Top 5: Best Ergonomic Keyboards You Can Buy Now

03:51 AM March 31, 2019

Have you tried sitting down on your computer for hours, wondering when you’ll be finished typing all of the necessary documents and online tasks, as your fingers and wrists begin to ache? Well, technology has made its way into the keyboard industry; ergonomic keyboards are perfect for computer users like gamers, office workers, and students who spends hours in front of the PC.

Ergonomic by definition is “relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment”. What makes it different, is that standard keyboards place your hands in a somewhat awkward position, with your fingertips being parallel to the monitor. This position requires you to hold your wrists at an outward angle, which explains discomfort resulting from extended use. Traditional keyboards lack support for the wrist, and in the long run, can contribute to the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.


This is where ergonomic keyboards make an appearance on the keyboard market. They solve the alignment problems, and offer a variety of different physical alterations to give your hands and arms a break while using the keyboard. Check out the variety of ergonomic keyboard options available on the market as we outline them below:

Microsoft Sculpt: Best Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard

  • Considered as the best in terms of the over-all criteria, you’ll definitely love this keyboard, as it fully addresses three key alignment issues which I have mentioned before. It has a curved design, cushioned palm rests, and a wave-like vertical shape. But the real selling point? Its wrist rotation.
  • Sculpt’s dome-shaped keyboard also has nice aesthetic features, and comes with a separate number pad which makes data and numerical input significantly more comfortable. The Sculpt is also wireless with excellent battery life, but has some issues with Mac compatibility, considering that it is a Microsoft device.
  • The only downside to the Microsoft Sculpt is its limited number of Fn keys; instead of the actual keys, you’re getting small buttons placed on the keyboard device.

Razer Ornata Chroma: Best Ergonomic Keyboard for Gaming

Razer Ornata Chroma Best Ergonomic Keyboard for Gaming

  • The Razer Ornata Chroma has a leather wrist rest, which makes it a perfect match for gamers fighting virtual battles for hours on end. This might not be new for gamers out there, but even casual keyboard users can benefit from the added comfort provided by the Razer Ornata Chroma. Further, true competitive gamers know how important these subtle details are during high intensity gameplay; the princess needs to be saved.
  • Razer Ornata Chroma’s padded wrist rest is attached to the keyboard body via a magnetic attachment. It also has a hybrid key switch design. Its “mecha-membrane” keys use a soft rubber “dome” membrane for a pleasant keyboard texture. The membrane makes it easier for the fingers to click, and is proven to be very responsive without being noisy on each tap. Plus, the keyboard has RGB Chroma backlighting, which creates an astounding illuminating effect in the dark.
  • While this keyboard is great for gamers, it is not the ideal ergonomic keyboard option for those experiencing severe wrist and/or finger pain.

Kinesis Freestyle 2: Best Two-Piece Ergonomic Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle 2 Best two-piece ergonomic keyboard

  • One of Kinesis Freestyle 2’s unique styles is seen in its “two island” design. Not everyone can adapt and be comfortable with the one-piece keyboard; it really varies depending on your personal hand and wrist requirements. The Freestyle 2’s keys also sit low, and don’t require strength to press, so it’s very light and easy on your fingers.
  • Although the keyboard itself is good, what makes it even more ergonomically beneficial is when you add the VIP3 riser kit to the device, offering wrist-rotation, tenting, tilting, and the additional palm rest. If you add the riser kit to this keyboard, it makes it as good as the Sculpt. It also is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

Logitech MK550: Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK550 Best ergonomic keyboard and mouse combo

  • Of course, the perfect partner for an ergonomic keyboard is a nice wireless mouse, which the Logitech MK550 bundle has. Logitech has already established its name as a major player in the PC peripherals industry, and the company also offers one of the best ergonomic keyboards and mice available on the market.
  • The bundle includes the Logitech Wave curved keyboard, along with the MK510 optical mouse. Logitech Wave aligns your hands in several ways, for example, it helps your wrist with its built-in palm rest, allowing you to position your hand at a more neutral angle with its curved design. It is also wireless with a great battery life.
  • The mouse, however, isn’t as ergonomically friendly, but it is useful and tactile in its own right. It has a hand-filling palm swell, and natural curvature for your fingers.

Fellowes Microban: Best Anti-Microbial Ergonomic Keyboard

Fellowes Microban Best anti-microbial ergonomic keyboard

  • The curved body and split-key alignment, plus the added hygienic bonus of an anti-bacterial coating, makes Fellowes’s Microban one of the best ergonomic keyboards. Although it maintains the standard keyboard shape, it has maintained its reputation with its simple yet effective design, and the charm of the anti-bacterial coating.
  • The rounded shape and split key design align your hands and wrists in an anatomically correct position, while the curvature of your palm rotates your wrists slightly outward. In addition, Fellowes Microban is also one of the best option if you are looking for cheaper ergonomic keyboards.
  • It doesn’t have any key curvature, though, and somehow keeps old aesthetics, which Fellowes seems to not mind utilizing.


The need for an ergonomic keyboard differs based on what we use the PC for. However, we can all agree that avoiding future hand and wrist problems is a major benefit of purchasing and using an ergonomic keyboard during frequent computing activities.

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