Sweatblock Antiperspirant Review: Is it a Legitimate Solution for Excessive Sweating

Sweatblock Review: The Ultimate Solution for Excessive Sweating

/ 09:11 AM February 06, 2023

SweatBlock is the leading brand providing easy treatments for excessive sweat and odor with antiperspirant products for the underarms, arms, feet, body and face.

SweatBlock has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Oz, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Verywellhealth.com.

Its sweat products are trusted and recommended by doctors throughout the world, including Doctor Keri Peterson. Expert and medical contributor to Women’s Health.

This product review will examine the brand, its customer reviews, best-selling products, and more to help you determine if its products are perfect for you.

About SweatBlock

About SweatBlock

SweatBlock was established in 2004 by renowned Ph.D. researcher, and professor, Scott Steffensen, who set out to solve his sweat problems.

He came up with the original SweatBlock wipes, which kept him dry for seven days straight with just one application. Since its inception, it has helped 100’s of thousands find relief from excessive sweat and embarrassment.

Overview of SweatBlock

Almost everyone can understand the uncomfortable feeling that comes from excessive sweating. Finding a deodorant or antiperspirant that stops excess sweat can be even more frustrating.

That’s why SweatBlock created its line of DRIBOOST® Antiperspirants. (Currently available in a wipe and roll-on form.)

DRIBOOST® Antiperspirants are stronger than clinical and use Aluminum Chloride to enhance and extend the sweat-blocking effect.  

This makes them uniquely effective at controlling excessive and uncontrollable sweating caused by hyperhidrosis, hot climates, stress, or anxiety.

DRIBOOST® enhanced antiperspirants are most effective when applied at nighttime, before bed. They work by plugging the sweat pores and blocking sweat from accumulating on the skin.

For individuals with less severe sweating, SweatBlock offers Clinical and Everyday solutions. This antiperspirant has a solution for all types and severities of sweat and odor.

Underarm Protection

SweatBlock excels at underarm sweat protection. Its best-selling DRIBOOST® Antiperspirant Wipes and Roll-on provide up to 7 days of underarm sweat protection per use.

The product also offers a 48-HR Clinical Deodorant Antiperspirant for moderate sweat and odor control. This can be applied daily or as needed.

For the ultimate sweat and odor defense, SweatBlock recently released a Max Clinical Sweat & Odor System.

This system includes the original DRIBOOST® Antiperspirant Wipes along with the Clinical Deodorant Antiperspirant Stick. Together, they protect against excessive sweating and odor.

Hands & Feet Protection

SweatBlock also has solutions for excessive hand and foot sweating. Their Quick Dry Antiperspirant lotions control sweaty hands and feet and prevent foot odor caused by profuse sweating. These lotions can be applied daily and right before important engagements.

Body Protection

It also offers an XL DRIBOOST® Antiperspirant wipe designed for larger areas of the body, including the back, legs, chest, and neck.

Like the original SweatBlock DRIBOOST® Wipe, these XL wipes provide up to 7-days of sweat protection per use. They work great for underarms too.

Face Protection

For facial sweating, SweatBlock has a specialized Face Antiperspirant Wipe and a Sweat-Wicking Hankie.

SweatBlock Face wipes help reduce face sweating, oil, and shine, and provide long-lasting makeup protection. No more packing around wads of paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper to wipe away extra sweat. These wipes work best if applied at night.

SweatBlock also offers a sweat-wicking microfiber hankie. This stylish hankie is perfect for wicking sweat from the face, neck, hands, and body. Carry it in your pocket or purse to discreetly manage embarrassing sweat.

SweatBlock Best-Sellers

All SweatBlock products are made with safe, pure, FDA-approved ingredients. All products are formulated, filled, and sealed in the USA to ensure quality and safety.

Their best-selling products reviewed below will give you the best chance to eliminate embarrassing sweat and body odor.

Explore products and prices here.

