6 Best Whitening Toothpastes That Will Make Your Smile Shine

6 Best Whitening Toothpastes That Will Make Your Smile Shine

/ 10:04 AM July 01, 2022
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Have you tried teeth whitening toothpaste but experienced a disappointing outcome? Without the help of experts, it’s pretty easy to purchase fake teeth whitening products that leave your teeth lackluster.

Regain your confidence and sparkling teeth with the aid of these 6 tested and trusted whitening toothpaste products recommended by professionals.


Here, we will dive into the factors you need to consider before purchasing a whitening toothpaste in-store or online, discuss the science behind teeth whitening, how to treat yellow teeth, and recommend fantastic products restoring your teeth to their former glory.

The Science Behind Teeth Whitening

The Science Behind Teeth Whitening

Curious about the hidden ingredient that makes teeth whitening possible? The compound you are inquiring about is hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching and oxidizing agent that makes its way into the tooth when applied and degrades into smaller, less stable free radicals.

Once activated, the unstable free radicals fill up the microscopic distance between the inorganic salts in our tooth enamel.

Then, they attach themselves to organic pigment molecules, breaking them down into tiny, less heavily colored pigments. The resulting small molecules bring out the whitening sparkle you desire.

The effectiveness of every original teeth whitening product (like the ones recommended in this guide) depends on the whitening compound’s molarity and usage duration.

Usually, it is recommended that a patient is under the care of a dental health practitioner before using a teeth bleaching product because the intensity, form, and position of the tooth pigmentation must be determined before proceeding with the process.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Your daily consumption habits are the primary cause of tooth discoloration. When a pellicle builds up on the enamel surface, it causes the teeth to be stained.

Factors like consumption of tannin-rich foods, irregular brushing, flawed tooth-brushing methods, intake of tobacco products, and constant contact with chlorhexidine and iron slats can make your teeth darker.


While tooth shade has no link with gender or race, genetics can determine it. And old age. As we grow older, the enamel reduces in thickness, and secondary dentin forms, which reduces the teeth’ lightness and heightens their yellowness.

Can whitening toothpaste get rid of yellow teeth completely?

Can whitening toothpaste get rid of yellow teeth completely?

The major shades of teeth include the yellow family, red/brown family, gray/red family, and gray family. You can use safe teeth whiteners like rinses, toothpaste, baking soda, pens, strips, and gels at home. There are solutions that are not recommended for home use, but rather by trained dentists.

Before a dental clinician recommends a procedure, they would measure the texture, shade, and placement. In addition, they will check the patient’s dental history and x-ray for potential sensitivities and allergies.

The shades guide categorizes the human tooth into several colors, as mentioned earlier. Whether you believe it or not, your shade determines the whitening procedure used and the effectiveness of bleaching agents.

According to dental experts, bleaching works best for yellow-pigmented teeth, while it is least effective if the natural color of the teeth is grayish. Grayish teeth require more intense whitening procedures like a bleaching tray. Alternatively, the dentist can offer to mask the original color of the patient’s teeth with a veneer.

The truth is that in-chair whitening strips are quicker and more potent than BIY bleaching solutions. In addition, bleached teeth can go back to the initial color in about a month or two, depending on the client’s habit.

Bleaching agents like peroxide are pretty effective in whitening yellow teeth. We recommend that you go to the dental clinic to diagnose and determine tooth color.

If your teeth fall into other categories of teeth colors besides yellow, you may want to consider in-office treatments.

Is whitening toothpaste safe for sensitive teeth?

Is whitening toothpaste safe for sensitive teeth?

For those wondering – is whitening toothpaste safe? In this section, we will discuss how professional whitening treatment can reduce the pains experienced by dentin hypersensitivity patients.

Dentin sensitivity can be a barrier for many who desire porcelain-colored teeth. It is characterized by sharp pain any time the tooth’s inner (dentine) layer becomes exposed.

The major cause of dentin hypersensitivity amongst adults is damaged or receding gums. Many patients will instead pass on teeth whitening procedures if it threatens their dentine.

As a patient with dentine hypersensitivity, you are not advised to use a teeth whitening product that has more than 22% carbamide peroxide. People react differently to peroxide or carbamide peroxide; hence the case might differ for you.

