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10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are to Die for

/ 09:25 AM October 04, 2022

Halloween is upon us! It’s the season to transform your home into a spooky and festive haven. Deciding on a DIY Halloween decor and what items to purchase might be a very daunting and expensive task, and I have just the solution for you.

We’ve put together some of the most creative, fun, and spooky DIY Halloween decorations you can do with little or no cost and absolutely no crafting experience, using only things you probably already have at home.

Spooktacular DIY Halloween decorations that’ll impress your guests

Halloween is just around the corner. You’re probably thinking about what decorations you want this year. Look no further than these DIY Halloween decorations. Bring out all your craft supplies, and let’s get crafty. You don’t have to be a pro to get these done; even kids can handle these DIY decors without stress.

Magic Potion Bottles

Magic Potion Bottles

These could arguably be the easiest to create in this list. All you need is a collection of glass bottles (you can recycle used candle jars, honey jars, and whatever glass bottle you can find). Fill these bottles with fake bloody fingers, which you probably have from previous Halloween decors, and if you don’t, you can mold some with clay or paper mash. You can also fill the jars or bottles with different colors of gummy candies and dry beef jerky to give that flesh-like feel to the mixture. Use a funnel to pour water, colorings, and glitters and let the spooky parts float.

Spider Web Pumpkin

10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are To Die For

You’ll obviously need a pumpkin to achieve this. Get one and paint it black. Unlike the traditional way of carving out the top of the pumpkin, you carve out a large oval hole on the body of the pumpkin, then using a borer, create small holes around the carved-out part. Use a white thread to pass through these bored holes until you make a spider web shape. To finish this diy halloween decor all up, glue a fake spider to the web, and you’re good!


Origami Balloon lights

10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are To Die For

This is very quick to achieve. You’ll be needing any string lights you’ve got and paper. Fold and blow out a cube-shaped paper balloon (this is relatively easy, anyone can do this diy halloween decor in no time), then design letters on them with black ink to form a spooky word like boo, haunted, evil, beware, etc. now wrap each balloon to light so when the light glows you can see the words in the dark.

Tombstone Chair Covers DIY Halloween Decor

10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are To Die For

Photo Credits: Goodhousekeeping.com

For this, you’ll need to design and print a stencil with a write-up like “RIP 1506-1592” or whatever seems right to you. Use scissors to carve out the stencil to create a template gently. Now, pin the template on a pillow of cover sheets to make sure it doesn’t move while painting, dab foam in paint, gently paint out the cut-out spaces, and allow it to dry. You can now place your pillow on a chair or cover the chair’s backrest with the painted sheet.


Blood Drip Table DIY Halloween Decor

10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are To Die For

This one is my favorite, it just gives you this spooky yet classic feel, like you’re actually in the Addams family home, and it’s not so hard to make. You’ll need red sealing wax or red hot glue sticks to design the flowing blood effect.

Fix your glue sticks into your glue gun and let it heat up for about 5 minutes. Turn a clean glass bowl, vase, or bottle upside down and then run the glue around the bottom of the bottle allowing the liquid glue to run over around the edge and some time to dry. 

After that, run again to cover all the open spaces, and finally, allow it to dry properly before you turn it back up. You can easily peel off the plastic when you’re done or keep it for next year’s Halloween.

Snake Wreath

10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are To Die For

Photo Credits: Pinterest.com

You can easily scare people around with this realistic décor. All you need is all the plastic snakes you’ve got, all sizes available. Now, twine them around the wreath repeatedly until you’ve used all the plastic snakes; you can use glue to make it stick wherever necessary.

Vampire Bat Leaves

10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are To Die For

Photo Credits: Lizmarieblog.com

This is very easy, and it would be fun to leave these entirely to the kids. You’ll need leaves (preferably maple leaves). Paint them black and allow them to dry. Now use white paint to draw the eyes and vampire-shaped teeth. You can glue these to a thread and let them hang across your ceiling, or you could spray them across the floor.

Halloween Stress Balls

10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are To Die For

Photo Credits: momgenerations.com

To add more fun to the already busy haunted house, this is perfect for it. Get as many orange balloons as possible, use a black marker to draw out emoji-looking eyes and mouths on each balloon with a different expression, blow up the balloons and throw them anywhere around the house.

Macramé Ghosts

10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are To Die For

These cute-looking crafts are perfect for when you finish with your décor and have a little more spare time, and what’s nice is that you can reuse these over and over again. First, collect a couple of embroidery hoops, paint them black and allow them to dry. Now collect a bunch of macramé cords and cut them to equal lengths of about 50 inches. You’ll need 12 to 14 cords for each hoop.


  1. Hold two macramé cords together and then fold in half
  2. Pass the bent end across the embroidery hoop just a little bit
  3. Fix your finger through the loop created and draw out the four loose cords
  4. Draw with all your strength to tighten the knots
  5. Repeat this process until you’ve covered the top part of your hoop
  6. Cut round shapes from black cardboard for the eyes and crescent shapes for the mouth and glue them to the cords

You’re all done!

Cobweb cover

10 DIY Halloween Decorations That Are To Die For

Your haunted house isn’t complete without cobwebs. Get some creepy crawling cobwebs and throw them over decorations around the house.


These listed crafts are easy, fast to make, and cheap. You can do them from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to jump into the last-minute frenzy for Halloween; follow the instructions above, and your festive, spooky, and fun decoration for your home is ready.

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