5 tips on hotel guest etiquette

Being a hotel guest can be awesome. People look after your best interests. You get to stay in exciting new locales. You get well-furnished and comfortable rooms where you can do as you please. But with such freedom can come abuse of power. From leaving rooms in a mess to mistreating the staff, some guests may be exploiting the hospitality of their accommodations a little too freely.

Mind your manners by reviewing some of these items on hotel etiquette as a visiting guest.

Mind your neighbors


The thing about hotel rooms is that rooms are right next to one another. It can be easy to forget others when you let your hair down. That means while you and your roommates are partying with loud music and laughing, the people next door to you may be trying to sleep for a big event the next day. Make extra sure your activities won’t bother anybody above, below or beside your rooms and regulate the noise you make.

Keep tidy

You may feel like depending on the housekeeping to take care of your room during your stay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t neatly put your clothes, towels and bags all in one place. When you finish bathing, make sure all the wet towels are in one area to easily keep track of clean and used ones. Make sure all your clothes, worn or not, are neatly kept inside your bags to avoid losing them. For toiletries or small items like chargers or cameras, make sure they’re all bunched in one corner of the room so you can keep track of them until checkout day.

Please and thank you

When asking for room service or calling a hotel employee, it pays to say please and thank you more. This makes you out as a friendly and appreciative guest, which in turn makes people want to help you better and faster. Acting like a diva or being rude will definitely make you less liked and the people dealing with your requests will see it as a big chore. Your politeness and positivity may also rub off on other people, making their day feel a bit better.

Put everything back

When exploring places like the poolside or a waiting/seating area, remember that somebody will use the area once you’re done with it. Be mindful and clean up after yourself. Don’t leave sopping wet towels on the lounge chairs, making them awkwardly wet. Throw away used cups and wrappers or call the attention of a janitor. Put things back the way they were if you moved things like seats or pillows or tables. Think of how inconvenient it would be if people left it unkempt when it’s your turn to use it.

Check out responsibly

When it’s finally time to check out, remember that the hotel is not responsible for anything you may leave behind. Try to keep track of the items you’ve brought with you and check all of the hidden corners to see if you’ve misplaced any of your belongings. It can be very tedious to ask the hotel to send back to you.an item you’ve left behind

It’s easy to neglect manners and respect when all you want to do is just kick back without a care; but keeping your decorum and kindness even when you’re off the clock is a great way to show people you’re a good person and to train you to be polite even under pressure.


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