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Face Rolling 101: How to Do It and Benefits

09:22 AM August 17, 2022

Face rolling is one of the most advantageous methods you may include in your skin care regimen. Furthermore, Face rollers have been used in Chinese beauty routines for millennia, notwithstanding their current popularity on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. You would not be confused on how to use a face roller anymore because of this article. 

Face rollers, essentially miniature facial rolling pins made of lovely stone, instantly give your skin a healthy shine. Want to know more about this classic beauty item turned modern beauty icon? See our favorite rolling hints and instructions for glowing skin!

What are Face Rollers?

Face roller is a skin massaging device known for its de-stressing and de-puffing properties. Most rollers are from stones, including jade, rose quartz, and amethyst. Rolling is a facial massage that uses the face roller cosmetic item. Your facial muscles store stress and become tight, much like the muscles in your body. 


Therefore, it’s critical to relax and re-energize them. Rolling has several advantages, according to wellness professionals, including increasing blood circulation so that your skin receives more nutrients, reducing puffiness, and emptying fluid. This tool is one of the finest things you can do for your skin to help it seem younger and more radiant.

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Potential Benefits of Facial Rollers 

Potential Benefits of Facial Rollers

Some of the advantages could be accurate. Although there is still much to discover, here is what science has to give thus far:

  • Improves blood circulation in your face: Using a face roller may help your skin become more youthful.
  • Decrease puffiness: By stimulating lymphatic drainage, rolling may help reduce puffiness (such as under-eye bags). Increasing blood flow to your face by using a face roller may help your skin become more youthful. Based on a study by the National Library of Medicine, this kind of massage is often associated with reduced edema. But then, additional investigation is required to establish a connection between facial rollers and any reductions in facial puffiness.
  • Facial massage reduced anxiety: Anxiety may be lessened for some people by face massage, according to an older 2008 study. A facial massage may lift your mood. 
  • You may improve skin’s appearance with facial massage: Facial massage has some anti-aging effects, mainly when used in conjunction with an anti-aging lotion, according to the National Library of Medicine.
  • Your skin is cooled and soothed: Your skin will become cooler immediately if you keep your roller in the refrigerator or use an inherently cold stone, like jade. Although studies have not definitively proven these advantages, some people could find the sensation pleasant.
  • Distributes skin care products evenly on the face: To assist the item, you should glide across your skin. You can use rollers in conjunction with an oil or moisturizer. Although no study supports it, this procedure could distribute the substance deeper into your skin.
  • Mood boost: Removes negative mood status. Some data suggest face massage may improve mood. An earlier 2008 study discovered that a 45-minute face massage increased mood ratings in 32 healthy women and sympathetic nervous activity. The researchers proposed that face massage might refresh someone since the sympathetic nervous system is in charge of attentiveness.

Types of Face Roller 

Beautiful and effective face rollers

The typical face rollers are composed of stones. These are said to have various therapeutic powers in the world of crystals. Although crystals might be a pleasant addition to your skincare routine, there is virtually no scientific evidence that they suit your health or skin. 

There are also other kinds of rollers which has various materials. Below are the many types of face massagers: 

Jade Face Roller

The most well-known face roller is the Jade Roller. This roller is a softer stone than rose quartz. Also, the Jade Roller is smoother than other crystal rollers. Moreover, a jade stone has an excellent surface that improves blood flow when you add it to your skin routine. You can find the best jade rollers in many stores, even on Amazon. 


Rose Quartz Face Roller

This roller maintains its coolness for longer. You can chill this facial massage roller in the refrigerator if you want to use a cold tool. If you’re curious about the symbolic meanings of stones, Quartz stands for tranquility, love, joy, goodness, and healing.

Amethyst Facial Rollers

Amethyst Facial Rollers

These face rollers aren’t the most widely used alternative, but some individuals adore them. Amethyst gemstones are said to keep your mind clear. That is nice.

Gua Sha Tools

These massagers, pronounced “gwah-shaw,” are flat stones without handles. Because they’re bigger, you have to use your hands more. Some of them have ridges that resemble combs or curves. This tool is a long-established “scraping” practice from Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), also known as coining. 

These instruments may also treat your face and other portions of your body. It promotes the same alleged advantages of facial rolling when applied to the face, including better blood circulation and lymphatic system drainage.

Ice Face Roller

Ice face rollers are frozen and chilled. They are either stainless steel or a gel designed for freezing, unlike typical stone face rollers, which could break if kept in the freezer. Cold rollers are a common choice for rolling since they reduce puffiness.

Derma rollers

The daring ones who wish to try DIY micro needling at home should use derma rollers. The theory behind the numerous tiny wounds these rollers cause is that it encourages the synthesis of collagen and elastin. 

Metal Rollers

Metal Rollers

Metal rollers are naturally cool. It is not necessary to keep it in the refrigerator to get a cooling sensation on your skin.

How to use a Face Roller?

Use the following procedures when rolling your face:

  1. Clean skin with a gentle soap or face wash to kill bacteria. 
  2. You can use it after using a facial sheet mask. Moreover, you may also apply a moisturizer, serum, or facial oil that is sufficiently slippery. Without lubrication, the instrument may pull or tug at your skin, which might exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles.
  3. Roll upward from your neck, starting at the top. Create upward strokes instead of going back and forth for optimal results.
  4. Roll on both sides, applying slight pressure from the jawline to the ear. Create brisk but firm strokes from your jaw to your cheekbone. You can continue in this motion.
  5. Roll and create upward motion, starting at your forehead and moving toward your hairline. The mild pull is identical to the one you would use to draw your skin taut and free of wrinkles with your hands.
  6. Roll flat across your brows, which may feel soothing if you

Without a roller, you may also give yourself a massage or engage in “face yoga” activities. Without using any instruments, you may perform a facial at home. However, it is best to have a beauty tool, and knowing how to use a face roller correctly will give you more skin benefits,


So, should you buy a roller? The answer is probably yes – especially if you’re looking for something that can help with lymphatic drainage and blood flow. There hasn’t been much research on the benefits of rollers, but existing studies suggest some real advantages. 

Apply gentle pressure on your face, especially the inner corner. This will calm and enhance the flow of blood. It would help if you used face rollers on freshly cleaned skin with a lubricant that may smooth the skin’s surface. To stop the spread of bacteria, clean the roller after each usage. Moreover, gently rolling in the outward motion will give you many beauty benefits. 

Face rollers cannot assist someone in trimming down their face or reducing weight. However, the cool surface of the tool could help minimize puffiness and briefly give the skin a tauter look. And who doesn’t want healthy, glowing skin? Many different face rollers are available, and they are all useful. Roller regularly for best results.


Do face rollers work?

Increased circulation from the regular massage of the face will assist the skin cells in receiving new nutrients and fresh blood. Also, there are a lot of health and beauty benefits of using this tool. 

How frequently should you use a facial roller? 

The advantages of using your face roller every day for roughly 5 minutes won’t stay long, but they will improve your appearance right away. The majority of people have improvements after a few hours of therapy. Overall, skin tone and texture are also temporarily enhanced.

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