SweatBlock DRIBOOST Antiperspirant Wipes

SweatBlock DRIBOOST Antiperspirant Wipes

SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes are the best for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. They provide underarm sweat protection for men, women, teens, and anyone bothered by excessive, embarrassing sweat.

Key Features

  1. Apply at night, and stay dry for days (up to 7 days per use)
  2. Weekly application. (or as needed)
  3. Stop excessive underarm sweating and hyperhidrosis.
  4. Includes 10 DRIBOOST® Wipes per box.
  5. Doctor created & recommended.

Product Description

Sometimes a deodorant stick is not enough. What we love about this product is that its clinical strength formula can stop excessive sweating for up to 7 days with just one use, keeping you dry for days with no stained shirts.

Apply a SweatBlock antiperspirant wipe at night before bed and get protected for several days before needing to reapply.

It is safe, strong, and proven to protect against hyperhidrosis, nervous and hormonal sweating, and sweating as a side-effect of prescription drugs.

Depending on how quickly you use the wipes, you may need to get more, but they generally last for a long time. You also need to follow the direction of use to avoid irritation.

Get SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes

SweatBlock Max Clinical Sweat + Odor Bundle [Wipes]

SweatBlock Max Clinical Sweat + Odor Bundle [Wipes]

This system combines SweatBlock’s original antiperspirant wipes and deodorant for complete sweat & odor protection. 

It includes SweatBlock DRIBOOST® Antiperspirant Wipes to control excessive sweat and SweatBlock Clinical Deodorant to eliminate armpit odor.

Key Features

  1. Stops excessive sweating and embarrassing sweat marks
  2. Eliminates inconvenient body odor
  3. SweatBlock DRIBOOST® Wipes (10 Wipes)
  4. SweatBlock Clinical Deodorant Stick (1 Stick)

Product Description

The wipes and deodorant work better together. While the wipes work as you sleep, the deodorant provides freshness all day. Apply the wipes weekly or when needed, and use the deodorant daily for that extra sweet defense.

Order SweatBlock Max Clinical Sweat + Odor Bundle

SweatBlock Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This SweatBlock review found 20,000+ customer reviews and 15,000+ 5-star ratings on its website and Amazon.

SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes has an average rating of 4/5 stars from 20,000+ customers on Amazon alone. One customer who rated it 5/5 described the product as the “only thing that has helped my excessive sweating!” while another approved it for hyperhidrosis.

We also found numerous positive reviews on their website. However, if you are still wondering if SweatBlock stops sweaty armpits for up to 7 days, check out this video of SMAC taking the one-pit challenge.

SweatBlock Promotions & Discounts

SweatBlock Promotions & Discounts

Get access to exclusive deals on the website, with free US shipping on orders of $25. SweatBlock offers product bundles, so you can save on your favorite items and still get a discount on each bundle.

In addition, we found that customers can subscribe and save 10% on all products and get free shipping in the US.

Check SweatBlock discount bundles.

Final Thoughts

SweatBlock products are available directly from SweatBlock.com, but you can get them on Amazon too. They also offer a 100-day money-back guarantee on all products on their website.


Is SweatBlock Safe?

The product uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure a safe experience with all its products. Their formulas comply with all FDA guidelines and contain similar safe ingredients found in many other top deodorant products.

What is SweatBlock antiperspirant vs. deodorant?

Antiperspirant and deodorant refer to two very different things, even though people often confuse them. While antiperspirants stop sweat, deodorants mask or prevent odor.

SweatBlock antiperspirant wipes are used once a week at night to protect you for several days, while deodorant is used daily.

Can antiperspirants cause skin irritation or allergic reactions?

Based on your skin’s sensitivity and body chemistry, you may experience side effects, such as itching, rashes, burning, and skin irritation.

These can be minimized or avoided altogether by carefully following the usage instructions. However, there is no evidence of a link between antiperspirant use and cancer.

How to contact SweatBlock

For any other information not included in this review, you can contact SweatBlock through their website, email: [email protected], or call (855) 796-2566.

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