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5 Reasons to Use Veriheal to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

10:31 AM August 05, 2022

Guidance and Support Throughout the Application Process

Everyone who has ever looked into the process of getting recommended or prescribed medical marijuana card (MMJ) in their state knows that there is a lot of documentation to complete and criteria that must be met. 

For some patients—for example, people working full-time or multiple jobs, patients with children, college students, disabled patients, and round-the-clock caretakers—circumstances make applying for medical cannabis an ordeal that seems almost impossible. This is where applying for an MMJ card through Veriheal can make all the difference. 

You can sign up from the comfort of your own home at whatever time is most convenient for you, have a team of customer care professionals help you through the entire process, connect you to a doctor in your area, and work through any issues with you if complications do arise. The best part is you always get your money back if you don’t get the approval for medical cannabis. 

Save Money With an MMJ Card

Save Money With an MMJ Card

Although there are some initial costs with getting your medical marijuana card, such as the application fee and renewal fees, getting your card will end up paying for itself in the long run. This is due to the fact that MMJ is cheaper than recreational cannabis as it is not taxed the same

Making medical marijuana affordable by not strapping it with excise taxes helps keep medical cannabis accessible for patients who need it. Higher potency limits also may enable patients to purchase less product than they normally would need to achieve comparable symptom relief, which can save patients money. 

Higher Potency Limits and Wider Product Choice

Potency limits are caps states put on the level of THC content. In which the government legally allowed cannabis product sellers to sell in dispensaries. Medical cannabis patients are able to access higher-potency cannabis products. Since many are using them to treat debilitating conditions such as chronic pain or cancer. 


Getting an MMJ card can help you access these high-potency products and decrease the number of products you purchase overall. Why? Often a decreased dosage will produce the desired effects due to the high potency. This can help patients find better relief with less consumption.

Higher Growth and Possession Limits

Higher Growth and Possession Limits

Some states allow personal cultivation, which can be a wonderful way to access plant medicine. Especially for patients who cannot travel or live in rural areas. And also for those in a state with a limited number of medical dispensaries. It also gives them the option to ensure the quality of their product throughout every step of the cultivation process. In addition, they can also grow their medicine without harmful pesticides and chemicals.

The number of plants an MMJ cardholder the state legally allowed to grow is higher than the limits for consumers growing for recreational purposes. Additionally, the amount of products allowed for daily purchase at a dispensary is higher for medical cannabis patients as opposed to recreational users. This will enable patients to buy the full amount of products recommended by the doctor. Even without making multiple visits to the dispensary. 

Legal Protection

Lastly, the enhanced legal protection an MMJ card provides can make an enormous difference to patients. Especially for those who live in states where recreational cannabis remains criminalized. Acquiring a medical marijuana card can help protect patients from the risk of incurring heavy fines or jail time. It also offers extra legal protection from employee issues and potential legal charges. 

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