No Contact Rule: The Best Way to Get Over Your Ex

No Contact Rule: The Best Way to Get Over Your Ex

/ 08:59 AM December 01, 2022

It takes a lot of work to give up on the thought of reconciliation and maintain no contact. It is even harder to keep to your decision, especially if you’ve spent time loving the person. But no matter how hard it may be, this is the first step toward mental stability.

While many people start no contact to win their ex back, it is unwise to focus on that. If you wish to improve yourself during the no-contact period, do it for yourself rather than merely for your ex.


The no-contact period is not the time to demonstrate that you are functioning without your ex; it is not a contest of “who can stay out the longest.” Instead, it’s a chance for a reset and a private moment to assess your priorities.

It’s normal to go through different feelings when your relationship ends, including rage, despair, guilt, and denial. This article will teach you much about the no-contact rule and its effectiveness.

What is No Contact?

What is No Contact?

No contact is the practice of avoiding all communication with your ex following a breakup. If your ex is a drug to which you are hooked, then refraining from contact is the best option. Most times, people addicted to their ex require a cold turkey strategy to end their addiction. 

The no-contact rule includes the following:

  • No texts or phone calls
  • No seeing them at home
  • No stumbling into them unintentionally
  • No contacting them through your mutual friends and family or sending them any IM or Facebook messages
  • No Facebook (or other social media) status updates are addressed to them, and other things.

You don’t even leave a trace of your ex to be in your life. Considering that even a small amount can make you crave your ex once more.


You may learn how to live without your ex by ending your addiction to them. The ideal method is to avoid any interaction at all. You might be questioning why you should learn to live without them if you want to be reunited with them.

Because if you don’t learn to function without them, you’ll probably come across as needy and desperate anytime you interact with them, making you appear undesirable to your ex. Nobody desires the company of the needy and desperate.

There should be at least 60 days of no contact. It’s the safest and simplest method for moving past an ex.


What You Need to Know Before Going No Contact

What You Need to Know Before Going No Contact

If you’re considering going “no contact” with someone in your life, you should know a few things before making the decision. Here’s what you need to consider before cutting off all communication.

The no-contact rule will not lead to you getting back together.

You must possess the proper mindset and attitude to go forward. You need to be equipped with the appropriate knowledge and resources. The most crucial thing is to have a plan for yourself.

Because you think there isn’t enough of it, you’re constantly frightened of losing what you have. You think that if you lose the one you love, you’ll never be able to love again, and you keep asking if your ex will come back after the no contact.

Most people attempt to manipulate others by following the no-contact rule (to make their ex miss them enough to want to get back together or to make them feel superior over the other person).

Nevertheless, despite what other individuals and internet users may claim, the no-contact rule is not particularly beneficial in winning an ex back. It also doesn’t follow that you will have the same outcome as other people whose exes have returned to them. It is extremely disrespectful to attempt to control someone else’s life.

If you employ this approach, you might have issues of your own and cannot maintain a healthy relationship. Because you are still physically and emotionally attached to your ex, it may be challenging to end your relationship with them.

Instead, the no-contact policy should enable “you” to learn how to be fine. It is a crucial instrument for personal growth because it enables you to feel “completely alone.”

Going no contact will suck.

Let’s face it; the no-contact rule presents a very real difficulty. It simply sucks not to be in contact with someone you spent your entire day, every day, messaging and calling. Your gut feelings, thoughts, and many other reminders of him that come at you out of nowhere are understandable.

Many individuals use love as a medication or a cure. They frequently receive an “overdose” of outside influences (with someone’s attention and approval). It can be painful to walk away from these heartbreaking emotions after ending a relationship (and they worry they’ll never be happy again).

Enjoy your life, and do everything you can to improve your mood. No one else will look out for you, so be your best friend and start caring for yourself. It would help if you worked on becoming a joyful, self-assured person when there is no interaction. But remember that you shouldn’t do it to get your ex back.

Be determined. However, following the no-contact rule can rebuild self-esteem, confidence, self-reliance, and self-empowerment. You will feel sadness and anger, but It will also assist you in determining what you truly desire in a partner.

Try to take care of yourself, and wherever possible, stay away from your ex on social media (If you can, blocking your ex is a better way to achieve the no-contact rule).