Hiring a dentist is the best way to get your teeth whitened without enduring the pain that comes with dentin sensitivity. They can reduce the concentration of the active ingredient and take extra precautions to ensure that you don’t feel pain during the clinical process.

Steps to make sure the teeth whitening procedure is less painful:

  • Go for teeth whitening products specially made for people with sensitive teeth like Sensodyne, Crest 3D White, purely white, Hismile, hello, Colgate total whitening toothpaste, Tom’s of Maine, Arm Hammer Advance White, and many more.
  • Don’t apply the toothpaste for too long.
  • Ensure the water you’re using to brush is not cold or hot. The increase or decrease in temperature would make the process more hurtful.
  • Don’t use bleaching agents because they can lead to chemical burns.
  • Don’t use teeth whitening toothpaste too often. Let there be sufficient time between whitening sessions. Read more healthcare professionals’ review articles to know the best time to apply a whitening agent on the teeth.
  • Stay away from harsh abrasives. They can damage your teeth and gums. Keep in mind that hard abrasives can cause bleeding gums.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Whitening Toothpaste

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Whitening Toothpaste

When choosing the perfect toothpaste for your household use, you need to consider the following:

Basic Ingredients (Whitening/Bleaching & Antimicrobial agents)

Gum-mild antimicrobial agents with long-lasting effects against mouth-putrefying bacteria serve the interest of regular brushers.

Whitening agents like natural/synthetic ingredients, including activated charcoal, peppermint, coconut oil, peroxide, hydroxyapatite, etc., are usually prescribed as safe for whitening the teeth without any concerns for tooth sensitivity or gum degradation.

Fluoride Content

It’s no longer news that fluoride causes calcification of the pineal gland. However, fluoride is included in toothpaste formulas to prevent goiter (inflammation of the thyroid gland and upper part of the throat). There’s a recommended daily guideline allowance for every pea-sized toothpaste you get to use.

Allergenic Content

Flavoring such as peppermint, cinnamon flavor, spearmint, and Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB), a lathering agent in many toothpaste brands, gluten, and other constituents of natural/organic toothpaste can trigger allergic reactions in some users. Evaluate your allergic responses to these stimuli before opting for a brand with any of the constituents.

Paste Constituency

Suspending/thickening agents – Best whitening toothpaste are prepared with consistent suspending agents like Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC, acacia, xanthan gum, and lubricant to impart an even paste flow from tubes. Uneven flow can cause uneven distribution of toothpaste constituents, and that’s not ideal for best whitening toothpaste.

Top 6 Best Whitening Toothpastes

Guide by the criteria given above, you should be able to go into any store and pick the best teeth whitener available, but let’s save you some energy and time by recommending the best whitening toothpaste on Amazon.

You can order any of the below-mentioned toothpaste directly from the comfort of your bed. They are also affordable and pretty much the best options on Amazon.

1. Lumineux Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Lumineux Teeth Whitening Toothpaste - Natural & Enamel Safe for Sensitive & Whiter Teeth - Certified Non-Toxic, Fluoride Free, No Alcohol

Price – $7

Lumineux is a widely-acceptable whitening toothpaste categorized as enamel-safe for sensitive and dented teeth. This toothpaste is one of the top US dental brands known for bright polishing toothpaste and dental care products.

Lumineux whitening is formulated with a natural ingredient that protects the oral microbiome. Instead of hydrogen peroxide, this toothpaste brand uses essential oils to remove stains. This trait whitens the tooth without any threat that sustains damaging the enamel.

Active xylitol ingredient is preferably safe for the mouth than other tingling alcohols used in whitening toothpaste formulas.

Organic ingredients improve oral health and reduce the chances of allergic reactions to toothpaste constituents.

Aloe barbadensis, Eugenia Caryophyllus, Ocimum Basilicum, Mentha piperita, and sage (Salvia officinalis) are herbs all known for their common antimicrobial property and mineral adsorbing characteristic. Lumineux formula was first approved by the American Dental Association to be registered with the FDA.


  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Potential essential oils instead of peroxaan, meaning it is peroxide free.
  • Nourishing ingredients – Perfect for sensitive teeth.
  • Protects oral microbiome.


  • Toothpaste is yummy and might be consumed in large quantities when used by kids.

2. Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste

Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste, Vibrant Peppermint, 3.9 Oz (Pack of 3)

Price – $15

Crest 3D whitening toothpaste comes with a vibrant peppermint. This toothpaste is a peppermint vibrant tooth surface stain remover. Crest 3D White works a pretty shine when used alongside a Crest 3D toothbrush or the electric toothbrush head on a twice-daily brushing regimen.

Families trust Crest 3D toothpaste in the US to remove spots and lasting stains.

The product comes in a 3-in-1 pack that offers a prolonged consistency. This package helps regular users to maintain the brilliant white effect on their teeth without discontinued variation in teeth shade.

Bleaching agents include carbamide peroxide. Carbamide is a white-shade imparting ingredient compounded into a peroxide that makes it a less damaging antioxidant for enamel protection in people with soft enamels. Combining this with various other natural homemade tooth care products is allowed.

Continuous use for 5 days performs cleansing magic and 24-hour round-the-clock protection from stains. Toothpaste has a gentle whitening effect endorsed by the ADA seal of acceptance.


  • Vibrant stain remover with 24-hour clock anti-stain activity.
  • Vibrant peppermint for long-lasting mouth freshness.
  • The solution for mouth odor caused by putrefied gum debris.
  • Confers a lasting enamel strength.
  • It helps whiten teeth.


  • Vibrant peppermint is harsh on kids’ gum.

3. Colgate Optic Renewal Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate Optic Renewal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste with Fluoride Hydrogen Peroxide Enamel Strength, White, Wintergreen, 3 Ounce (Pack of 2)

Price – $11

Colgate wintergreen toothpaste stands sure in a test for enamel strength from fluoride and hydrogen peroxide constituents. The Optic White Renewal confers 10X whiter teeth with its recommended hydrogen peroxide.

Colgate total whitening toothpaste is formulated with a copyrighted 3% hydrogen peroxide formula that works effectively on any type of enamel stain. This peroxaan toothpaste not only lifts surface stains but also diffusively penetrates the enamel to work below the tooth surface.

The appellate ‘Optic’ is derived from the sharp quality of brilliance that this best whitening toothpaste confers on teeth.

Colgate Optic whitening toothpaste prevents tooth-crown sharpening, unlike other major brands with bleaching agents.

The toothpaste is known for its contribution to enamel strength. Colgate Optic has a variety of formula mint toothpaste with a refreshing mint flavor that freshens breath. This toothpaste is also an anticavity fluoride toothpaste that helps to protect against cavities.

Colgate toothpaste is also known as a leading mouth care product approved by the American Dental Association and FDA.


  • 3% Patented oxygenated water molecules remove surface stains and deep tooth caries.
  • Enamel-safe for regular daily use.
  •  Has a calcium mineral blend that gives you healthy teeth and a whiter smile.
  • Anticavity fluoride prevents tooth decay and strengthens enamel.
  • Anticavity fluoride protects the enamel from cavities.
  • Preferrable compared to a bleaching agent and it lifts stains gently. It is the best stain removal toothpaste.


  • Can be harsh on gum if overdosed per brushing round. A pea-size metered ejection mechanism disallows such from happening.

4. Cali White Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

 Cali White Activated Charcoal & Organic Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, Made in USA, Natural Teeth Whitener, Vegan, Fluoride-Free, Sulfate-Free

Price – $12

This made-in-USA activated charcoal & organic coconut oil mixture is an all-natural vegan black toothpaste with pacific mint. This natural fluoride-free whitening toothpaste is a magic work of the tender bleaching effect of activated charcoal. Cali White’s 100% organic constitution makes the toothpaste product safe and preferable for people with sensitive teeth. Cali White also has a fair dentine abrasiveness that is safe for lifetime use. Adults (seniors) and adolescents are fond of this tooth-whitening formula. Cali White works wonders like the renowned Tom’s of Maine collections.

With a bit part of tea tree oil and other naturally occurring minerals included in the formula, Cali White is a product that lifts stains on the tooth surface quickly and gradually without cruelty.

Cruelty White is gentle on the gum. Furthermore, this toothpaste is best for you if you’re looking for a whitening toothpaste with leniency on your worn-out gum.

Cali White’s organic coconut oil nourishes the gum and stalls the rate of bacteria putrefaction. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties found to preserve the oral microbiome. Taking this toothpaste product to camping programs and special outings is also safe, especially if you’re not sure of the quality of water and food available there.


