Work From Home Jobs: Considered As Entrepreneurship?

/ 01:17 AM January 30, 2019

Work from home jobs, a.k.a remote working, telecommuting or mobile work are jobs, which allow you to work from anywhere without leaving your comfort zone. Many companies understand the benefits of this concept and are interested in hiring individuals who can fit into the picture.

This kind of employment, though convenient and tempting has its own challenges. Placing remote working and entrepreneurship side by side, this article will explain working from home and its connection with entrepreneurship.


How Work from Home Jobs Work

The work-from-home structure is fast becoming a great business culture, both for business owners and workers alike. Prior to this time, some careers are seen as flexible or less rigid and this notion enables an individual to work from home.

Understanding the pros and cons of the idea, helps you to weigh the options and decide if wanna practice the “new work order”. As an employer, some of the benefits of remote working includes— comfort of workers, high level of productivity, less financial strain, and time saving.


For employers, it allows a flexible schedule and helps them do other things apart from their job. Working from home makes work enjoyable and help create a balance and perfect work-life.
Many individuals are worried to take the “leap of comfort” due to the uncertainty that plagues their minds. Questions like ‘what are the kinds of work I can do from home’ and ‘how do I go about it?’ will be answered below.

Types of Work-From-Home Jobs

There are several opportunities in reputable companies that offers work from home jobs. A lot of companies like –Google, Github and Alibaba – are now adopting this new work trend. According to Cali Williams Yost, CEO and Founder of Flex+Strategy Group and Work+Life Fit, “viewing telecommuting as just optional perks mostly used by working moms is very wrong”. She argued that allowing employees to work remotely is a better business strategy.

There are some kinds of jobs that you can explore if you were planning to start telecommuting. It’s important to note that these jobs require a high level of connectivity. Truth be told, telecommuting would be impossible without the internet. Since technology is getting better, the internet offers greater opportunities daily and there are vast jobs to explore as long as you have a good connection. Some work from home jobs include:

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Gone are those days when marketers have to dress up and knock on doors to promote their goods and services. The internet has made marketing easier than it used to be. As an online marketer, the deal is to explore the social media platforms available to you and reach numerous clients each day. This can be done via Email, Twitter, Youtube, and other platforms. It’s expedient you keep it in mind that working from home does not make you less professional.

Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Many opportunities are available for writers who plan to work from home. There’s a truckload of opportunities to be explored—ranging from ghostwriting to copywriting. All that is needed is the appropriate platform to prove yourself and get established. Once you’re known for your writing prowess, the rest of the deal is simple.


Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Making a living as a graphic designer isn’t as impossible as many make it sound because a lot of companies and businesses need the service of graphic designers. The most important step is how to market your skills to people. As soon as you’re well connected, you can initiate your career.

APP Developer

APP Developer

For an individual with great knowledge on computer science, a very lucrative option to explore might be app development. It’s a kind of job that requires you to put your whole skill and expertise into a thing till you get it right. You can make a quick survey of a gap in the tech world and think of how to fill that gap.

Work from Home; A Kind of Entrepreneurship

Placing entrepreneurship and telecommuting side by side, we would realize the inevitable  similarities. Just as a person who works from home determines his schedule and projects, so also an entrepreneur. Most of the challenges of an entrepreneur is shared by an individual who works from home.

Entrepreneurship involves innovation and risk-taking. Entrepreneurs often work in solitude, especially at the initial stage of the business startup. They’ve got to make the decisions on his own and bear the load and burden of the business all by themselves. Individuals who work from home also bear the burden of their work, with no coworker to cover up for them.

Although, each concept have its own unique peculiarities, they’re similar. I believe Working from home is a form of entrepreneurship, even if the individual doesn’t own every sector of the business.


Whether as an entrepreneur or an individual who works from home, the greatest tip you need is to create a schedule and stick to it. Be disciplined with your schedule if you want to be productive.

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