Amazon Echo Spot Review: New and Improved Replacement of the Echo Show?

/ 12:54 AM January 31, 2019

Amazon has done a great job with the Echo line, giving users a wide range of speakers to select from. However, the Amazon Echo Spot is in a class of its own. The smart speaker is not just good-looking and portable, it also features a cute little screen. Owed to its size, the Echo Spot can sit comfortably on your work desk, without really taking up any space.

The Amazon Echo Spot has a far more welcoming look, maybe the best one to be produced by the brand yet.   


Amongst the numerous perks that comes with the Echos, the major selling point remains their outstanding functionality, reasonable pricing, and voice interface which doesn’t necessarily require users to be tech savvy. The Echos have easily found a permanent place in every smart home setup. And considering what it brings to the table, this is no surprise at all.

Though the Amazon Echo Spot hasn’t really enjoyed a lot of popularity like other speakers in the same range, but it would easily take the top spot in terms of its looks. This beautiful piece has a versatility that’s second to none; it would look great whether you decide to place it on your bedside table, office desk, or grace your kitchen counter with it.


The Amazon Echo Spot is sort of a hybrid of the Echo Plus and the Echo Show, they’d fit perfectly into a shelf and a kitchen setting respectively. However, the Echo Spot would fit perfectly in almost every space.


  • REVIEW PRICE: $129.99
  • WI-FI
  • 3.5mm JACK

One may begin to wonder, what is left of the Echo Spot without its great look? Does it even make sense to invest in such a small round screen? Does the audio output of great quality as its counterparts? Our Amazon Echo Spot review will help you find out.


As far as design, performance and features are concerned, the Amazon Echo Spot has no match. In fact, this device is not just a smart speaker, it’s more. The Echo range of devices plays the role of a smart alarm clock; since some people would rather not have an alarm clock at all than have a chunky one. And for a lot of users, this becomes its primary use.  

The brand has added that extra versatile touch to our most loved smart speaker – the Amazon Echo Spot. From its portable and clean design to its smoothly curved edges, it is okay to say that this device is here to stay.

I’d pick the Amazon Echo Spot over the Echo Show every other day; not totally writing off the Echo Show, because it also produces high quality sound. But then again, I’ve always preferred smaller, compact devices, and when it’s a combination of small, compact, effective, and good looking, it’s obvious what I’d go for.

The Dot’s size can be compared to that of a mango. Although this is an inappropriate comparison, it goes to show how compact the device really is. The smoothly curved back and aptly positioned screen makes viewing very easy.


The Amazon Echo Spot goes above and beyond, and its release has set a new standard for desk-based video devices. Though the Echo show works in a similar fashion, it still can’t compare with the Dot. Amazon’s Echo Dot already wins the race from its relatively cheaper price.

Unlike other Echos which lots of people hideout in their kitchens, the Amazon Echo Spot has a trendy design which is great to show-off. And because it looks great, it won’t be such a big deal to have it in places where it will be easily visible.

Amazon released the Dot in two color options: white and black. It operates with a 2.5 inch screen which is relatively small, but enjoys a 480 x 480 pixel resolution.

The Echo Spot features a camera just above the screen, and also has a total of three buttons flush-mounted above, so they’re not visible from the viewing angle.

If you’re a frequent Echo user, you’d be used to these buttons and their functions: volume up, volume down, and a mic mute button – which also disables the camera, so if you want to switch the camera off, this is the button to press.

The Amazon Echo Spot is Alexa-enabled, so it has four tiny holes which is home to the four-array mics to pick up your orders to Alexa.

On the rear of Echo Spot sits a port for the power cable and a 3.5mm audio jack. This is the traditional design for all the speakers in the Echo range.

To further streamline the look of the Echo Spot, the speaker grille is positioned under the speaker, so it’s not visible if you’re looking at it directly.

Finally, the Amazon Echo Spot is Bluetooth accessorized, so it allows users to stream audio to and from other devices. Another addition by amazon is the ability to type in your Wi-Fi details from the screen, as against using Alexa.

Upon startup, the entire process takes no more than five minutes as with all other Echos. After switching it on, you’re presented with a promo video from Amazon, which would give you an overview of the devices’ capabilities.


The Amazon Echo Spot is a great addition and an obvious stand-out in the Echo range of products. Its circular and compact design, versatile nature makes the Alexa-toting video device a perfect fit for your bedroom, kitchen, office, and everywhere else.

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