Using your time on long flights

/ 12:32 AM March 04, 2017


On a long trip but don’t feel like sleeping the journey away? Being productive at several thousand feet up in the air might seem difficult, but it’s actually quite possible. There’s no better way to use your spare in-flight time than to do any of the productive items you can find on the list below:

Do a Bit of Reading

Catch up on some of your favorite novels (that you’ve been putting off) or buy a self-help book to pass the time. Your long travels in the sky are the perfect times to pick up that paperback  (or any audiobook reading device) and just absorb some knowledge while moving towards your destination.


Explore the Plane

Exploring the cabin during a long flight isn’t just for snooping around and taking photos of your swanky seat. It’s important that your body, especially your legs, are stretched out now and then. The brisk walk around the seating areas can also help you locate enjoyable plane amenities such as a lounging area or an in-flight bar if you’re in a top class airline.

Arrange Your Digital Files

Smartphones and laptops are an essential part of any modern person, but with constant picture taking, video recording and online browsing, your system can get cluttered. With free time during your flight, do a cyber clean-up: Delete unused programs; trash unimportant files; arrange pictures and documents in folders; clear your browser or app cache for extra data.

Start a Conversation

If you aren’t sitting next to family on a trip, you might as well get to know the person who will be seated beside you for the next few hours. Start with something simple to talk about like about how nice your seats are or about your upcoming destination to break the ice. Staying on positive terms with your seatmate is a good way to keep your flights interesting and less awkward.

Study Your Destination

Use your in-flight time to learn all about the place you’ll be visiting. Study interesting tidbits and cultural manners, go online and see what travel reviewers have to say about the country, look for the top places to visit, which foods to try, and what souvenirs are exclusive to that place. You’ll be surprised how information like that can help you upon landing.
These five items show that you can make good use of your flying time. Do you have any other ideas on how to use your air travel time productively? Make a list and take it with you the next time you get on a really long adventure in the air so you’ll know just what to do.


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