Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader Review: A Great Option for Kindle Lovers

/ 01:57 AM February 14, 2019

If you are an ardent Kindle user, you must have had hands-on experience with several versions of Kindle e-readers. Our all-new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader review – nothing like the previous versions, in fact, it is an excellent mix of all the preceding versions of e-readers that have been released by the brand.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is not only reasonably priced, it has a sturdy design, to give it a long shelf life similar to the previous versions. Also, this Kindle e-reader is equipped with the Audible, Bluetooth features, and is capped off with a water-resistant ability. This gives the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader an edge over all other e-readers because these perfectly packed features, particularly its water-resistant ability could only be seen with the Kindle Oasis – an even costlier e-reader.


The water-resistant feature entices me. And this is not because I’d love to intentionally let my e-reader get into water, but it’s a very comforting to know that I can read in the shower, or beside a pool without getting scared if I accidently drop it.

If you’re in need of an e-reader, then the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader would be a perfect fit.


The pricing of this Kindle Paperwhite e-reader starts at $99.99. For this price, you get 8GB storage capacity and also a pack which Amazon refers to as “Special offers”. In the real sense, these are lock-screen ads which you can disable for $10. The higher model of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is priced at $129.99. For this price, you get a 32GB e-reader. And with an extra $10, you can get the ad-free version. 


  • Review Price: starting from $99.99
  • 6-inch Paperwhite Carta e-paper display
  • 300ppi display
  • 8GB or 32GB storage
  • Weeks battery life
  • Integrated backlit display
  • Audible support
  • Bluetooth


If you’re not new to Kindles, you must have gotten used to their design. And unlike a wide range of tech devices, sophistication is not the main idea behind the Kindle. Also, they’re not offered in multiple colours – just a sleek, light matte plastic body that’s very comfortable to read from for several hours.

Lots of people would jump on the Kindle Oasis because of its design, which is smooth, sleek, and modern. Also, it is made of metal, as against the plastic which other versions come in. However, I’d chose the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader over the Oasis not just because of its price; which is very reasonable, but also the comfortable feel.

As aforementioned, the Paperwhite has a plastic back, with slightly curved edges, which gives it a lot of balance while in use. In addition to this, the Paperwhite is somewhere between featherweight and no weight at all, but it has weight that’s just enough to remind you that you’re holding an e-reader.

Another huge perk of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is the design of the plastic rear. It is tough, and can go without a mark even after it gets in contact with other items that it is packed with. I’ve carried my Paperwhite around with several items in my bag for a long time, and it still hasn’t gotten as much as a mark. Obviously, from its sturdy design, you don’t have to be overly careful while handling it.

In terms of the efficiency of the screen, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader stands out once more. The new design puts the Paperwhite in the same ranks as the Oasis and the Kindle Voyage which is not produced anymore. The screen has an amazing feel, which doesn’t only make your reading experience better, but is also designed to keep debris locked out of the space between the screen and the bezel.

The screen by itself is a big game-changer. Enjoying a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, though similar to its forebears, but comfortable enough to give you a great reading experience. It features an E ink display – which uses a technology that lights up the screen from different angles, which is gentler to the eyes as compared to LCD display. I remember how difficult it was for me to read something from an iPad because of the LCD display. Fortunately, this wouldn’t be an issue with the Paperwhite.


To crown it all, Amazon made upgrades in the software and battery life of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. The new Paperwhite supports Audible – an audiobook store owned by Amazon.

The audiobooks are placed side-by-side with the textbooks. And just in case you get bored of reading text, you can simply switch things up and listen to audio. You may begin to wonder if the Paperwhite has an inbuilt speaker; no, it doesn’t. It isn’t even equipped with a headphone jack. All you have to do is connect with a Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones, and you’re good to go. I used the Paperwhite for quite some time, and I didn’t have any difficulty in pairing with Bluetooth.


Besides the bad experiences with sideloading my own content and not being able to open EPUB files, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader goes a long way from the preceding versions. And considering the long-lasting battery life, water resistant feature, and the great price, this device would be a good addition for you.

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