Eargo: Discover the Best Hearing Aids with Exclusive Offers

Elevate Your Hearing Experience with Eargo: Discover the Best Hearing Aids with Exclusive Offers

/ 06:47 AM November 15, 2023

Elevate Your Hearing Experience with Eargo: Discover the Best Hearing Aids with Exclusive Offers
Attention everybody! Please hear us properly when we tell you something about hearing. Literal hearing because the best hearing aids are dropping this Black Friday Sale. Well, are you looking to enhance your hearing without compromising on sound quality or style?

Eargo’s Black Friday Sale is the perfect opportunity for you to unlock the power of premium hearing technology. With exclusive deals on their revolutionary Eargo 7, Eargo 6, and Eargo 5 hearing aids, this is not a sale you’ll want to miss out on.

Snag discounts of up to 20% off their most advanced hearing solution – the Eargo 7 – or up to 10% off their other devices. You’ll find deep discounts on all of Eargo’s stellar lineup, along with perks like extended warranty coverage.


So whether you’re an existing Eargo user looking to upgrade or a new customer seeking an affordable entry point, there’s no better time than the present to elevate your hearing wellness.

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The Eargo Advantage

Looking for premium hearing technology without compromises? Eargo understands your need for high-performance sound alongside convenience and discretion. As the leader in accessible hearing solutions, Eargo is committed to delivering advanced audio expertise without unnecessary bulk or hassle. Through meticulous engineering and design, they’ve perfected the compatibility of powerful functionality and comfort. This is The Eargo Advantage.

While hearing aids have become more accessible with the advent of over-the-counter (OTC) devices, not all products can deliver a premium experience. But Eargo is different – they’re committed to bringing users breakthrough hearing technology without compromising on quality or convenience.

Unlike low-end OTC amplifiers that simply turn up all sounds, Eargo’s micro-sized hearing aids are custom-tailored for your unique hearing needs. They automatically adjust audio settings based on your environment for an immersive listening experience.

What’s more, Eargo hearing aids are designed to be discreet and comfortable. Crafted to fit snugly in your ear canal, they’ll barely be noticeable to others. Yet you’ll enjoy big, rich sound thanks to advanced audio processing.

And unlike bulky devices, Eargo lets you enjoy wireless connectivity and easy controls. Their portable charging case also means you’ll never have to fiddle with tiny batteries.

Real People Have Seen Real Results

Twenty-six-year-old Tristan Whooper, a barista and an Eargo user, says how the tiny ear wonder helps him humongously. “All I had was big, bulky things over my ears. That’s not what I was looking for. Eargo saved my conversations, especially while serving drinks every morning.


Drummer Charlie Benante describes Eargo as his “superpowers” and recommends the OTC hearing aid after struggling with conventional ones, saying, “This little thing…saved my life. I was more engaged with people instead of feeling isolated.”

Best Hearing Aids with Exclusive Black Friday and Holiday Sale Discounts

Features and Benefits of Eargo 7

The newest addition to the Eargo family is the Eargo 7 – their most advanced hearing solution yet.

Equipped with Sound Adjust + Clarity Mode, the Eargo 7 uses sophisticated scene analysis to decipher where you are and automatically optimizes settings for clearer conversations. Say goodbye to interrupted calls or muffled music thanks to enhanced noise reduction.

Eargo 7

EARGO Exclusive Discount

Eargo 7

  • Regular Price: $2,950
  • Black Friday Price (November 14 – 26, 2023): $2,350
  • Cyber Monday Price (November 27, 2023 – Dec 4, 2023): $2,350

Plus, its rechargeable zinc-air battery delivers up to 16 hours of power from a single charge for all-day sound, while the portable case gives you 48-hours of complete performance.

As with all Eargo models, the Eargo 7 is fully self-fitting for your unique hearing needs. Its customizable hearing profile is programmed based on your preferences and can easily be adjusted through the Eargo app.

The Eargo 7 truly revolutionizes hearing healthcare with premium features like Sound Adjust + Clarity Mode for enhanced environmental adjustments. For optimal comfort, the Eargo 7 features Eargo’s ultra-slim tube to sit discreetly in your ear canal. It’s also sweat and water-resistant, so you’ll remain worry-free during workouts or rainy days.

The newest Eargo 7 raises the bar for accessible premium hearing by delivering high-performance audio that seamlessly adjusts to your world.

Features and Benefits of Eargo 6

While versatile, the Eargo 6 is still enhanced with intelligent sound adjustments. Its Sound Adjust feature automatically calibrates settings in different environments like quiet offices, busy restaurants, and loud concerts. Utilizing Eargo’s Sound Adjust Technology, you can personalize audio equalization based on your specific hearing loss through the Eargo app.

