NBA: Top 10 Shooting Guards of All Time

/ 01:55 AM January 25, 2019

With all this talent in the NBA, it’s hard to decide who the top 10 shooting guards of all time are, but we have compiled a nice list of who we think and stats say that they are the top 10 best shooting guards of all time in the NBA. These top 10 shooting guards are determined by statistics, and some we picked because, they’re awesome. Statistics do not lie, you’ll read this list and you will probably agree with at least 75% of them. This group of shooting guards are not short on talent and heart. That’s why they are the top ten and the best of the best.

The Best Shooting Guards of All Time

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan


We have seen many great players in the NBA, we’ve seen some exciting games, and now we’re looking at the best shooting guards of all time. We will start with number 1, who most of us know and love. He’s even got the best shoes around, even our babies are wearing them, so he’s got to be great!  The number one best shooting guard of all time is, Michael Jordan. The reason why he’s number one, there are many reasons, but it’s MJ! Here are his stats:

30.1 PPG  |  5.3 ASTS  |  6.2 REB  |  49% FG%  |  2.3 Steals


  • 6X Champion
  • 6X FInals MVP
  • 5X MVP
  • 11X All NBA
  • 9X All Defense
  • 14 X All-Star
  • 10X Scoring Leader

Is there anything that this man cannot do?

2. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

Number two on our list of the best shooting guards of all time goes to: Kobe Bryant. So what is so great about Kobe? This is what’s great:  Stats:

25.0 PPG  |  5.2 REB  |  4.7 ASTS  |  44% FG%  |  1.4 STL


  • 5X Champ
  • 2X Final MVP
  • 1X MVP
  • 2X Scoring Champ
  • 18X All-Star
  • 12X All Defense
  • 15X All NBA

That’s an amazing record, now you see why he is number two?


3. Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade

Number Three best shooting guard of all time may surprise some of you. Its Dwyane Wade. Yes, he is one the best players in the game, we feel. He’s great defensively and is on the top of blocks list too. There isn’t much he cannot do. He’s almost tied with Michael Jordan on blocks. He has a championship under his belt and FMVP too. Statistics for Mr. Wade include:

22.3 PPG  |  4.7 REB  |  5.5 ASTS  |  48% FG%  |  1.6 STLS  |  0.9 BLKS  


  • 3X Champ
  • 1X Final MVP
  • 3X All-Defense
  • 12X All-Star
  • 8X All-NBA
  • 1X Scoring Champ

Clearly, if you don’t agree, stats do not lie. This man is amazing!

4. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson

Coming in at a strong fourth for best shooting guard in the NBA is Klay Thompson.  Why Klay Thompson so high in the list you may ask, well considering this 3X champ really has led his team three times to the championships and won, says a lot! He’s still very young too, 29 and what a resume’ he already has. Let’s look at the stats for Klay. Statistics:

19.3 PPG  |  3.5 REB  |  2.3 ASTS  |  45.7% FG%  |  41.6% 3PA%  |  0.9 STLS


  • 3X Champ
  • 4X All-Star
  • 2X All-NBA

5. Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

The number five top shooting guard of all time is Allen Iverson. This man is tough! Up until his last game, he will play 100%! He’ll go above and beyond, because he’s very talented, but also loves this game! The man has a huge love for basketball that he will do whatever he has to in order to play and continue a season for his team. Iverson has very admirable traits that most of us don’t even pay attention to. Here are his statistics.

26.7 PTS  |  6.2 ASTS  |  3.2 REBS  |  42.5% FG%  |  2.2 STLS


  • 11X All-Star
  • 1X MVP
  • 4X Scoring Champ
  • 3X Steal Champ
  • 7X All NBA

6. James Harden

James Harden

The Number six top shooting guard of all time is:  James Harden.  His career isn’t quite over, so we know there’s room to improve for James. He isn’t even thinking about retirement any time soon, so you’ll see him move up in these ranks for sure.  Let’s look at his statistics and he what he brings to the table, Stats:

23.5 PTS  |  5.1 REB  |  6.2 ASTS  |  44.3% FG%  |  1.5 STLS


  • 6X All-Star
  • 1X MVP
  • 1X Scoring Champ
  • 1X Assist Champ
  • 5X All-NBA

7. Ray Allen

Ray Allen

Ray Allen comes in at the number seven top shooting guard of all time. Ray actually leads Klay and Curry in championships, which is amazing. In one of his championship games, he played a HUGE role in winning. He scored a record number of 3 pointers against the Lakers, this was when he was playing for Boston. He landed a beautiful 3 in OT in game six. The Heat had to win that game and this is when he won his second ring. Let’s look at his stats:

18.9 PTS  |  4.1 REB  |  3.4 ASTS  |  45.2% FG%  |  40% 3P%  |  5.7 3PA  |  1.1 STLS


  • 2X Champ
  • 10X All-Star
  • 2X All-NBA

8. Clyde Drexler

Clyde Drexler

One of the best players who have ever played this game, coming in at number eight, its Clyde Drexler. To watch him play ball, is simply an amazing experience. Drexler was able to achieve a championship as well. When Michael Jordan retired, Drexler was victorious. There are many areas where he’s a great player. He is multi-talented and an great team player as well. He’s always been very efficient in playing. Stats:

20.4 PTS  |  6.1 REB  |  5.6 ASTS  |  47.2% FG%  |  2.0 STLS


  • 10X All-Star
  • 5X All-NBA
  • 1X NBA Champ

9. George Gervin

George Gervin

The number nine best shooting guard of all time is George Gervin. Even though he never won a championship, This man is an excellent player, and with tons of heart, blood, sweat, and tears. His stats say it all:

25.1 PTS  |  5.3 REB  |  2.6 ASTS  |  50.4% FG%  |  1.2 STLS


  • 12X All-Star
  • 4X Scoring Champ
  • 7X All-NBA

10. Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller

Last, but not least, we have Reggie Miller. He doesn’t have a lot of accolades, but this guy has heart and plays with 100% always. He never won a championship, but he has led the league in all-time 3 point shooting. Stats:

18.2 PTS  |  3.0 REB  |  3.0 ASTS  |  47.1% FG%  |  39.5% 3PA%  |  4.7% 3PA  |  1.1 STLS


  • 5X All-Star
  • 3X All-NBA

These are the top ten NBA shooting guards of all time. Some of them have many rings, some have zero, but one thing they have in common, the love for the game of basketball. These guys are the best of the best and are magical when they play! These ten men are truly why I love the game of basketball.

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