How to Manage Your Facebook Business Page as Young Entrepreneurs?

01:20 AM February 10, 2019

As a young entrepreneur it can be very scary and you might have many questions as to how you could possibly ever manage an entire Facebook page by yourself.  Many young entrepreneurs have asked “How do I manage my Facebook business page?”.  There are so many avenues and things you can do with a facebook business page.   In this article we will be breaking all of it down, from paid advertising to just simple interaction, we have it all here.

We live in a world today where we are interacting with people like we never have before and faster than before so it’s important to change your social media marketing plan to adjust in this new world.  First things first, with a Facebook business page, you must have all of your information correct, you must have the correct store hours, the time in which you’re opened and closed, where you will be, where you’re located and most importantly how they can reach you.  You need to have the messenger app setup on your phone, that way if anyone has any questions about your small business you are able to respond accordingly and in a very quick and timely manner. We live in a day and age whereas you must be a responsive brand and able to adapt to everything around you.  If not, you will be getting left behind by a company that does, it’s as simple as that.


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One thing that’s very important for small businesses is content marketing.  It’s not enough anymore to just ram the consumers throat with your advertising and hope that they will buy from you, it simply just doesn’t work that way.  It’s very important to remember that in today’s day and age of technology, anyone out there is looking to steal your customer and they are working hard to do so, so you must have something to differentiate yourself from the rest and that is content marketing.  So, what exactly is content marketing? It is creating content whether that be through blog posts, or through video or picture engagements with your audience, this allows them to come to you organically. Everything nowadays is problem and solution centered, you’re looking for an answer, just how you found this blog article.  You typed your question about your small business into google and here we are. Your consumer is doing the exact same thing, so you must bear that in mind and create content for them that will become valuable, as you soon become the one stop shop. If they are repairing a car and you sell used car parts it might be beneficial to potentially have content or articles on your Facebook page that show how to do that particular skill or job.  That way, they type the question into google, they then find your page, they get their answer and realize hey I can order exactly what I need from this place and they will then complete what is called a conversion.

Another big thing about being involved in Facebook marketing for small businesses is to always be posting, it’s incredibly important to be active.  You don’t want to look like you’re a brand that’s just absent if someone goes to view your page, if you’re always on and always actively engaging with the content then it shows what you are about and how you can conduct business.  Since we live in such a social media ran sphere, it’s very important to remember these tips.

Another thing about managing your small business Facebook page as a young entrepreneur is that you are going to receive criticism, even the biggest and most beloved brands receive criticism, look at the most recent advertising campaign by Nike.  It received a ton of backlash but what Nike did very well is they responded. So for example, if you were to have an angry customer on your Facebook page, you must respond and try to rectify whatever might have happened in that experience. If you do so, that person is more likely to buy from you, their kids, family and friends are more likely to buy from you because you are seen as a brand that actually cares and not just in it for yourself to sell products.

All in all, you must truly care about your image as a young entrepreneur.  I hope these tips gave you some much needed insight into just how to manage a Facebook page for your small business.

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