Apple Latest News: Top Apple Releases and Upgrades

/ 12:57 AM January 22, 2019

New year, new technologies. Isn’t that how the saying goes? One company that everyone’s got their eye on is Apple, and 2019 proves to be bringing out some awesome Apple releases. If you’re the person that always has the newest gadgets or upgrades, then you’re going to want to read this. We’ve got you covered with the latest news on upcoming Apple releases.

Apple’s Latest News

1. iPhone SE 2

For all you iPhone lovers out there, get your wallets ready for the new iPhone SE 2. Fans of the iPhone SE model have been calling for an upgrade and it seems Apple might be answering their prayers. If the SE 2 does launch it will most likely feature a similar design to the SE but with internal upgrades like the A10 chip and a powerful camera. Rumors have it the phone may launch in Spring of 2019.


2. Apple Streaming

With the boom of Netflix’s streaming service other companies, like Amazon and YouTube, have been jumping on the stream wagon. Now, it looks like Netflix will have some competition when Apple releases its own streaming service in Spring 2019. There’s no news yet on if it will be a subscription service or a free service, but it’s definitely in the works. Movies and TV shows will be available to watch on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. However, it’s still a question if Mac users will be able to watch from the TV app.

3. Smart Battery Cases

Rather than being a rumor, Apple has actually just released their new line of Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone XS/Max/XR. The case attaches to your phone and lengthens the life of your battery. Reportedly, for the XS it adds 33 more hours of talk time, 21 hours for internet and 25 hours for video. The case also has Qi charging, allowing users to charge their phone and battery case at the same time. You can purchase these cases now from Apple for $129.


4. AirPower

This is definitely an exciting new release that almost seems futuristic. AirPower allows users to charge their Apple devices from a wireless charging pad. The amazing thing about AirPower, apart from it being wireless, is its ability to charge multiple devices at the same time. So, you can charge your phone, Apple watch and AirPods all at once! It also uses intelligent charging, meaning it can analyze charge levels and maximum capacity, so each device takes the right amount of power. While there are rumors it will launch in Spring 2019, Apple has had some design issues so there is a possibility this product will not make it out for a while.

5. AirPods 2

Although AirPods received a lot of heat when they were first launched, they soon caught on and have become a staple with Apple users. Since their release in 2018, Apple has worked on their design and added some new upgrades that users will be sure to love. Some of these new features include water resistance, Siri voice activation, noise cancellation and biometric sensors for heart rate measurement. Of course, this does mean a higher price, but it’s one of the most used products from Apple’s releases and its got some pretty awesome upgrades!

6. Triple Lens Camera

Earlier this month prototypes were leaked of what could be the new iPhone camera featuring a triple lens design. The three lenses are located horizontally in the center of the phone, with the flash in the middle and the microphone below. This triple lens design will allow for better 3D sensing, higher optical zoom, improved low-light performance and better overall photo quality. Needless to say, it should be the best camera iPhone has seen yet. There is also still discussion on if it will be the standard design for all iPhone’s or the new design for the iPhone XS Max.

7. Mac Upgrades

Several different Mac’s have been long overdue for an upgrade and it seems Apple is finally working on them. Rumors have it the MacBook Air could be getting a new processor and a price drop; however some are also saying that Apple may create a whole new line of laptops based on the Air’s design. The iMac and iMac Pro are also expected to get some new updates to their hard drives and other internals. And finally, the Mac Pro which was last updated in 2013 is set to get complete makeover. Apple has been very secretive about the new design details of the Mac Pro. We’re just going to have to wait and see what they come out with!

8. Apple iCar

This is by far one of the most interesting of the Apple releases. As crazy as this may sound, Apple has reportedly been working on a car related project. The rumors speculate they are working on a self-driving car or an automated driving software. They aren’t actually building a car, but they have been busy working with technology that deals with self-driving cars. These rumors were further supported in late 2018 when Apple and VW worked together to create a driverless vehicle to transport employees to and from work. Whatever the case Apple is definitely working on something car related that should prove to be very exciting when confirmed!

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