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What Is a DIY Ductless Mini Split? 

/ 07:49 AM August 19, 2022

Installing multiple air conditioners takes a lot of time and money. Most people cannot do it themselves because they need special tools and training. Fortunately, the new MRCOOL DIY ductless mini split system is here to help!

Its quality engineering lets you install up to four units in multiple rooms with only one condenser. It also reduces the installation time and costs, by allowing for amateur installation. In other words, you can get the units up and running yourself.

First, let’s take a quick look at the features and check their details. Then, we will talk about how your MRCOOL ductless mini split unit can serve various cooling and heating needs. Lastly, we’ll walk you through the easy DIY steps in setting up your MRCOOL.



The MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split System lets you cool four rooms with a single outdoor condenser. Here is the gist of the easy DIY installation: drill, mount, and connect. 

As the name suggests, it is the third version of the MR COOL ductless mini splits. What’s new is its improved heating and cooling capacity and boosted efficiency. The single-zone ductless mini split comes in four sizes: 

  • 12k BTU system that covers 500 square feet
  • 18k BTU system that covers 750 square feet
  • 24k BTU system that covers 1,000 square feet
  • 36k BTU system that covers 1,500 square feet


  • Easy DIY installation – The Pre-Charged R-410 Quick Connect Line Set lets you install the MR COOL without special tools, training, or equipment. As a result, it provides easy DIY installation, unlike any other ductless heat pump. The pre-charged line sets also provide couplers for extended lengths and a disconnect box.
  • Energy Star – As the name suggests, the MR COOL air conditioner has the “Energy Star Certified” rating. It makes sure that you receive optimum reliability and performance.
  • Smartphone app – Moreover, the DIY installation process lets you be Mr. Cool anywhere with the DIY smartphone app. Install it on your Android or iOS device to monitor multiple rooms whenever and wherever you are.
  • DIYPRO Cable – The 3rd Generation DIY mini split now comes with the DIYPRO Cable. It removes the need for an electrical conduit while ensuring higher mechanical durability and protection.
  • Follow Me Function – Make sure there is cold air wherever you are with the Follow Me Function. Keep the remote close, and the DIY mini-split systems will track the surrounding air temperature. That way, it can guarantee maximum comfort.
  • Leakage detection – The MRCOOL DIY mini split can sound an alarm whenever it detects low coolant levels. As a result, you avoid damaging the compressor. The refrigerant leakage detection ensures your system remains operating efficiently.
  • Low ambient cooling – These ductless mini splits provide low ambient cooling to 5°F (roughly -15°C). This feature makes this DIY mini split the ideal system for greenhouses, server rooms, and other settings that require cooling all year. Of course, this DIY system can efficiently heat rooms too.
  • Auto Restart – The auto restart feature lets the DIY mini split turn on again in case of a power outage.
  • Sleep Mode – Also, this DIY mini split has a Sleep Mode that lets you save money and sleep better.
  • Louver Position Memory – The louvers automatically move to the position where the MRCOOL DIY mini split was last active. As a result, you do not have to adjust the slits every time.
  • Gold Fin Condenser – Lastly, the MRCOOL DIY mini split has a Gold Fin Condenser so that it can resist long-term corrosion. It can efficiently heat and cool rooms now and last for years.



We covered the numerous features of the 4th-Gen MRCOOL DIY air conditioner. However, those are not the only perks that the ductless mini split can provide. Some great examples are the mini-split’s warranty.

The mini split warranty tops other HVAC industry options with a limited Lifetime Compressor warranty and a 7 year unit replacement warranty if you sign up for the MRCOOL Care Kit program.

You qualify for their benefits if you follow the terms and conditions. For example, the parts warranty only applies to the original registered owner.

The warranty programs start on the date of the original installation. Moreover, you could make the DIY mini split easy to maintain with the Care Kit program that contains the following equipment: 

  • A foaming cleaning spray that lets you spot leaks in MRCOOL units.
  • Also, you receive a sprayer and water bottle for rinsing your DIY mini split before and after installation.
  • You also receive a water collection bag with a drain attachment that keeps the house from becoming wet while cleaning the ductless mini split.

You could also configure your new mini split on the product page. If you are still having doubts about this amazing product, perhaps the following features may convince you to buy one:

Reduced costs

Living in low or high-temperature areas can drive up your operating costs. Fortunately, the MRCOOL DIY ductless mini split units can help you. Let’s use the 12k BTU system as an example.

It has a SEER of 22. The acronym “SEER” stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Most AC units have a SEER of 14, so they consume more energy than the MRCOOL solutions. 

As a result, you could save more money by replacing your old AC units with MRCOOL DIY ductless mini splits. Here are the other ways these mini splits can help you maintain a budget:

  • The machine can efficiently heat and cool specific areas in your living space. 
  • Also, this air conditioner may allow you to qualify for rebates. Note that the tax perks will depend on your state and local region. 
  • You will not need special tools or skills for your DIY installation. The DIY installation kits contain essential equipment for amateur installation, such as Allen wrenches and screws. 

