What’s a Difference Between Google Ads Vs. Google Adsense

01:00 AM March 08, 2019

Google Ads is a digital tool that has recently emerged in the sphere of digital advertising and has become a vital asset for the digital marketer.  There are many spheres of the digital marketing sphere that allow us, as marketers, to reach potential customers like never before. However, Google AdSense is a totally different program, as it allows content creators to have access to automatically generated ads. Content can be placed on these generated advertisements, and can be used to monetize marketing material. In this article we take a look at the differences between Google Ads and Google AdSense.

Comparing Google Ads to Google AdSense

First things to consider with Google Ads is that they contrast significantly to Google AdSense.  Google Ads are totally controlled by the digital marketer in order to bring in more conversions, clicks, or any type of company exposure.  This article breaks down the different sub categories of GoogleAds and Google AdSense so you can make better advertising decisions for your business venture.


Google AdSense

You are frequently exposed to Google Adsense everytime you utilize the internet, whether you are aware of it or not.  Have you ever seen one of those silly little commercials before or visited any of the 11.1 million sites that use google AdSense across the world wide web?

AdSense essentially allows automatic text, media, images, or interactive content to be generated for the webmaster who agrees to participate in advertising on a site.  It plants cookies when users visit certain sites, then generates contextual ads that are relevant to the individual’s interests or web search habits. Google AdSense is personalized for each individual and shows up regardless of what they are searching for.  This is much different from what Google Ads offers.

A publisher, for example, receives 51 percent of the revenue for an ad with Google AdSense. Additionally,  AdSense allows them to be displayed alongside any piece of content they might potentially purchase. AdSense hasn’t always been the dominator that it is today; it did at one point struggle to make ends meet back in the early 2000’s, when users couldn’t opt out of the advertisement options.  People involved were complaining that it didn’t truly let their ads perform to the best of their abilities. In 2010, after extensive research, google restructured their AdSense functionality which served as the foundation for the marketing tool that it has become today.

Google AdSense is now based on cookies, search history, and browsing history.  Google attempted to allow publishers to directly sell ads for about a year, but the clear marketing manipulation implications led to more changes in Google AdSense. The Google AdSense that you know today is much different than it was a few years ago. The influence of Google AdSense on online marketing is larger now than it has been ever before.


Google Ads

As mentioned earlier, Google Ads still deals with advertising, but in a different fashion than google AdSense.  With Google Ads, companies of any size can utilize the tools necessary to develop a strong online digital marketing presence.  This differs from AdSense in the fact that there are many different types of display settings or environments in which you can show your ad.

For example, you can show your ad in the most basic of Google Ads functions which is to just show it on the basic search feature. However, this type of advertisement is still considered a significant expense.  You’re paying just to put a pre rolled ad out into the market with hopes that potential customers will view your website. From there, people will click through your ad and ideally become avid followers. Regardless, it is advised to use more specific advertising methods to target the audience that is most suitable to your company’s image.

You can display certain ads based on location.  It’s very important that you get your keyword structure correct.  Google displays your ads based on 3 things: the quality of the copy or the writing in the ad, the quality of the landing page, and also the amount of money that you are bidding for a “click.”

If you are an independent business bidding on flowers in Tallahassee Florida, it might be less expensive than if you were going up against Amazon selling Nike shoes.  It’s a totally different ball game and an incredibly different service when compared to Google AdSense.

How They are the Same

However, there are some similarities in interfacing between google Ads and Google AdSense.  If you’re using Google Ads and you decide to advertise on their display network, then it converts into a Google AdSense type of space. This is because you will now be paying to advertise on a specific marketing platform, like YouTube or Gmail.



While Google Ads and Google AdSense are very different in the digital marketing sphere, they are still incredibly similar and at times work together. By understanding the fundamental differences between Google Ads and Google Adsense, you can find the tools that you need to launch your business to new heights.

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