It would help if you talked to someone who can truly relate to you about this event. A strong teammate will boost your spirits in a real battle, while a weak teammate will give you problems.

Your silence will speak louder than anything you could say to them.

There is no simple way to get over a breakup, but keeping quiet to your ex communicates a lot. Ultimately, words are not as powerful as deeds. Your ex will see you are strong, tough, and independent if you don’t say anything.

It hurts the hardest to end a long-term relationship, especially when it happens through hurtful means like text messages. They could still want you to beg or to stop using social media altogether. So if you do, they’ll believe you made the proper choice. Also, after a breakup, keeping quiet can help you figure out why things didn’t work out.

Considering your previous relationship and what you might have done differently is a fantastic approach. It also allows you to reflect on your past relationship and learn from it so you may approach things differently.

Seeing as how reflecting on former relationships and the reasons they didn’t work out can be difficult, many individuals tend to avoid doing so. However, remaining silent after a breakup is a terrific way to reflect on your previous relationship and learn from it.

The No contact rule is unpredictable and safe and alters everything. Don’t say anything. Think it over, and then move on. Give yourself a reason to forget.

Show them you’re in a better place and make them understand they’ve lost a significant thing. Respect and love yourself.

No contact will help you develop important emotional skills.

No contact will help you develop important emotional skills.

More free time generally follows the end of a relationship. You can achieve greater levels of success without your ex if you can make the most of this period and use it to your advantage.

Lack of boundaries is a major factor in failed relationships. Choose respect if you have to pick between being loved and being respected. As a result, the optimal time is when you apply this technique. Develop your personality, establish healthy boundaries, and boost your self-esteem.

Even though life may look different without your ex, being busy will help you from feeling the want to get in touch with them. The mere concept of them won’t stop you from getting up to go to school or work, hanging out with pals, or carrying on with your day as usual.

You can perform better in your subsequent relationships if you track down and pinpoint your mistakes.

Being alone will help you rediscover forgotten sources of happiness.

Single people travel wherever enjoyable to have fun, leading to what appears to be a more exciting existence than most people in relationships. Most people plunge deep into relationships.

After settling in, they stop flirting and begin to argue. Old acquaintances, previous ways of living, and crucial facets of their existence are abandoned.

The no-contact rule offers you a good time to plan and achieve your goals. Meet new people, travel to destinations you’ve always wanted to see and discover new languages and cultures.

Also, physical activities like yoga, gymming, jogging, and skipping are the most crucial things that one should do during the no-contact period. This is due to several factors. It causes the release of feel-good endorphins. It will help you get in shape, which will improve your mood once more.

You will learn to define your non-negotiable values.

Everyone has different non-negotiable core values, so going through yours again can help you be more ready for a more fulfilling relationship in the future. Most people go about finding a relationship in the wrong way. They strive for physical perfection, wealth, or attractiveness.

You must adopt a new mindset if you desire enduring love — the type that gets better with time. What values do you hold? What essentials do you require?

Going no contact will bring you back to reality.

You grieve your relationship throughout the no-contact phase, and as time goes on, you begin to see your ex through the perspective of reality rather than potential.

After your relationship ends, the no-contact rule serves as a detox to bring you back to reality. You view your ex for who they are, not for who you would like them to be. You can decide when a relationship is truly safe for the long run as your eyes open to reality. Long-term commitment is serious business, so you want a strong and reliable companion along the journey.

Having no contact with your ex will make you stronger.

To recover, deal with, and reclaim control over your emotions, cutting contact enables you to build your closure. It enables you to think through your emotions and choose how to move forward.

During no contact, you’ll be able to find a different source of happiness outside your partner. And only then will you realize your worth and be at peace with yourself.


What You Need to Know Before Going No Contact

You are supposed to heal from the breakup by putting the no-contact rule into action after it has occurred. It’s intended that you spend time apart from your ex to get perspective, work on yourself, and grow. It’s crucial to remember that you should do it for yourself and not merely in the hopes of winning your ex back.

Telling you it will be simple is a lie. Go on! It won’t be easy, but trust the process, and you’ll soon realize that life is much better without your ex-partners. You won’t be able to believe that you ever lived that way when you look back a few years from now.

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