5 tips on showing women our appreciation

It’s no secret that women have been underestimated and held back because they have always been identified as the “fairer sex.” It wasn’t until recent years that the stigma of being a female was lifted slightly, loosened by the actions of strong-willed women across time. This International Women’s Day (March 8, 2018), let’s help put down misogyny and give the women in our lives the appreciation they deserve with these fun activities and tips.

Make an Appreciation Album

It’s as simple as printing a few heartfelt photographs on paper then binding them together to form a small booklet. You can scan photos from old albums or secretly grab a few from their social media accounts. Make sure to put thoughtful and empowering captions for each photo to help remind them that they are appreciated and loved. It can be something simple like pictures of cooking with your mom, or as significant as snapshots of your best friend being there for you in a very important point in your life.


Treat the Ladies

Invite the women of your family for a day out. Chip in with everybody in your clan and treat them someplace nice. It’s definitely fun to be appreciated with a fine meal, even if it’s just a single dish and some dessert. They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but that rule can apply to females just as well. Treat the women in your life with a tummy full of food and a heart full of love. Even something as simple as a meal at their favorite restaurants, or a tasty snack during a busy work day, can help make them feel like they are treasured and acknowledged for all the things they do.

Thoughtful Letters

This gift won’t cost you anything but a sheet of paper, an envelope, some ink, and your time. Write down something from the heart to the women who have inspired, comforted, or supported you during both rough and good times. Tell your wife how she is your special other half. Tell your sister about how memorable your time has been together. Thank your mother and grandmother for giving you existence and for mentoring you throughout life. Tell your friends and co-workers how working side-by-side has been an enjoyable journey. Don’t overcomplicate it, and short, heartfelt sentiments without the frilly words and complicated vocabulary are good.

Read About Historic Women

Many great women have helped influence the world we know today. Taking a trip through time in history books, or online, to learn all about them would do these great figures justice on International Women’s Day. Look up Jane Austen, one of the earliest female authors who wrote famous works (like Pride and Prejudice), Ada Lovelace, who was dubbed the “first computer programmer,” and Rosa Parks, one of the people who famously helped spark the civil rights movement. These women and many more prove that anybody can make history, no matter their gender, as long as they work hard to achieve their goals. You can even look into the history of your own family tree and surprise yourself with the strong women from your roots.

Learn How to Support Women

It may not be apparent, but there are still many instances, both big and small, where women are undermined because of their gender, much like racism which still exists even today. We can slowly help build a tolerant world that can accept the concept of any gender being free to pursue a career or activity without being judged or put down. To do this, we have to actively aim to learn about what injustices may still linger against womankind, how they affect the population, and how we can help root them out of our communities. Once we’ve learned, we can actively and positively give our support and help spread the word so that everybody may be more aware. This isn’t just about giving women the power to pursue the lives they want but also a message that anybody, no matter their gender, race, or age, can aim for their personal goals without having to feel pressured or attacked for it.

Aiming for a world with fewer conflicts and less hate must start with fostering the spirit of acceptance and respect. Let’s celebrate the many great women across the world, from our female family members to the many clever, strong, and inspirational trailblazers out there. Help represent the women around you and aim for a better, more inclusive tomorrow!


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