  • This is nature at its peak in toothpaste.
  • Infused with naturally occurring minerals. It is better than charcoal toothpaste.
  • Suitable for adults and kids.
  • Cali white toothpaste is cruelty-free.
  • Coconut oil in Cali White heals the gum.
  • Helps whiten teeth.


  • Mint flavor in oversized dosing might be pungent for kids. Avoid oversized portions for kids.

5. Boka Ela Mint Natural Toothpaste

Boka Ela Mint Natural Toothpaste, Nano-Hydroxyapatite for Remineralizing, Sensitivity and Whitening, Fluoride-Free, Dentist Recommended for Kids and Adults

Price – $12

Boka Ela Mint fluoride-free Nano-hydroxyapatite tech-formula toothpaste brand is good for remineralizing sensitive teeth and teeth whitening. Dentists recommend this for kids and adults. Boka Oral care is renowned in the industry for counteractive dental care. This natural mint toothpaste comes in a 4oz pack of 1 and restores natural tooth shade and enamel brilliance. Moreover, the formula has ingredients that can remove surface stains and enamel-deep stains.

Boka Ela Mint Fluoride-free toothpaste naturally contains a mineral found to compose the inner side of the enamel, Nano-Hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite is suitable for remineralizing the teeth, caring for tooth sensitivity, and whitening. In addition, it is fluoride-free and recommended by dentists for kids and older people.

Potassium nitrate is present in a graded quantity in this Boka Oral Care formula. This trait is why it is one of the best whitening toothpaste that sustains the mineral structure of the enamel-calcium network.


  • Non-toxic to gum.
  • 100% Biocompatible with antioxidants and prebiotics.
  • Efficient in removing surface stains and helping you keep a brighter smile.
  • Free from Sodium lauryl sulfate, Parabens, and Artificial Flavors & Colors.
  • 100% vegan with cardamom and green tea recipe included.
  • Possess hydrated silica.
  • Does not contain artificial dyes.


  • Vegetable glycerin has to go gentle on the enamel because of its slightly hard texture.

6. LINHART Whitening Toothpaste

 LINHART Whitening Toothpaste – Teeth Whitening, Enamel Strengthening Natural and Organic Toothpaste with Mint Flavor (3.4 oz)

Price – $12

LINHART whitening toothpaste is an enamel strengthening natural and organic toothpaste with a mint flavor best for sensitive teeth.

The constituents are mild natural ingredients assorted in a cruelty-free formula to gradually achieve bright, clean teeth. This brand is from the USA by NYC dentists based on Linhart’s global development pool on dental care.

Primary ingredients in this whitening toothpaste formula include; Theobromine (cocoa bean extract that helps strengthen enamel), and naturally-occurring fluoride (remineralizes enamel, protects from acid attack to prevent cavities).

The primary ingredients stand the test of unfavorable conditions (especially weather) – this information applies to each organic component independently and to the formula as a whole.

Linhart’s refreshing minty taste and sodium fluoride content protect the mouth from bad breath and tooth decay. Watching fluoride intake can be graced with Linhart’s toothpaste where the daily allowance from a twice-daily brushing regime is low and harmless.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry about (3.5 ounces per pack).
  • Highly recommended by dentists and an ultimate teeth care solution.
  • Only natural sugar, xylitol – that’s non-cariogenic.
  • Aloe vera constituent prevents irritation and inflammation in gums.
  • Contains fluoride.
  • It not just polishes teeth but also freshens breath.
  • Best of many kinds of whitening toothpaste.


  • Whitening does not take place all too rapidly. But with consistent use for at least a 3-day brushing regimen, the enamel begins to whiten.

Final Thoughts

After visiting your dentist for a teeth whitening session or doing it yourself in your home, understand that your daily eating and hygiene habits can also darken your teeth. The whitening effects of active ingredients can last longer if you take care of your teeth daily.

Ingestible like coffee, red wine, curry, soy sauce, cola, and many others can give your teeth an undesired color. After consuming such meals, you ought to wash (with regular toothpaste) immediately to avoid teeth discoloration.

Don’t forget to snap your before and after teeth pictures to know if the whitening toothpaste work. And treat your gum disease before opting for a teeth whitening session. We hope you like our best toothpaste for whitening.


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