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15 Kit Kat Flavors You Need to Try

/ 10:39 AM December 13, 2022

Growing up, we all loved Kit Kat. It is a chocolate bar of crispy wafers and chocolate fillings covered with a delicious chocolate shell. This instantly recognizable, scrumptious wafer is always a delightful snack to have. Now, there are hundreds of Kit Kat flavors available all over the world.

The confection is undeniably popular worldwide and was originally created by Rowntree’s of York, United Kingdom. It is now globally manufactured by Nestle, with almost two hundred billion bars produced in the United States alone.

There are many flavors to choose from, especially in Japan, where Nestle takes its game to another level. There are also over 300 flavors in Japan, which are unbelievably popular. So, grab one while they last and get ready for an explosion of flavor on your tongue – because once you try these delicious treats nothing else will compare!

Kit Kat Flavors

Best Kit Kat Flavors, Ranked

Flavors abound in the Kit Kat world, and some may not be available in your area. Like other markets, some flavors are made for certain regions and their specialties. Additionally, others are less region-specific and have gained popularity worldwide. However, the following flavors are a must-try.

1. Milk Chocolate

The Kit Kat flavor that began it all, this bar is a mouthful of creamy milk chocolate. It comprises three layers of crispy wafers filled with milk chocolate between each layer. This made way for the success of the candy bar, which is by far a favorite for consumers.

2. Dark Chocolate

Like the milk chocolate bar, dark chocolate Kit Kat is as simple as it gets. It is like the previously mentioned candy but with a dark chocolate twist. Instead of the original milk chocolate filling, this bar is filled and coated with sweet, dark chocolate.

3. Mocha and Chocolate

This particular flavor may eliminate your need to go to a coffee shop for a warm cup when you can get a Mocha and Chocolate Kit Kat from the nearest candy store.

It is made of your usual wafers, but they are half-coated in mocha crème with tiny bits of coffee mixed in it and half-coated in chocolate, which is simply yummy.

4. Chocolate Hazelnut Thins

What’s a chocolate candy bar without hazelnuts? Unlike the traditional Kit Kat, which consists of three layers, this one has only two, hence the name “Thins.” The “Thins” are singly packed in little pieces and broken in half. So, if you love hazelnuts, you would love this one.

5. Strawberry and Dark Chocolate

The Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Kit Kat flavor is one of the most legendary Duos yet. The bar is made of three wafers that are filled with strawberry crème. Also, half of the wafer is coated in dark chocolate while the other half is covered in strawberry crème. Just like the name implies, it is all chocolate and strawberry.

6. Fruity Cereal

Kit Kat made a candy bar that takes on the tasty appeal of breakfast cereal. Although we are unsure which cereal is being mimicked, we still get a pretty good treat. This bar is covered in pink fruity cereal-flavored crème, and the fruit flavor is vague. The bar is also dotted to give it that familiar cereal look.

7. Blueberry Muffin

The blueberry muffin tastes exactly like its name. The candy bar is covered in a layer of blueberry muffin-flavored crème. The similarity in tastes is so uncanny you may want to have them even for breakfast.

8. Lemon Crisp

This is one of the two citrus-flavored Kit Kats available. It provides a refreshing lemon flavor that is just right, meaning it doesn’t have too much of the tang that comes with lemons.

Best Kit Kat Flavors, Ranked

9. Gingerbread Cookie

Ginger Bread candy is made from natural and artificial flavors. This, one of the sweeter Kit Kats, is also lightly spicy owing to the ginger. Its wafer is coated with gingerbread-flavored white crème. So, if you love gingerbread cookies, this will delight you.

10. Raspberry Crème

Usually offered as a Valentine’s Day special, this is one of the seasonal Kit Kat flavors. It has a brushed pink color, and the wafer is covered in raspberry crème. It is also buttery smooth in the mouth, and you should note that this flavor is fruity with no chocolate savor.

11. Mint and Dark Chocolate

This is one of Kit Kat’s duo lines with two flavors: mint and dark chocolate. It is half-filled with chocolate and half-filled with mint crème.

12. Pumpkin Pie

Of course, there is a pumpkin pie-flavored Kit Kat for the fall. This one has artificial and natural flavors, so do not expect any pumpkins or cinnamon, as they are not in the ingredients. Additionally, it has a coating of pumpkin pie-flavored crème that does taste like pumpkin pie.

13. Key Lime Pie

Gaining inspiration from popular desserts, Kit Kat has Key Lime Pie Kit Kat. This flavor also has a crunchy filling and a crème coating, making it feel like an actual pie. The lime filling is also tasty, with a slight tanginess.

14. White Crème

Many would argue that white chocolate is not chocolate, but that isn’t entirely true. It is made from cocoa butter found in cacao beans. As such, this makes it just as much chocolate as any other. The bar is extremely sweet and oily, comprised of sugar, oil, and milk.

15. Witch’s Brew

It is one of Kit Kat’s many holiday-themed candy bars and uses the White Crème Kit Kat as a base. Additionally, it has a glowing green color which gives a zesty Halloween vibe. Kit Kat describes it as enchanting, with a marshmallow flavor, which makes it very sweet.

How Many Kit Kat Flavors are There?

There are so many Kit Kat flavors, it takes a lot of work to keep track. Kit Kats in Japan and the rest of the world, sold by Nestle, have over three hundred known flavors. Additionally, Kit Kats sold in the United States by Hershey’s have over one hundred flavors. Flavors available to you are affected by what region you are in and the season.

How Many Kit Kat Flavors are There?

Why Does Japan Have So Many Kit Kat Flavors?

Ever wondered why Kit Kat bars, originally from England, are so popular in Japan? Well, a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Kit Kats are believed to bring good luck. In Japanese, it is pronounced “Kitto katto,” which is similar to “Kitto katsu,” which means “surely win.” Nestle capitalized on this by making lots of flavors.

Also, there is fierce competition among convenience stores, with shops demanding new products every so often. Subsequently, this led to Kit Kat producing even more flavors to take advantage of the market.

How to Get International Kit Kat Flavors?

You may have to go on international shopping sites like Amazon or Etsy to get international flavors. You could also grab some Japanese Kit Kat flavors from local Asian stores in your area, like H Mart.

Kit Kat Flavors – Conclusion

There you have it – 15 fun and interesting Kit Kat flavors from all around the world that you need to try. With such a wide range of options available, there’s sure to be something for everyone. So next time you’re in the mood for a sweet snack, reach for a Kit Kat and enjoy!

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