Top productivity tools for the go-getters (and procrastinators) |

Top productivity tools for the go-getters (and procrastinators)

Whether you’re a Type A planner or a spontaneous creative, there’s an app (or web extension) waiting to up your productivity game
/ 02:46 AM October 04, 2023

The best productivity apps and tools for every personality type

Here’s a list of apps and tools to boost every worker’s productivity | Screencap from “The Intern” (2015)

Back in the day, technological devices were considered a distraction. 

“Kaka-cellphone/computer mo ’yan!” was a catchphrase every Filipino mom would use on their kids for any academic setback. Got a B+ on your exam? Blame not getting an A on your screen time. Left your project at home? You surely had your mind on computer games instead of schoolwork, or at least that was what a parent’s deduction would be.


Well, those days are gone, and the same gadgets we accused of being the root of all evil have now become productivity allies and lifelines

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But here’s the thing: Everyone deals with tasks differently. Our personalities influence our motivations and ticks, and what works for one person may not work for you or vice versa. With the wide array of productivity tools on the internet, though, there should be something out there for the type of worker you are.

That’s why we’ve curated a non-definitive list of apps (and web extensions) to help you find your perfect match easier. So, in true Gen Z fashion, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.


One Sec, for the easily distracted

Doom-scrolling (or app hopping) can be a massive time suck, especially for folks with short attention spans. One moment you’re staring at a half-baked report due at midnight, and the next, you’re deep into the vortex of cute cat videos on TikTok.

One Sec understands this struggle, and can be the Caring Friend™ tapping you on the shoulder while saying: “You sure you want to do this right now?” It knows you’re prone to distractions, and steps in whenever you try to open certain apps.

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This tool doesn’t aggressively scold or guilt-trip you, though. It only prompts you to pause, literally breathe, and think: Do you actually need to scroll, or is this just a result of stress, boredom, or subconscious impulse? (You can even program One Sec to specifically target those apps that tend to waste your time, sans the need for absolute withdrawal.)

Swipewipe, for the receipt collector

In the year of our Lord 2023, screenshots are everyone’s best friend. After all, who knows when you’ll need to dig up an important conversation from months ago to prove a point? So, before you know it, your camera roll has already become more of a landfill of screenshots (read: a digital archive of evidence) than a treasure trove of memories.

Enter Swipewipe, an app that promises to help declutter galleries without sparking an inner conflict about accidentally deleting crucial receipts and/or keepsakes.

It’s a straightforward (yet stylish) solution to organizing your monthly photo dumps—swipe right to keep, left to delete, tap to undo, and hold down for metadata. It can unearth precious memories while leaving behind the blurry duplicates, the accidental screencaps, and the countless selfies that didn’t make the Instagram cut. (Because let’s face it, your camera roll also needs some TLC.)

Chippy, for the AI-dependent

While there are tons to unpack in the world of artificial intelligence, we can’t deny the convenience of having an AI sidekick at your beck and call, or in this case, at a simple press of Command/Control + J. 

Need some writing assistance? A solution to coding issues? Or perhaps, a translator for when you’re exploring foreign websites? Chippy can be your trusty companion on the internet highway—always ready to lend a helping hand. It’s a Chrome extension that brings the power of ChatGPT anywhere you go online.

And no need to worry about privacy risks. Your conversations with Chippy are stored locally, keeping your data under your control.

Headspace, for the Zen seeker

One cross-sectional study from 2021 suggests that decreased productivity can stem from stress. So, what exactly can you do about it? Well, you can’t entirely avoid stress, but you can learn to manage it properly. 

That’s where Headspace comes in—a.k.a. an app that aims “to improve the health and happiness of the world.” It offers meditation sessions tailored to your needs: to reduce stress, improve focus, or find some inner peace. It’s perfect for folks who thrive on mindfulness and understand that sometimes, taking a step back can propel you two steps forward. 

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You can also choose from a variety of meditation styles and durations, from bite-sized three-minute sessions to longer ones. So, even if you only have a few minutes between meetings, you can still sneak in a moment of calm. 

Plus, the app offers soothing stories, calming sounds, and sleep-inducing music for those nights when your brain just won’t turn off. It isn’t free, but investing in it can be worth it.

Trello, for the organizational maestro

Some people have the uncanny ability to turn chaos into order. And if you happen to be the type who color-codes their sock drawer and alphabetizes their bookshelf, Trello can be your digital playground.

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This tool is the holy grail for anybody who loves order, structure, and visual organization. It’s like having a (virtual) corkboard with an endless supply of sticky notes. You may create boards for different projects or areas of your life, and within those boards are lists and cards. Each card may represent a task where you can add a due date, description, checklist, and attachment to keep everything in check. 

You can use it for work projects, personal goals, event planning, or even as a shared grocery list with your roommates.

Focus Booster, for the deadline dasher

Ah, the thrill of the last-minute hustle. For those who get an adrenaline rush from racing against the clock, Focus Booster can be the wind beneath your wings. 

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This desktop app employs the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method that has saved countless procrastinators from the abyss of missed deadlines. The concept is simple yet effective: You work in focused, intense bursts—typically 25 minutes—followed by a short break. This cycle repeats until you’ve hit your productivity peak.

Focus Booster doesn’t merely track your work sessions; it also helps you analyze how you spend your time. You can discover your peak productivity hours, how often you take breaks, and where you might need to tweak your workflow.

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