Better air quality

Better air quality

The MRCOOL DIY mini splits keep your home clean at all times. Unlike traditional HVACs, these heat pump units do not trap allergens and pollutants and are easy to clean.

These harmful particles could spread throughout your living space and reduce air quality. Alternatively, the ductless mini splits keep them out with multiple filters.

It has washable filters that can keep airborne contaminants away from your indoor space. They catch pollen, mites, dander, and microbes, so you only breathe clean air all year round. 

Also, these DIY mini splits can help you avoid infection from the ductwork. Meanwhile, these ductless mini splits do not have vents that could be sources of contamination.

It blows air from several filters that exit from the air handler. The MRCOOL DIY ductless mini splits can also reduce moisture in your home by preventing mildew and mold buildup. 

It can sustain a longer cycle compared to those conventional options. As a result, the MRCOOL DIY system has more time to reduce humidity, stopping mold and mildew from accumulating. 

You do not need special tools, equipment, and other stuff for installation, so you can further distance yourself from these harmful particles.

More environmentally friendly

More people want to have a smaller carbon footprint to protect the environment. Fortunately, the 4th-gen MRCOOL ductless heat pump can help with that too.

We mentioned that the MRCOOL DIY air conditioner has an “Energy Star Certified” or “E Star” rating. However, you can say that the “E” also stands for “environmentally friendly.” 

This heat pump adheres to the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). What’s more, these mini splits provide these additional features:

  • First, its refrigerant lines use a safer substance than conventional HVACs. The DIY mini split uses R401A, specifically designed to be safe for the ozone layer. 
  • As mentioned before, this mini split air conditioner is energy-efficient. Unlike traditional HVACs, these DIY mini splits do not have ducts that contribute 30% to energy consumption. In other words, these heat pump units help efficiently heat and cool indoor areas.
  • Like its namesake, the mini split air conditioner allows easy DIY installation. You will not have to worry about placing them in awkward locations. 
  • Also, you may program the mini split air conditioner thanks to their variable speed compressor technology. Download the smartphone app, use the remote control, or use digital assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Quiet operation

People need to efficiently heat and cool their homes, but they want to ensure their heating and cooling system keeps the noise down no matter what. Fortunately, the MRCOOL mini split air conditioner reduces sound with the following features:

  • The new MRCOOL DIY unit has inverter technology specifically designed to regulate compressor motor speed. Moreover, it reduces noise while maintaining the life of other components.
  • As the name suggests, the heat pump system does not have noisy ducts. 
  • Conventional systems may keep quiet within their first months or years. However, these pieces of expensive equipment make more noise that requires specialized tools and expertise. You will not have that problem with the MRCOOL mini split installation!
  • Unlike other HVACs on the market, explicitly designed parts ensure MRCOOL is also “MR SILENT.” This mini split air conditioner has insulated compressors and vibration dampeners 

How to install the indoor unit

How to install the indoor unit

Now that you know more about the MRCOOL heat pump, let us talk about mini split installation. First, find a location that meets the following criteria:

  • A spot with adequate air circulation.
  • Also, it should allow for convenient drainage. 
  • Firm and solid location strong enough to support the unit’s weight
  • One meter distance from other electronic devices

When finding a location, ensure that your air conditioning unit will not disturb other people while running.

Keep the MRCOOL DIY unit away from places like:

  • Any source of steam, heat, or combustible materials
  • Any flammable items
  • Obstacles that may obstruct airflow
  • Near a spot where outside air may hit the indoor unit
  • Somewhere with direct sunlight exposure

1: Attach the mounting plate to a wall.

This AC unit has a broad flat board showing you where to place the screws. Follow these DIY installation steps once you find it:

  1. Unfix the screw that attaches the mounting plate to the indoor unit.
  2. Place the plate against the wall. Use a level to ensure its proper orientation.
  3. Drill holes in the spots with studs that can support the MRCOOL DIY unit’s weight correspond to the mounting plate holes.
  4. Secure the mounting plate with the included screws.

2: Drill a hole for connective piping.

  1. Make a hole in the wall of your chosen area, so the refrigerant lines, signal cable, and drainage pipe can pass through. 
  2. Use the mounting plate to know where the wall hole should be. You will need a core drill that is 3.54 (90 mm) in diameter for proper water drainage. 
  3. Afterward, insert the protective wall sleeve through the hole of the inside wall. 
  4. Trim the protruding bits with a saw or utility knife. 

3: Prepare the refrigerant piping.

  1. Use the mounting plate to see how you will bend the pipe so it can pass through the wall hole. 
  2. Then, hold the refrigerant piping at its base. Slowly bend it away from the unit at a 90-degree angle. Be careful to avoid damaging electrical connections and line sets.
  3. It should stick out from behind the MRCOOL unit once you finish. Next, tape the refrigerant and drain pipe together with electrical tape. Do not tape the ends of the line set together.

4: Mount the indoor unit.