Eargo 6

EARGO Exclusive Discount

Eargo 6

  • Regular Price: $2,250
  • Black Friday Price (November 14 – 26, 2023): $1,990
  • Cyber Monday Price (November 27, 2023 – Dec 4, 2023): $1,990

Like all Eargo hearing aids, the Eargo 6 is designed for an all-day sleek and comfortable fit. Housed in a sturdy yet discreet casing, it’s water-resistant to withstand sweat or accidents. Designed for extended wear, the Eargo 6 packs 16 hours of power while maintaining an invisible fit.

Its water-resistant construction also protects the components from sweat or unexpected wetness. The Eargo 6 delivers natural, conversation-focused sound at an accessible price tag.

Features and Benefits of Eargo 5

As Eargo’s most affordable option, the Eargo 5 still packs impressive functionality. Right out of the box, its ergonomic micro-design ensures a comfortable and invisible fit. Through Eargo’s Sound Match mobile app, you can personalize audio levels with precision-fine tuning based on your auditory screening results.

Eargo 5

EARGO Exclusive Discount

Eargo 5

  • Regular Price: $1,650
  • Black Friday Price (November 14 – 26, 2023): $1,490
  • Cyber Monday Price (November 27, 2023 – Dec 4, 2023): $1,490

Its rechargeable battery provides all-day power on a single charge for up to 16 hours of non-stop audio assistance. Plus, its water-resistant construction protects the electronics from moisture. This makes it a versatile companion whether in the shower, at the gym, or out in the rain.

Overall, the Eargo 5 is a great entry-level choice if you’re new to hearing aids or looking to dip your toes in Eargo’s technology. Plus, it’s eligible for Black Friday discounts as well.

Why Choose Eargo for Black Friday and this coming Holidays?

This Black Friday, Eargo is dropping prices like never before on their lineup of premium hearing aids. For a limited time only, you can score a massive 20% discount on Eargo’s flagship Eargo 7 model.

That’s a savings of over $500 if you upgrade to their top device. The Eargo 6 is also marked down by 10% off its regular price. Meanwhile, early adopters can still enjoy 10% off the Eargo 5.

Eargo believes strongly in putting customers first, which is why they offer a generous Risk-Free 45-day right-to-return period on all hearing aid purchases made directly through Eargo. This allows new users to experience their premium audio technology risk-free within the comfort of their own homes and real-world environments.

Should Eargo hearing aids not be the right fit for any reason, customers have 45 days to initiate an easy return through Eargo’s support team.

Along with online guidance, new users will also receive personalized assistance from a dedicated hearing professional through an orientation call during the trial period. So customers can have complete peace of mind when starting their hearing healthcare journey with Eargo.

And that’s not all! With Bread®, you now have the flexibility to spread your payments over up to 36 months at competitive rates. Opt for 12 or 24 months with rates as low as 0% APR*.


Eargo’s Micro-sized Hearing Aids have Automatic Audio Settings

Eargo’s hearing aids use advanced technology called scene analysis to understand the listening environment. Microphones in the hearing aid pick up sound from the surrounding area and analyze characteristics like volume levels, frequencies present, background noises, and reverberation.

The device then cross-references this audio fingerprint against its internal database of different location profiles like quiet offices, busy restaurants, loud concerts, etc. Based on the detected scene, Eargo’s processing chip automatically adjusts settings like volume, noise cancellation, and equalization to provide the ideal listening experience.

For example, it will reduce background noises and amplify voices more in a noisy cafe versus increasing treble sounds at a live music show. This allows the hearing aids to effectively switch settings in real-time as the user moves between different environments, ensuring clear, interruption-free hearing anywhere.

#ShatterTheMyth: User’s REAL Success Stories

Real people’s experiences say it all. Take Dana, a mother who bought Eargo aids for her dad, Didier. After struggling with hearing loss for years, Didier can now participate more in conversations. As Dana shares, “Hearing loss is about relationship loss. Eargo saved our relationship and family.

James, a military vet and businessman, was happy to ditch his bulky old aids. “Eargo fits seamlessly into my daily routine. I can enjoy work and play without feeling self-conscious.” For Charlie, a drummer in the heavy metal band Anthrax, Eargo was a lifesaver. He says, “Without my ears, I don’t know how I could do my job. Eargo was basically like having superpowers again.

These are just a few of the many success stories that inspire us every day. To read more real-life transformations, hear other Eargo Stories from our life partners. You could be next to find new freedom, joy, and experiences through the power of premium hearing assistance from Eargo.

Conclusion: Hear Us Out

Eargo’s Black Friday Sale offers the perfect opportunity to take your hearing to the next level. Whether you’re ready to upgrade to their newest and most advanced Eargo 7 or looking to dip your toes in with an accessible entry-level device, their exclusive offers include deep discounts across the board.

So don’t wait – take advantage of this limited-time event today to experience crystal-clear sound, effective noise cancellation, seamless environmental adjustments, and more capabilities reserved for just their premium brand of hearing aids.

Coupled with rave customer reviews and a guaranteed best-in-class fit, comfort, and discretion, Eargo is truly the smart choice for hearing wellness. Upgrade your ears today at Eargo’s Black Friday Sale and amplify your world.

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