Ariana Grande Album: My Everything

/ 01:11 AM January 18, 2019

Ariana Grande, someone who has as of late really become such a household name in the music industry, known for her stunning high falsetto notes, and blazing runs, her vocal talent is really unmatched. She has just recently released her 4th studio album with widespread success, however all good artists are like houses they have a foundation, so we are gonna take you back to Ariana’s foundations that have led her to be what she is today. We’ll review this Ariana Grande Album, My Everything.

From stem to stern this album really takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as Ariana typically does on her albums, starting things out quickly with an infamous track, Problem.


Ariana Grande – My Everything

Problem – Billboard Hot 100

This track peaking out at 2, on the billboard hot 100. Problem is a studio pop classic, it features a name that has vastly grown in popularity since, Iggy Azalea. It features the catchy vocals of Ariana Grande, with a belting range that maybe a dog can only hear. It is a dance club type of song that features many layered vocals and intricate runs by Ariana, all together adding into a light hearted post breakup song. Someone who has “One Less Problem” without whoever they were dating before, many people can relate to this. Ariana does such an incredibly good job of relating to her Audience and is one of the main reasons she has so rapidly gained popularity.

One Last Time – Billboard Hot 100

This track peaking out at 13, on the billboard hot 100 This song similar to the last is a studio pop classic, however this song features a softer side of Ariana, the side that potentially got her into trouble in the first place, speaking about wanting to be the one that takes her boy of interest home. It features a motivational uplifting back beat that is layered with her truly powerful backing and lead vocals. A true Ariana classic.


Love Me Harder – Billboard Hot 100

This track peaking out at 7, on the billboard hot 100. Is really a beautiful pop mashup from now what are two of the biggest names in the game Ariana Grande and The Weeknd, their ranges are incredibly similar and their vocal tonality match up so incredibly perfectly. This song serves as a call and response type track, the type of which date back to the 1940’s however this is no 1940’s jam. This track features many complicated layering with crescendos, and a pumping back beat that really makes the listener want to just simply get up and dance. It almost serves as a vocal battle back and forth and quite honestly there is no winner, other than the listener as this masterpiece will truly stand the test of time. I think it’s definitely interesting to see how music has changed over the last few years for both artists and how their musical progressions have been very similar and yet drastically different. I think generally how artists are in the pop world is greatly dictated by the record labels, but as the artists gain popularity and get older I feel as though they are able to move more into their own style and create songs that they can not only be proud of but be incredibly passionate about. Looking back you can definitely see the musical progression both skill wise and content wise that both The Weeknd and Ariana Grande have undergone.

Best Mistake – Billboard Hot 100

This Track peaking out at 49, on the Billboard hot 100. It’s a very ironic song now looking back at it, as it is known that Ariana Grande is known for dating Big Sean in this era thus the reason why they created this song together. This track, “Best Mistake”, is ironic looking back as Ariana might consider him a mistake at the time, however in her most recent track “Thank U, Next”, she speaks about how all of her ex’s have actually taught her something and now she might not view Big Sean as a mistake. This rap pop fusion features a verse from Big Sean that speaks about their relationship and how he may have been a mistake but the best mistake she’s ever made.

All in all Ariana Grande is just truly a musical mastermind that speaks to artist’s and people all over the world, as a worldwide success it doesn’t look like she’ll be slowing down any time soon.

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