The unit should now be on your wall, and the pipes should be in the wall hole:

  1. Confirm that the ends of the refrigerant piping have a tight seal.
  2. Then, feed the signal wire/MC cable through the wall hole.
  3. Lift the indoor air handler and feed the taped wires of the line set through the wall hole. 
  4. Next, lean the top of the air handler toward the wall.
  5. Fix the top of the indoor system on the mounting plate’s upper hook.
  6. Then, apply some pressure on the unit to verify a secure fit.
  7. Push down further on the unit to snap it onto the bottom hooks.
  8. Afterward, ensure a tight fit by slightly pressing the unit’s left and right sides.

How to install the outdoor unit

How to install the outdoor unit

You can now proceed with the easy installation of the MRCOOL DIY outdoor system. Check the following criteria to find a suitable location for it:

  • The location should meet the spatial requirements noted in the installation kit. 
  • Also, the area must allow good air ventilation and circulation.
  • You need firm, solid ground that will not cause the MRCOOL outdoor and indoor units to vibrate.
  • Moreover, keep the two units away from direct sunlight and rain. 

If you have snow in your area, take the necessary steps to prevent coil damage and ice buildup. Otherwise, your new unit may struggle to efficiently heat your home.

Keep the outdoor unit away from places that meet the following criteria:

  • Spots with plenty of nearby plants and animals
  • Sources of combustible materials
  • Obstacles that may obstruct airflow
  • Dusty locations
  • Somewhere with salty air and forced water

1: Install the drain joint.

You will need to attach the drain joint to the bottom of the unit. If it comes with a rubber seal, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the rubber seal on the end of the drain joint that connects to the outdoor system.
  2. Then, insert the drain joining into the hold in the unit’s base pan.
  3. Rotate the drain joint at a 90-degree angle until it clicks in place.
  4. Connect a drain hose extension to the drain joint. Note that the MRCOOL DIY unit does not come with this accessory.

If the drain joint does not have a rubber seal, insert it into the hold of the unit’s base pan. Then, connect a drain hose extension to the drain joint.

Please check the installation kits for special tools.

2: Anchor the outdoor unit.

You could fix the outdoor system to the ground or wall with M-10 bolts. Follow the dimensions specified in the manual. Then, follow these steps to ensure the unit attaches to the ground:

  1. Mark the positions for four expansion bolts using the Mounting Dimensions chart. You can find it in the MRCOOL DIY installation kit.
  2. Then, pre-drill the holes for the expansion bolts.
  3. Clean dust away from the holes.
  4. Next, place a nut at the end of each bolt.
  5. Hammer them into the pre-drilled holes.
  6. Remove the nuts from the expansion bolts and place the outdoor system on the bolts.
  7. Place a washer on each bolt, then reinstall the nuts.
  8. Lastly, tighten each nut using a wrench.

If you want to attach the MRCOOL unit to a wall, you’ll be following similar steps.

Firstly, confirm that the wall is strong enough to support four times the unit’s weight before you proceed with EASY DIY installation. 

  1. Mark the bracket hole positions based on specifications from the Unit Mounting Dimensions chart. Check the easy DIY installation kit if you cannot find it.
  2. Pre-drill the holes for the expansion bolts.
  3. Next, sweep debris and dust away from the holes.
  4. Place a washer and nut at the end of each expansion bolt.
  5. Then, thread the bolts through the mounting bracket holes. Place them into position, and hammer them into the wall.
  6. Ensure that the mounting brackets follow the correct orientation using a level.
  7. Lift the unit and place its mounting feet on the brackets.
  8. Afterward, use a wrench to bolt the unit to the brackets firmly.

You may install electrical wiring after these steps.

Please follow proper safety protocols while setting up the wires. Ask assistance from a professional if you have no experience with the special tools and systems.


So, you’ve learned all you can about the MRCOOL DIY Ductless Mini Split could efficiently heat and cool your home.

If needed, you can also watch the 3rd-gen ductless mini split installation tutorial video on YouTube. This clip will show you how to prepare your new mini split systems at home. You may also check the MRCOOL channel for more YouTube videos about other products like air handlers.

More importantly, please follow all safety precautions while setting up your MRCOOL unit. Wear safety goggles while drilling the wall holes.

If you do not have the special tools, equipment, and skills for electrical work, please request help from a licensed electrician.


Can I install MRCOOL myself?

The MRCOOL E Star system allows for easy DIY installation. Moreover, you can control this energy star with a remote control or Google Assistant.

How long do mini splits last?

The MRCOOL DIY ductless mini splits can last 10 to 30 years if you maintain them properly, but the Care Kit program can help you. Consider registering for the other warranty programs before your easy DIY installation to ensure the longevity of your MRCOOL DIY ductless mini splits.

How much does it cost to install MRCOOL?

The cost of installing a MRCOOL unit at home starts at around $1,700 (note that this amount may vary based on various factors.) Unlike other brands, it lets you install one without technical skills and tools. However, you will not need to spend more money on special tools, equipment, and skills.

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