthly payments, payment deadlines, tax information, and even insurance-related data.

You can customize your debt repayment plan as it suits your financial needs.

Download Pay Off Debt here

ChangeEd – Debt Payoff Planner

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

ChangeEd is a company that kept a great idea in mind when creating their app: Why not funnel leftover change into a good investment? The app accumulates the leftover change from your account and diverts the amount into your student loan fund!

You will be surprised at how much money accumulates from these spare change amounts building up over time.

For maintenance and services, ChangeEd charges $1 per month. This app is primarily for those who want to direct the “extra” money into outstanding student loans.

ChangeEd – Features

  • ChangeEd app was designed to, primarily, take advantage of and study your spending habits. The money accumulates quickly, and is truly significant.
  • ChangeEd sends your transaction change directly to your FDIC-INSURED account. Immediately, the funds are contributed to that debt account.

Download ChangEd here

Digit – Debt Payoff Planner

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

Like ChangeEd, Digit studies your spending habits, compiles your leftovers, and diverts them to your FDIC-INSURED account. But Digit employs a more secure method called the 128-bit encryption, a reinforced security feature for added financial protection.


Fun fact Debt Payoff Planner

The 128-bit encryption is a military-based encryption technique used to encrypt and decrypt data or files. The US military uses it, and it is quite safe.

What is great about Digit, as compared to the previous debt payoff planner, is that you can save or invest the spare change into whatever venture you prefer, not strictly to your student loan account.

Per month, Digit charges $2.99. This adds up to be $35.88 per year.

Download Digit here

Debt Payoff Assistant – Debt Payoff Planner

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

“And the best financial app award goes to Debt Payoff Assistant” (in Jacob Latimore’s voice)

To download Debt Payoff Assistant, you don’t need to pay a penny. The app is free, download it here.

Debt Payoff Assistant is programmed to clear your debt(s) using the Debt Snowball Method.

Interested in learning more about the debt snowball method? Click here.

Related apps

Debt Payoff Assistant comes with debt calculators like — Mortgage Calculator, Payoff Date Calculator, and Loan Calculator. In addition to the debt calculators, Debt Payoff Assistant comes with amortization tables to compare your principals, interests, and balances regarding your payments.

Debt Payoff Assistant offers extra features like — financial reports, charts, and a “percentage progress” bar.

Download Debt Payoff Assistant here

Debt Manager – Debt Payoff Planner

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

Like Debt Pay Off Assistant, Debt Manager is built on the principle of the debt snowball method. It isn’t free; it costs $0.99.

Debt Manager is well known for its clean interface, easy-to-understand graphics, and progress briefings.

Features – Debt Manager

  • Debt Manager has a “what if” feature that allows its users to play with figures and compare potential payment amounts, pay-off dates, and interest rates.  This feature helps you see the bigger picture — the total interest accumulated and duration of loan repayment.
  • It allows you to pay additional, variable payments anytime you have the opportunity to do so.
  • In addition to its services, you’ll get debt payoff tips and recommendations from professionals across the app.

Download Debt Manager here

Debt Control – Debt Payoff Planner

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

Debt Control clears debts faster than you are able to on your own, and Debt Control allows you to split your debt amount with your friends, colleagues, and family members.

This app is used for unofficial debts. Debt Control makes a joint payment easier and more apparent. It keeps records of “IOU’s” to teammates, friends, or relatives.

Debt Control has a group-share feature, which allows you to share your bills with other users on the Debt Control platform.

There are three main sections, namely;

  • Who You Owe
  • Who Owe’s You
  • Total Expenses

Download Debt Control here

CreditWise From Capital One – Debt Payoff Planner

CreditWise from Capital One is an app that every credit builder can benefit from. Its sole function is to provide you with the details of your TransUnion credit score, inquiries, and accounts.

All the necessary information needed to understand your credit score is provided within the CreditWise application. CreditWise From Capital One offers financial tips, recommendations, and feasible methods for building credit and clearing debt amounts.


  • CreditWise has a tool called credit “Simulator,” which changes your credit score based on your spending habits spending “decisions.”
  • It’s a free app with many benefits

EveryDollar – Debt Payoff Planner

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

Looking for a free app that focuses on debt management and control? EveryDollar is one of your best options. In addition to its primary functionality, it offers money management tips and financial tools. To upgrade to the premium version, you have to pay $99 yearly.

EveryDollar was invented by Dave Ramsey brand, a very reputable brand name. It serves as a budgeting assistant. It offers a free budgeting approach to managing your funds.

Your money is safe with EveryDollar. EveryDollar is a budgeting app that manages every income statement and outgoing expense.

Functions – EveryDollar

  • EveryDollar accounts for every dollar spent by helping you achieve a “zero-based” budget.
  • EveryDollar allows you to customize your budget and sync your spending habits.

Premium features – EveryDollar

  • Link the app to your bank account to import transactions for faster tracking.
  • All connected accounts can be managed from the app.
  • Access the support team via phone call.

Download EveryDollar here

Debt Payoff Planner + Calculator – Debt Payoff Planner

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

This tool is a combination of the debt planner and a calculator. Unlike other apps, Debt Payoff Planner + Calculator uses both of the major methods; debt snowball and debt avalanche.

You can adjust, invent, or personalize your debt payoff strategy. This financial app is completely free.

Register – Debt Payoff Planner + Calculator

  • Input your debts
  • Input a potential payment
  • Select a debt payoff method from the given options
  • Submit to create a custom payoff plan

Upgrade to the “procedure” version to unlock additional features.

Download Debt Payoff Planner + Calculator  here

Debt Calculator – Debt Payoff Planner

Top 10 Debt Payoff Planner Apps

Don’t know what to expect from a debt amount? Debt Calculator is here to the rescue. It is a free debt calculator endorsed by CNN.

All you need to do is insert the necessary values — debt type, principal amount, interest rate, and monthly payment — then, click submit. You will be presented with the debt date alongside the interest accumulated by the debt amount.

Unlike other apps, Debt Calculator doesn’t organize your debts or keep track of your expenses; It calculates your debt.

Check out Debt Calculator here.

Final Thoughts – Debt Payoff Planner

Depending on your goal(s), you can use two or three apps in combination to achieve the best results. It is imperative to understand the options that are available to you, and which of these options is most suitable to your financial situation.

Click here to check out the best debt paying strategies, or click here to learn about the common mistakes most people make when repaying debt.

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