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American Makeup vs. Filipino Makeup – Discover the Key Differences

/ 09:47 AM June 30, 2023

Are you ready to explore the vibrant realm of cosmetics? We’ll delve into the fascinating intricacies of American vs. Filipino makeup.

From various techniques to unique product preferences, these two diverse makeup cultures have their own pretty flairs. So join us as we unlock the key differences between American and Filipino makeups.

Filipino Makeup’s History

Filipino Makeup’s History
Filipino makeup history is deeply connected with cultural influences and traditions. Before Spanish colonization in the Philippines, indigenous practices used natural materials like ground herbs, rice powder, and plant-based particles to improve beauty.

During the Spanish era, European beauty intensely influenced Filipino makeup. Fair skin was highly coveted, a choice prevalent up to this day.

The highlight was on having porcelain skin with red lips and rosy cheeks. In recent decades, K-pop music and Korean dramas increased interest in K-beauty standards like the “glass skin” look and gradient lips.

The K-beauty regimen was also embraced by Filipinos, incorporating Korean ten steps skincare into daily beauty routines. This change led to leaning towars more dewy and natural complexions, minimalistic eye makeup, and emphasis on skin care.

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A Brief History of American Makeup

The history of American makeup goes back to the early 20th century when the beauty scene started to flourish. In the 1920s, the legendary flapper style emerged, featuring smokey eyes, bold lips, and powdered faces.

Decades later, iconic stars Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe heavily influenced  beauty standards, their beauty styles impacting Hollywood glamour and influencing American makeup trends.

As the beauty standards evolved, the 1980s and 1990s witnessed dramatic, bold makeup trends taking the spotlight. With the influence of pop culture and musical icons, Americans welcomed the idea of intense blush, colorful eyeshadow, and statement lips.

Key Differences Between American vs. Filipino Makeups

Key Differences Between American vs. Filipino Makeup
In this exploration, we’ll reveal the key differences that set American and Filipino makeup apart. As you scroll down, we’ll highlight each style’s diverse paths in pursuing self-expression using cosmetics.

The Foundation of Beauty

When it comes to Filipino makeup, expect similarities to Korean beauty trends. Filipinos focus on having a dewy and luminous complexion.

It is achieved by using lightweight and thin applications of foundations and highlighting tactics. The current K-beauty wave influenced this trend.

On the other hand, American makeup focuses on complexion. American beauty gurus usually prioritize a flawless base using concealers and heavily-tinted foundations.

The goal is to have a natural yet ultra-polished look focusing on highlighting and contouring to achieve illuminating dimension.

Color Burst

Filipino makeup typically leans more toward softer and more natural hues. It emphasizes enhancing one’s striking features instead of creating dramatic looks.

Filipinos choose earthy colors, subtle pinks, and warm neutral tones to get that fresh and youthful look. But don’t get mistaken, Filipinos also love experimenting with bold colors on special events and occasions or for a night out.

On the other hand, American makeup is well-known for its love affair with vibrant, bold hues. From vivid lipsticks to eye-catching eyeshadows, Americans aren’t scared to try and experiment with their makeup palettes.

American makeup aficionados welcome self-expression and creativity through vibrant shades, whether it’s a statement lipstick or a smoky eye.

Preferences and Techniques: American vs. Filipino Makeup

Preferences and Techniques: American vs. Filipino Makeup

Eye Enhancement

With its more natural approach, Filipino makeup emphasizes defining the eyes and creating a soft, big-eye look. Nowadays, Filipinos opt to use false or extension lashes that give length and volume without overpowering the whole makeup.

In American makeup, the eyes are the mirror of creative self-expression. Bold eyeshadow styles with intricate mixing and defined creases are common.

Americans love to play with various eye shapes. They experiment with glittery accents, winged eyeliner, and dramatic eyelashes to enhance their eyes.

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Lip Colors

Filipino lipstick leans toward a more subtle lip color depending on the occasion. Filipino use bolder shades like berry hues or deep reds on special events.

Filipinos tend to lean towards MLBB (my lips but better) and nude shades. They prioritize emphasis on achieving natural, soft, and effortless charm.

Meanwhile, American makeup embraces a wide variety of lip colors, often using various colors, from vibrant pink to eccentric reds.

Americans also use unconventional lip shades like purples and blues. They aren’t afraid to come up with bold lips, usually opting for matte or glossy finishes to accentuate their pouts.

Popular Makeup Products: American and Filipino Faves

Popular Makeup Products: American and Filipino Faves
In American and Filipino makeups, particular products stand out as favorites. From world-renowned American brands famous for their trendsetting innovations to beloved Filipino cosmetics that honor local beauty, there are tons to explore.

Filipino Must-Haves

  • Vice Cosmetics
  • Ever Bilena
  • Happy Skin
  • Careline
  • Sunnies Face
  • BLK

American Faves

  • Urban Decay
  • Mac
  • Fenty Beauty
  • Nars
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills


So there you have it! American and Filipino makeups may have their own unique styles and preferences. But both celebrate the art of self-expression through cosmetics.

While American makeup leans more towards flawless skin, bold colors, and creative techniques, Filipino makeup is more natural and dewy, as inspired by K-beauty trends.

Whether you’re aiming for a natural glow or rocking bold colors, the beauty scene has a place for everybody. So go ahead, experiment, and find your own distinct makeup style that will make you feel fabulous and confident.

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